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“I will send it to you” Nathan replied. “Nathan you don’t need to bother about the task I will help you” olive said. “How will you help me?” Nathan asked. “Don’t worry just trust me” olive said.

“But why don’t you just tell everyone am the one you love” Nathan said. “Wyatt is my friend I don’t want him to feel bad and Wyatt can hurt you because of me so I don’t want that I give you guys the task because of Wyatt” olive said.

“Alright I wish you journey Mercy allow me to drop you up at the airport” Nathan said. “There’s no problem I want to see your mother first and less I forget am going with Kate” olive said.

“But why are you going with her have you found a better work for her?” Nathan asked you don’t need to bother about her” olive replied.


“Mrs you said you wanna see me” olive said. “Yes my darling I called you because of my children” Mrs Logan replied.

“What happen to them” olive asked. “There’s nothing, I heard the both of them are in love with you, I will advise you like a mother to go for Wyatt cause he’s the best man for you” Mrs Logan said “really?” Olive asked.

“Yes Nathan has a fiance already and I knew Cynthia very well she can kill because of Nathan so why don’t you leave Nathan and go for Wyatt” Mrs Logan said.

“But you said you don’t know the girl they’re talking about yesterday?” Olive asked. “Yes you’re right, Wyatt told me you’re the one today and I feel happy because I like you” Mrs Logan said.

“Didn’t he tell you what I told them to do?” Olive asked. “He told me not too long, but you don’t need to do that Wyatt truly love you and you don’t have to go I will personal find a good job for you” Mrs Logan said.

“Thanks for your advice ma I really appreciate, if you don’t mind I will like to be on my way” olive said.

“Are you angry with me?” Mrs Logan asked. “No Mrs I have some place to go” olive said. “Alright don’t forget my advice” Mrs Logan said.


“Olive I heard you’re leaving” Kate said. “Yes and you’re going with me” olive replied and Kate burst into laughter.

“You play Alot how will say am going with you did I Know where you’re going to” Kate said. “Kate I mean what I just said.

You told me you’re a graduate and am sure this job is not good for you, you’re my friend and I can’t leave you here to continue working as a maid” Olive said.

“Have you found a suitable job for me?” Kate asked. “Yes my darling all you have to do is to follow me to America” olive said.

“I will be glad” Kate replied. “You once told me you’re a graduate right? Olive asked. “Yes I am” Kate replied. “Alright are you going to inform your parents or you will call them on phone?” Olive asked.

“I will call them on phone, let me quickly write my resignation letter” Kate said. “Alright I will be waiting for you” olive said and went out.

“Olive why can’t you just wait, I will find a very suitable job for you if you don’t want to work as a maid again” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt you need to understand me. Doing this because I don’t want to cause problem between you guys” olive said. “Can I asked you a question” Wyatt said.

“You just asked one” olive replied. “Olive let be serious” Wyatt said. “Alright am listening” olive replied.

“Who did you love between me and my brother” Wyatt asked. “Wyatt am sure you don’t want to know” stick to the task” olive said and pat his shoulder.

“Am done” Kate said. “Where are you going to fool” Wyatt asked. “Oh firstly am not a fool and am glad to inform you that I am not working again I have got a suitable job in another place and I have drop the resignation letter with your mother” Kate said.

“You must be joking you’re not going anywhere” Wyatt said. “Wyatt you don’t need to shout.

She came to work herself you didn’t force her so she can decide to resign anytime she likes” olive said.

“But olive” Wyatt said and olive cut him short. “No but she’s going with me” olive said. “Are you ready?” Nathan asked.

“Yes I am you we will first go to my house cause I want to pick my friend and my luggages” olive said.

“Why are you going with him” Wyatt asked. “Is there any problem with that, if you think there’s a problem with it you can follow us with your car” olive said.


“Who’s this prissy asked olive. “My boss dummy” olive replied. “Wow he’s so cute can I get his number” prissy said.

“You dare not” olive said. “Wait are you jealous?” Prissy asked. “Am not jealous I just don’t want you to break my cousin heart” olive replied.

“Are you guys ready” Nathan asked. “Yes we’re prissy replied. And Nathan and Wyatt help turn with there luggages.

Nathan drop them off at the airport and was surprised to see a private jet waiting for them.

Olive greet the pilot happily and the pilot also greet her with a very big smile. “I really missed you miss olive” the pilot said. “I missed you more” olive replied.

Olive prissy and Kate enter the jet and olive blow Nathan and Wyatt a kiss and she also wick at Nathan. “Why are we going with a private jet?” Kate asked surprised and prissy laugh.

“Am sure you don’t know who this girl is” prissy said. “Don’t mind her am a nobody” olive replied.


“Darling why are you putting on our daughter cloth and wig?” Mrs Thompson asked her husband.

“I really miss them and I want the both of them to know I really missed them. This is prissy wig” Mr Thompson said pointing to the wig on his head.

“And this is olive top and skirt” Mrs Thompson said. “You’re just crazy as your daughter” Mrs Thompson said and shake her head.

“And you are so boring is it a crime to put on my children wears didn’t I look good. I knew that look good you are just jealous of me this is how they will meet me here” Mr Thompson said.

“Am very happy my daughter is coming back cause I have really missed her and I have planned a surprise welcome party for her” Mrs Thompson said.

“And this is how I will attend the party” Mr Thompson said. “You dare not” Mrs Thompson’s said with a smile.


“Don’t dare me you know what I can do” Mr Thompson said. “I knew my husband is crazy God help me cause my crazy daughter is also coming back today I pray you guys won’t kill me before my time ” Mrs Thompson said.

“Amen my darling” Mr Thompson replied. “You can never change” Mrs Thompson said and shake her head. “That’s why they call me Thompson” Mr Thompson replied.


Nathan drove back home and he keeps thinking about what he sees earlier. “Did olive own a jet” he thought.

“No it can’t be olive she’s not rich I don’t need to bother myself I will call her when I get back home cause I can’t go to work today is a bad day for me” Nathan thought and drive back to the Logan’s mansion.

Wyatt Walked into the house Angrily. “Wyatt what’s the problem?” Mrs Logan asked.

“Mum am sure is Nathan that olive love and worst thing is that olive allow Nathan to drop her off at the airport” Wyatt said.

“Don’t worry I will talk to him” Mrs Logan said. “You don’t need to talk to me mother because I won’t agree” Nathan replied coming inside the house.

“Nathan you need to agree you have Cynthia and Cynthia really loves you I didn’t train you to treat woman anyhow” Mrs Logan said.

“Mum I have said my own. I can’t Leave her no matter what” Wyatt said. “You will leave her for your brother whether you like it or not” Mrs Logan said.

“Mum I can’t and will not over my dead body” Nathan said. “You will agree by force” Mrs Logan said.

“I won’t and I mean it” Nathan replied. “How dare you talk back at me” Mrs Logan said and slap Nathan hard on his face.

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