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Battle Of The Gods

The content of the third term was ‘all mankind’s technology must be destroyed completely, especially all the information related to soul weapons. Disassemble all the soul equipment and return mankind’s world to its original state. At the same time, all items related to soul technology must be destroyed so that mankind’s society will regress’.It could be said that this was the most important and crucial of the five terms Gu Yuena had proposed. This was the term that would affect humanity the most.

The act of destroying all soul technology was the most ruthless method of regressing human civilization. Removing this term would probably mean that soul beasts would not be able to dominate humans as they had before.

Hence, Tang Wulin’s eyes were ablaze as he looked toward Gu Yuena and waited for her response to his words.

Gu Yuena flew out from her side, and the atmosphere of the entire battlefield became tense.

Meanwhile, even the common people were feeling extremely nervous.

This was because everyone knew that Gu Yuena and Tang Wulin were the most formidable powerhouses in the world. They used to fight side by side and defeated the abyssal plane. Not only that but they were also a couple.

Tang Wulin had triumphed over the crowd during the Joust For A Spouse Festival. He professed his love to Gu Yuena in the end, but she had rejected him.

Meanwhile, the abyssal plane was utterly defeated and the continent appeared to have entered a new era of development heading toward a flourishing future. When Tang Wulin came to the Spirit Pagoda and proposed to Gu Yuena with such a grand, romantic gesture which had been broadcast via satellite, she rejected him once again. Then, the turn of events that could have been a tremendous tragedy for the entire continent began before everyone’s eyes.

The relationship between them was so complicated. They were obviously in love and were a couple in the past, yet they had no choice but to take opposing sides.

Some of the more radical members of the crowd were cursing at Gu Yuena, but there were some rational people that analyzed the relationship between the Dragon Emperor Douluo and the Silver Dragon Princess.

They represented mankind and soul beasts respectively. From the moment Gu Yuena revealed her identity, it signified that they would almost certainly never end up being together.

The enmity created by mankind’s destruction of the soul beasts could not be smoothened by the love between them. In order to provide adequate living space for her subordinates, Gu Yuena could not possibly compromise at all.

In turn, the situation was the same for Tang Wulin. He represented humanity and he was the son of the God King. He was the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s Sect Master. He carried such a heavy burden and he was even the most powerful of all the humans. He was the pillar of humanity, and he was the God in the hearts of the Douluo Federation’s people.

He was confronted by the soul beast legion and the enthralled soul masters, and if he were to falter, all of mankind would be destroyed!

They represented different interests. Who was right and who was wrong then?

Neither was truly correct for they were coming from different angles.

There was a saying that ‘the god of destiny makes a fool of people’. They were supposed to be a happy, loving couple, yet they had no choice but to take opposing sides due to their identities. How cruel was that?!

The people of the Douluo Federation were truly worried that their hero would have a mental breakdown from enduring such immense stress and agony.

Nevertheless, Tang Wulin remained strong and determined. He defeated the fifteen greatest powerhouses on the entire continent for two consecutive rounds. Moreover, he managed to capture all of them and did not cause any harm to them.

He used his capabilities to restore the faith in the common people’s hearts. It felt as if he was telling them that their guardian had never abandoned them. He was always here with them and would surely persevere until the end.

The Golden Dragon Moon Song was going to confront the Silver Dragon Dancing Qilin. The couple that had named their battle armor after each other was going to clash on the battlefield. They were going to be each other’s final opponent. No one could imagine how they felt.

At that point, no human or any soul beast present was capable of changing the situation taking place before their eyes. The only thing they could do was wait. This inevitable battle would certainly become their final confrontation.

“Alright. Remove the third term,” Gu Yuena said nonchalantly.

Under ordinary circumstances, the Beasts would have reacted to this. This time, even the Beast God Di Tian was silent as a cold cicada. He dared not make a sound at all.

The Beasts could sense that beneath her calm facade, there was an emotional volcano in Gu Yuena’s heart that could possibly erupt at any moment. Whoever had the audacity to query her at this time would undoubtedly trigger it instantaneously.

They could only wait. The soul beasts and the human beings had no other choice.

The outcome of this battle would determine the fate of the entire Douluo Continent.

It would also decide the final ending for this couple.

Perhaps, only one of the two would survive. On the other hand, it was possible that whoever lived would feel greater pain than the one who died.

In any case, it was impossible for them to cower anymore. They could only face the final battle and confront each other!

“Thank you.” Tang Wulin nodded at Gu Yuena with some difficulty, but something crystal-clear and sparkling had emerged in his eyes.

