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Episode 20




Authoress p.o.v

“What condition is that? ” Nathan asked.

“I will tell you tommorow Wyatt will be also there if I want to tell you” olive said.

” But why can’t you tell me now? Nathan asked.

“Nope, let wait till tomorrow, Nathan am very sorry I need to go home now” Olive said. “why did you wanna home by this time?” Nathan asked. “Am going home for some personal reasons” Olive said.

“Alright then let me drop you off” Nathan said.

” No don’t worry I don’t wanna disturb you, you should continue with your work” Olive said.

” you aren’t disturbing me please let me drop you off” Nathan plead.

” Alright if you insist” olive said.

“shall we” Nathan said standing up from his seat. “yeah” Olive said and stand up. they both went out.


“take good care of yourself” Nathan said. “okay bye” olive said getting down from the car.

Nathan couldn’t help but to look. he keeps staring at her till she entered the house.

olive went inside her room and started packing her bags when prissy come in.

“olive why are you packing your things? prissy asked.

” Oh u never knew you are in the house go and pack your things we are leaving for America tomorrow” Olive said.

” you must be crazy why are we going back to America?” prissy asked.

“prissy I need to go back because I don’t want the two brothers to fight because of me, I came here in search of love not trouble” olive said.

“you are really crazy and am sure you’re also mad.

I never knew my dear friend is a coward. you are the one looking for True love and you want to run away when you found love” prissy said.

“prissy is not that easy,they are brothers and I don’t want them to start fighting all because of me” olive said.

“the olive I know is not like this she’s always ready to face any problem that comes her way when did you change?” prissy asked.

“that’s the best thing to do now” Olive said. “am not going with you” prissy said.

“why are you like this remember you promised to go with am going back to America. am sure you haven’t forget that ” olive said.

” did you want to leave the one you love because of this cause I don’t get you” prissy said. “prissy I know what am doing didn’t you trust me again?” olive asked.

“I trust you but i don’t want you to make a mistake, don’t you think you will hurt the one you love feelings” prissy said.

“you don’t need to worry about that I has my own plan trust me” olive said.

“tell me what the plan is” prissy said. olive tell her a little if her plan.

“you will get to know the rest soon” olive said. “I think am in support of your plan” prissy said. “can you now see I don’t disappoint” olive said. “yeah just be careful” prissy said

” just pack your bag we are going back tomorrow” Olive said. “won’t you call your parents to let them know you’re coming back tommorow” prissy said. “are they not also your parents?” olive asked. “my bad just make sure you call them” prissy said. “yeah I will call Dad later” olive said.

“okay sweetie” prissy said and start to park her things.


Nathan was driving back to his office when Wyatt block him with his car.

Wyatt use his car to double cross Nathan car. he came down from his car and walked Angrily to Nathan car.

“hey come down from the car” Wyatt said and Nathan come down from his car majestically and sat on his car bonnet.

“young man how may I help you?” Nathan asked in his usual husky voice. “woman snatcher, i come to warn you to stay a h*ll away from my woman” Wyatt said.

“if I may asked who’s this woman you’re talking about” Nathan asked calmly. “olive of course, I saw her first.

I knew you don’t love her you just wanna use her for your selfish interest” Wyatt yelled.

“look here boy you know I don’t like noise I won’t spare you next time if you stop me for no reason” Nathan said and went back to his car and he drove off. “we just started just wait and see” Wyatt yelled.


the next day

“I will be back just get ready” Olive said. “where are you going to?” prissy said. “have you bought our tickets?” prissy asked. “nope daddy is sending my private jet down here and I told you I need to see Nathan and Wyatt I need to tell them am leaving and discuss with them” olive said.

Logan’s mansion

“good morning sir” olive greet Mr Logan. “ERM olive right?” Mr Logan asked. “you’re right sir” olive replied. “good morning dear how are you?” Mr Logan asked.

“Am fine sir” olive replied. “olive you are here how are you darling?” Mrs Logan asked. “am fine ma” olive replied.

“olive please come with me I want to discuss something with you” Mrs Logan said.

“I will see you later ma I wants to see Nathan and Wyatt” olive replied. “am not sure if Nathan is in the house but Wyatt is in his room darling” Mrs Logan said with a smile.

olive walked into Nathan room and saw him sleeping peacefully. she smile to herself and tickle him. Nathan stand up immediately. “olive how are you doing?” Nathan asked stretching.

“Am doing good and you” olive asked with a smile. “Am fine you came early” Nathan said. “I came and see you and Wyatt” olive said.

“alright let me freshen up” Nathan said. “Alright” olive replied and sat on his bed.

some minutes later, olive and Nathan came out of Nathan room and Wyatt was surprised and angry at the same time to see olive and Nathan together.

“how long have you been here and why are you coming out from this guy room?” Wyatt asked angrily.

“Wyatt I need to talk to the both of you” olive said. “why don’t you come to my room to call me” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt enough of this nonsense are you trying to tell me what to do did you want to listen or I should go” olive said.

“Am sorry olive said. and they all go to the back of the house. “am going back to America today” olive said. “but why” Wyatt asked. “Am going back to meet my family because they have missed me.

“the first person to found me will be my husband” olive said.

“that’s better” Wyatt said. and olive shake her head. “don’t think you can track me you can’t even found me in my parents house am olive I knew this task will be difficult for you guys.

but I wish you guys goodluck” olive said. and Nathan breathe in. “Nathan I will like to see you” olive said.

“why did you want to see him?” Wyatt asked. “he is my boss and it’s none of your business” olive said.

“Nathan don’t think I have forgotten my salary where’s it I can’t leave without it” olive said.

“I will send it to you” Nathan replied. “Nathan you don’t need to bother about the task I will help you” olive said.

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