Men Dey Reason - S01 E17

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“MOG is Pkc not coming back tonight?” Snoop

asked. “Yes oh, he will be sleeping in the church

because he will be leading the early morning

prayers tommorow” MOG responded.

The first night i slept in the church, i concluded

that the mosquitoes there were “Holy

mosquitoes”. If you are an unbeliever and you

sleep in the church for a night, the next morning

you would surely give your life to Christ.

The mosquitoes can sting the living daylight off

you. The first night i slept there with Pkc and my

cousin Tochiba, i cried althrough the night. They

gave me a “per seconds billing” stinging, and the

next morning my skin was swollen. But i wondered

why Pkc still loved sleeping there, or were the

mosquitoes tired of his blood?.

“something is smelling like indian h’emp here, do

any of you smoke?” MOG inquired. “No oh, na

that Flow perfume wey all of us spray oh, the

perfume dey smell like Igboh” Man told a fat lie.

One thing i loved Man for was that you can’t just

throw him off guard, he had a response to every

question from his arsenal of lies. He should have

been called “LIEnus” instead of “Man”. “no, i am

sure somebody smoked amongst you guys, i sense

the smell once someone that just smoked comes

around me” MOG said. “but how do you know?”

Brainbox asked.

“dis Brainbox no get sense oh, see the kin

question wey him dey ask, if MOG com say him

wan smell our mouth nkor? Brainbox na because u

no dey smoke nahim make u wan cast us abi?” I


“how wont i know, don’t u know before i gave my

life to Christ, i was the number one Man of in

Poly Nekede where i schooled, i smoked more than

chimney, i was a chain smoker, so if i come across

a weed smooker i could tell by just smelling the

person’s cloth” MOG narrated. One hearing that,

i saw Snoop moved his body a bit in other for

MOG’s weed sensitive nose not to percieve the

smell of weed emanating from his cloth, Man also

did the same. But i did not move my body because

i wasn’t putting on my cloth, “abi him dey smell

person skin sef?” i asked myself.

“that person that smokes, pls change ur ways oh,

Jesus Loves u, i pray God arrest you soon, In

Jesus name” MOG prayed. “AMEN!!!” we all


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