Men Dey Reason - S01 E09

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Man and Ochagbuorie were to dress the concrete

floor, while the rest of us were to mix and pour.

It was all man for himself because the number of

bags you mix would determine the amount you

would be paid at the end of the day. The

“international standard” price for mixing and

pouring a bag was 600naira.

It wasn’t as easy as i tot. Though i was

inexperience in mixing, i quickly learnt from “the

master” Igbakwambo. I saw from the corner of my

eyes that Brainbox was still packing sand, while i

had already started mixing. “so naso u lazy” i

almost shouted at Brainbox. Madam Ifeoma stood

close while we were packing, she counted the

number of headpans we carried, making sure no

one cheated. Igbakwambo was working as fast as

the speed of light, as if he was a graduate of

first class in “kponkponology”. “Igbakwambo!!

N’agba mbo nwanne!!” Ochagbuorie hailed.

Before i could say Jack Robinson, Igbakwambo was

on his fourth bag, he did the work with so much

dexterity and gusto. Meanwhile, i was on my

second bag while Brainbox was still on his first


My legs were getting hot due to the effect of the

moisture on it. I was working fast so as to catch

up with Igbakwambo, not knowing i would soon

regret ever coming to do kponpon.

Mehn!! The mixture was very heavy to carry.

Though i was putting on a face cap, it was as if i

was carrying it on my bare head. My neck couldn’t

move again, i was walking like a Robot. I was on

my Fourth bag, Igbakwambo was on his Seventh

bag, Brainbox was on his second bag. Instead of

me to give up the chase oweing to the fact that

there was no way i could catch up with

Igbakwambo, i was still pulling “Superman” stunt.

I was tired and hungry, but i still endured. As i

placed the headpan full to the brim with “rice and

beans” on my head, i heard a bone crack in my

neck, “abi my neck bone don break?” i asked

myself. Before i finished asking myself that


“puuuuuuuuuaaaaarr” the rice and beans i was

carrying on my head poured on my body making me

fall to the ground.

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