It felt as if Gu Yuena standing before him was gradually shrinking back to the moment when they first met. She shrunk to the size when they first met each other as an innocent boy and girl.

A little girl was squatted down near the roadside. She was slightly shorter than him with a head of short silver hair. The sunlight had reflected off it, creating a silver flash and attracting Tang Wulin’s attention.

It was as if there was some sort of profound attraction between the two of them. The young girl raised her head and returned his gaze. She wore shabby clothes in addition to a dirt-stained face, clearly resembling a little beggar. However, aside from her silver hair, she also had two eyes that stood out from the crowd.

She had big eyes, with two crystal clear amethyst pupils. Even though they were separated by a distance, Tang Wulin could see his image reflected in her eyes, naturally long lashes framing them.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were very pretty, so when he encountered a fellow large-eyed person, he automatically had a favorable impression of her. He had subconsciously stopped walking. Two pairs of eyes peered into each other as the little girl directly met his gaze with her pretty eyes, somewhat bewildered.

She was still Na’er at the time. She looked so helpless back then. Tang Wulin could still clearly remember how pretty Na’er. She had silver hair and amethyst pupils. The image of her was deeply seared into his memories. From then on, she was his sister.

Gu Yuena was looking back at Tang Wulin as well. In her eyes, the hero that represented all mankind and the God that represented Shrek Academy, Tang Sect and humanity was also shrinking.

Tang Wulin had no idea that the Gu Yuena standing before him was no longer Gu Yue nor Na’er. This was because from the day she rejected his marriage proposal and took the ring, which she never removed the ring from her finger, she had completely fused with Na’er over the previous few days.

She was Gu Yuena, the perfect fusion of Gu Yue and Na’er. In her heart, all their memories had fused together. In her heart, he was her lover and brother!

“Little girl, where are your parents?” Right at that moment, several young delinquents surrounded her after being attracted by her silver hair.

The little girl avoided their eyes, once again lowering her head.

The delinquents shot looks at one another before one of them called out, “Silver hair is really rare! Could you be from one of the other two continents? I reckon the market dealers will really like her silver hair and purple eyes.”

Greed colored their eyes as they nodded towards each other.

The youngster who had spoken squatted down. “Hey, little girl. Where’s your family?”

Without speaking, she shook her lowered head.

Beaming with smiles, the youngster said, “Are you hungry? Big brother will bring you to eat some good things. How about it?”

The little girl shook her head once again but much more forcefully.

The youngster shot a telling look to his companions before reaching out his hand to pull the little girl’s arm, lifting her up against her will. His companions encircled them, obstructing the view of passersby.

Even as the little girl let out a frightened scream, the youngster already had her over his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Right at that moment, a childish voice full of fury called out, giving the youngster and his companions a fright.

They couldn’t help but reveal resentful faces when they turned around to look. The person who had come to aid the one suffering an injustice was unexpectedly a tiny pretty boy who didn’t even reach their waists.

The youngster in the back revealed a trace of cruelty. He raised one of his legs and kicked Tang Wulin away. “Brat, you dare to meddle with us.”

Tang Wulin tumbled and landed a little more than two meters away, completely covered in dirt.

“You guys are villains!” He had rolled on the ground but immediately got up. He charged towards the youngsters in order to bar their way.

The youngster who was carrying the little girl exposed a vicious face. The ruckus they had made had already attracted the attention of some pedestrians. After all, this had all occurred on a main street.

A cold light flickered from his wrist and a dagger appeared in the youngster’s hand. He gestured towards Tang Wulin, “F--k off if you don’t want to die!”

Tang Wulin stubbornly glared and furiously replied, “Villains won’t have a good end. I’m a Soul Master; I’m not afraid of you. Release her!”

As he spoke, Tang Wulin lifted his right hand, and a light blue ring of light twinkled. The Bluesilver Grass appeared in his palm in its waving fashion. A faint energy undulated outward from it.

What could rank-3 soul power do? It only made him a bit more powerful than his peers. He didn’t have a soul ring to support his soul. His soul was far from being battle capable. This was also the reason why cultivation was essential to being promoted from the lowest Soul Scholar rank to the Soul Master rank.

The youngster blanked out for a moment as his companions tugged on his arm.

If it was only a regular boy, then they wouldn’t have to do anything in particular. They would only have to cover for each other, and there wouldn’t be any trouble. But a child that possessed soul power was different. The government maintained special records on these children. Even the Spirit Pagoda had records on these children. If anything happened to these special children, the federal government would definitely expend a lot of resources to search for the cause. What’s more, many bystanders had already witnessed their deeds.

“Such bad luck!” The head of the youngsters was unrelenting, but he set the little girl down with an angry growl and quickly left with his companions.

