Men Dey Reason - S01 E16

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After i had smoked three Jumbo wraps, i walked

home with my guys. Sorry, I didn’t walk but flew

home, because i was on top of the world, flying

on eagles wings.

As i continued walking, i heard a voice spoke to

me, I turned, and it wasn’t any of my guys that

spoke. Yet another voice spoke.

The two voices now spoke together clearly for me

to hear. The following conversation ensued

between myself and the two voices:

“na me be Tramadol” the first voice said, “my

name na Igboh” the second voice said. “my own

name na Flow” i responded to the two voices

without my mouth moving.

Tramadol: Remove ur shirt.

Flow: why i go remove my shirt?

Igboh: because u be big boy.

Flow: i be big boy na, and i go remove am to show

u say i be big boy.

So i removed my shirt and singlet. I turned and

saw that Man, Snoop, Tupac, and Bigie were

carried away by the football argument they were

involved in. So they weren’t disturbing the

conversation with my newly found invisible


Tramadol: pull ur trouser

Flow: why i go pull my trouser?

Igboh: because u be president of Nigeria.

Flow: i no go pull am abeg, i no wear boxers

inside, u want make people dey see my p’rick?

Tramadol: ok go control that traffic for there.

I glanced at the road and saw that there was no

traffic jam, but all the cars were moving on high


Flow: but hold-up no dey na.

Igboh: Just go control am like dat, dem go dash u


Flow: ok i go go.

I sheepishly walked to the direction of the road

to go control the traffic. I saw from the corner

of my eyes that my guys were still arguing

football so they never saw me leaving.

“hey you!! Stop there!! Hey you! move!!” i

commanded as i stood in the middle of the road.

The car i commanded to stop didn’t stop but tried

to catch break, so it made a loud screech as it

headed to my direction. I tot it had failed break.

For few seconds i found myself in the spirit world

sipping hennesey with Tupac shakur. “i don die

be dat oh” i tot.

What confirmed i wasn’t dead was when Man

shouted, “Flow that motor for kill u oh!!”.

“Baba Jay who buy dis Bread and Akara wey una

dey chop?” Snoop asked as we got home. “na

Brainbox oh” Baba jay responded. Man looked at

the direction of Brainbox and said, “Brainbox

why u wear my trouser na?”. “No vex i go soon

pull am” Brainbox responded.

Brainbox loved spoiling other peoples things and

saving his own, i hated him for that because he

had spoilt so many of my things when we were at


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