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“I won’t and I mean it” Nathan replied. “How dare you talk back at me” Mrs Logan said and slap Nathan hard on his face.

“Mum did you just slap me because of Wyatt?” Nathan asked.

“No I didn’t slap you because of Wyatt I slapped you because you disrespected me” Mrs Logan said.

“Sarah” Mr Logan shouted angrily. “Why did you do that?” Mr Logan asked.

“Do what” Mrs Logan replied. “Don’t dare me why did you slap Nathan because of Wyatt?” Mr Logan asked.

“I didn’t slap Nathan because of Wyatt I slapped him because he disrespected me” Mrs Logan said.

“How did he disrespect you, why can’t you leave this children to settle there different theirselves.

Is Wyatt a kid” Mr Logan yelled.

“No darling don’t you think Nathan is selfish, he has a girlfriend and he’s dragging this one with his brother” Mrs Logan said.

“How’s that your business,?” Mr Logan asked.

“Dad you don’t need to bother yourself am leaving this house today” Nathan said angrily.

“Nathan my darling you don’t need to pack out am very sorry for hitting you” Mrs Logan said.

Nathan ignore her and went inside his room to pack few of his things.

” Sarah can you see what you cause?” Mr Logan asked angrily.

“Am very sorry my husband” Mrs Logan replied.

“Mum you shouldn’t have slap him” Wyatt said.

“Are you also blaming me I did it for the family good” Mrs Logan said. “But I didn’t asked you to slap him” Wyatt said.


Olive prissy and Kate alight from the private jet when they get to there destination.

Kate look around and smile to herself. “Thanks for bringing me to my dream place” Kate said and.

“You don’t need to thank me” olive replied. “Why is Sam not here” olive said and brought out her phone to call him.

“Have you forgotten how Sam drive” prissy said.

“I have forgotten he drives like a snail” olive replied and they all laugh.

“Good afternoon olive and prissy” Sam greet smiling.

“Sam how are you doing what took you so long?” Olive asked.

“Am sorry” Sam said scratching the back of his head.

“Your parents can’t wait to see you” Ben said.

“Lead the way Mr” prissy said. “Who owns this car?” Kate asked.

“Olive of course” prissy replied. “I don’t understand you guys again hope you guys aren’t planning to sell me” Kate said and they all burst into laughter. “Relax babe I can’t hurt you” olive said.


Sam parked the car at the garage and they all come down from the car.

“Kate let go in” olive said. “I don’t think I can go in with you” Kate replied.

“But why?” Olive asked. “This house is too big I don’t know who owns it” Kate replied.

“Kate relax there are many things you don’t know about me” olive said.

“Oh my children are back” Mr Thompson said.

“Dad what’s this” olive asked and prissy and Kate burst out laughing on seeing Mr Thompson.

“Dad what are you putting on what’s this” prissy asked.

“Didn’t you like my cloth” Mr Thompson asked.

“Dad why are you putting on our wears?” Olive asked.

“That’s because I missed you guys come and give daddy a hug” Mr Thompson said.

And they both ran to hug him. “Where’s mum?” Prissy asked.

“she went out” Mr Thompson replied. “Dad I missed you so much” prissy said.

“that’s a very big fat lie” Mr Thompson said. “dad don’t tell me you don’t believe me” prissy said.

“how did you expect me to believe you, you missed me and you didn’t come back for the past one year” Mr Thompson said.

“Am very sorry dad I went in search of work” prissy said.

“is there no job here for you” Mrs Thompson said coming inside.

“hi mum” prissy and olive greet at the same time.

“I will pretend as if I didn’t hear your greetings” Mrs Thompson said.

“mum I am sorry” olive said with a pout. “sorry for yourself” Mrs Thompson said with an eyeroll.

“don’t mind your mum she’s just jealous you’re back” Mr Thompson said.

“how can I be jealous of my daughter” Mrs Thompson replied.

“good afternoon ma” Kate greet. “afternoon darling where did this beautiful angel come from?” Mrs Thompson asked with a smile.

“she’s my friend” olive replied. “wow welcome to our house pretty” Mrs Thompson said.

“Am jealous” Mr Thompson said. “Dad why are you jealous?” olive asked.

“your friend didn’t greet me” Mr Thompson said.

“Am very sorry sir good afternoon” Kate greet.

“I won’t reply you” Mr Thompson said with a smile.

“it time for the party” Mrs Thompson said. “which party is that ?” olive asked.

“your welcome party of course” Mrs Thompson replied.

“common you guys should let go and join the guest the guest are waiting for you” Mr Thompson said.

“with this dress and wig?” olive and prissy asked.

“what happen to my dressing is it too beautiful” Mr Thompson asked.

“isn’t beautiful this is the worst dress I have ever seen” Mrs Thompson said.

“Dad don’t mind mum you look sweet she’s jealous because you look more beautiful than she’s” olive said.

“yeah that’s my daughter I trust you” Mr Thompson said.

“dad olive is deceiving you” prissy said.

“I knew you are also jealous like your mother” Mr Thompson said and olive stick her tongue out to prissy. “fool” prissy said.

“dad let go out” olive said and drag her father out.

“olive bring back my husband didn’t you see that he looks like a masquerade in that dress” Mrs Thompson said.

“no my father is an handsome woman” olive replied.

Kate drag olive back. “Dad I will meet you at the party” olive said.

“olive what’s going on I don’t understand” Kate said.

“Kate I am not who you think I am. am sure you know my Dad, if you don’t know him you might have heard of Thompson Dan” olive said.

“yeah but I never knew he is your father” Kate said.

“I will explain to you later” this party is for I and prissy so I don’t wanna Miss it for anything” olive said.

“Alright. “hi Mr Thompson” Steve greet with a smile.

“Steve how are you doing?” Mr Thompson asked. “am doing great sir where’s Olive?” Steve asked.

“over there” Mr Thompson said pointing to olive. “olive your husband to be is here” Mr Thompson shout.

“thanks sir I love your dressing” Steve said with a smile.

“thank you very much Steve” Mr Thompson replied with a smile and face his wife.

“can you see I look sweet” he asked his wife. “hi olive” Steve greet.


One word for Mr Thompson

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