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“Flow na the site be dis, na me be the chief

kponpkon officer, shebi una carry una work cloth

come?” Man said as we got to a deserted bushy

place. “we carry am na, na wetin dem wan build

here sef?” Brainbox asked. “na big filling station

na, and we go chop money here well well, because

na me dey in charge here” Man said. “the woman

wey dey build am her pekin dey abroad, her name

na Madam Ifeoma, she dey come here everyday

come supervise wetin we dey do and pay us our

money after work” Man said. “na she put me in

charge of all the labourers wey dey work here.

She go soon come sef” Man added.

We removed our clean clothes, put on our working

clothes and sat down waiting for Madam Ifeoma.

Soon, a labourer came. He introduced himself as

Igbakwambo. In Igbo language Igbakwambo means

a hustling fellow. A name that sure befits him. He

was stunted, muscular and fair in complexion.

Then came another labourer. Ochagbuorie was his

name. In Igbo language Ochagbuorie means

Someone that works “hard” and eats “harder” i.e

Someone that spends his money on himself. He was

sure spending his money on himself because he

was wearing a fine perfume.

Ochagbuorie and Igbakwambo were not their real

names but names they gave themselves because of

the kponkpon job.

Madam Ifeoma came sooner than expected and

Man told her that we were his friends, that we

came to join the “white colar” job of kponkpon.

Work started. As Madam Ifeoma was instructing

us on how the work for the day would be like, i

caught a glimpse of how beautiful her face was. I

never knew there was something more beautiful

than her face behind her. Though she had some

gray hair, facially, she was not all that old. She

turned backing us and showing us how we were to

cast the concrete. I wasn’t paying attention to

what she was saying, rather i was staring at her

“television shaped” a’ss.

One bag of cement is to twelve headpans of sand is

to Ten headpans of thick gravel, was the ratio of


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