The little girl stumbled and fell onto her butt. Seeing this, Tang Wulin hurriedly ran over and crouched beside her. “Don’t be scared. I’m a man. I’ll protect you!”

The little girl raised her head and looked at him. Up close, those large purple eyes of hers were even prettier. Within her pupils, a layer of mist seemed to have appeared.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. I’ve already driven away the villains. My name is Tang Wulin. What’s your name?”

The little girl foolishly stared at him for a moment before finally opening her mouth. “My name is Na’er.”

He was so weak at the time. He clearly only possessed rank-3 soul power. Furthermore, he was a soul master with a trash martial soul, the Bluesilver Grass. Even so, it did not make him cower in fear. It allowed him to courageously shield her with his body. He protected her.

The sweetest thing she had ever tasted in her entire life were the candies that he bought her with the measly income he earned from learning forging every day.

At the time, she was still Na’er and she had always known that he could never bring himself to eat the candy himself. He was actually gulping as he watched her eat the candies.

He was a good brother.

That was the time when she integrated into the human world and took the form of a little girl. However, she sealed her memories due to the problem with her body’s endurance. She was Na’er, pure and naive, a little human girl.

The kind brother left behind an impression that could not be erased in his pure sister’s mind.

At the time, she picked up an ability known to mankind. It was called ‘love’.

In turn, the first time Tang Wulin felt heartache was when Na’er left. Even when he was laboring painstakingly in his forging studies every day and his body endured such torment at a very young age, he felt hopeful.

He watched as his ability gradually increased and his hope brought him joy and happiness. This was because he could feel that he was one step closer to the soul masters’ world.

There was only that very day…

“Lin Lin! Lin Lin!” Lang Yue’s anxious voice called out from afar.

“Mom, I’m over here,” Tang Wulin said as he hastily ran out of the little garden.

“Something’s wrong. Na’er, Na’er…. She…” Lang Yue was panting as she ran over.

“What happened to Na’er?” Tang Wulin’s heart tensed up.

Lang Yue took a deep breath to calm herself before she anxiously said, “She’s gone. Na’er is gone.”

It was true. Na’er was gone. She had only left a letter on her bed.

Mom, Dad, big brother, I’ll be leaving now. Thank you for taking care of me for these past few years, but I remember who I am now. My family has come to pick me up, so I have to go. I was really happy during the days I spent with you all. Extremely happy. I really didn’t want to part with you all, but from the memories I’ve recalled, I know that I must leave. I have many things I must do. Big brother, I will always remember how you looked when you protected me from those bad guys. I will always remember the taste of all the treats you’ve bought me.

— Na’er.

It was also on the same day that she learned another emotion that belonged to mankind. It was known as ‘unwillingness to part’.

“How can this be!? Na’er, how could you leave like this? How could you? Even if you found your family, you can’t leave like this! You can’t leave…” Tang Wu Lin turned around and ran out. Lang Yue wasn’t able to stop him before he rushed out of the house.

“Na’er, Na’er!” Sobbing screams resounded throughout the small town as Tang Wu Lin madly ran about, shouting as he searched for Na’er’s silver hair and violet eyes.

Na’er tightly held onto a crude rag doll as she leaned against a wall, one tear drop after another dripping down her face.

That was the first present Tang Wu Lin had bought her with his monthly wage. The rag doll had violet eyes and silver hair that Tang Wu Lin had dyed himself. It looked just like her.

Tang Wu Lin’s image unceasingly revolved in her mind.

It was only when they were together that both of them were full of smiles. He seemed to have always been thinking of ways to bring a smile to her face.

He was always there to protect her when someone tried to bully her. Even if he was facing a powerful bad guy, he would still be as stubborn as before.

“Big brother, big brother…” Na’er whispered, as pearl-like teardrops fell onto the ground.

Perhaps because they were thinking about the same thing or because they had both been brought back to their childhood in that moment, tears flowed down from their eyes almost in synchronization.

They both took a step forward toward one another simultaneously.

Dazzling silver color and glistening golden radiance burst forth. The final battle between the Golden Dragon Moon Song Tang Wulin and the Silver Dragon Dancing Qilin Gu Yuena had finally begun!

The Silver Dragon Dancing Qilin Gu Yuena still held the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand. Tang Wulin had retracted his Sea God’s Trident, leaving only the Golden Dragon Spear in his grasp.

The golden and silver radiance intertwined with one another in the sky with streams of light shooting out from it.

Gu Yuena had tears in her eyes. When she pointed the Silver Dragon Spear at Tang Wulin, streams of elemental energy surged at once.

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