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Thought Concretization

A green-colored wind blew toward Tang Wulin and transformed into countless wind blades that burst forth in the sky instantaneously. The splendid green hue made a stretch of jade green space in the sky. Sharp wind blades flew in from all directions.Tang Wulin remembered that the first time he saw Gu Yuena utilize the wind attribute attack was also the first time they met each other. At the time, Tang Wulin was still cultivating under the guidance of Wu Zhangkong.

Gu Yuena missed the enrollment period, so Wu Zhangkong requested that she spar with Xie Xie. She displayed her incredible ability to control four elements and defeated Xie Xie easily.

At the time, the first element that she utilized was wind.

What followed after the wind? It was fire!

He unleashed the Mysterious Heaven Loop. The Golden Dragon Spear sketched out a blackhole in the sky with an amazing track. It devoured the wind blades that were shooting in from everywhere.

Meanwhile, the green color transformed into countless fireballs that exploded loudly in the sky. Violent, booming noises shook everything in the area and burned through the energy in the surroundings. It turned the sky filled with life source into a vacuum instantly.

It was exactly the same as the first time she unleashed an attack on him in the past! This was how Tang Wulin felt at the moment. The heat did not cause him any pain, but the tremor that came from all directions felt oppressive.

Her control over the elements was so impressive, both when she was still young and weak and at this point when she had recovered the Silver Dragon King’s body.

He could still clearly remember the first conversation he had with Gu Yue.

Gu Yue’s steps were light and quick. As she reached Tang Wulin, she asked him with curiosity, “Why did you wrap iron chains around your body?”

Tang Wulin replied, “To build up my strength! The teacher gave me stricter requirements. You sure are formidable.”

Gu Yue grinned. “I’m really not that great. None of my elements are even that strong. It was just that I had controlled them well. All martial souls are the same. As long as you have enough soul power and you can fully comprehend as well as control your martial soul well, then it will bring you surprises.”

“Boom!” A gigantic fireball exploded in front of Tang Wulin’s body. It was a God-ranked divine fire! Slightly distracted, Tang Wulin was blasted back by instantly.

Gu Yuena did not just leave the matter after gaining the upper hand. She pointed the Silver Dragon Spear at hime and fired spears of ice spears. Every icy spear was seemingly equipped with the attacking ability of the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue. The ice spears arrived in front of Tang Wulin’s body in a split second and blocked all the paths that he could use to dodge.

Tang Wulin shook the Golden Dragon Spear, unleashing thousands of shimmering spears of light. It was the Thousand Accusing Fingers.

Every golden spear came into contact with the ice spears in an incredibly precise manner. The ice spears turned into a frosty power and exploded in the sky. It was a magnificent sight.

Meanwhile, the powerhouses from both sides retreated into the distance. It was a battle between Gods! It was highly possible that their lives would be threatened if they were involved in any way.

Silver radiance flickered on Gu Yuena’s body and she arrived before Tang Wulin in a flash. She had actually passed through the Thousand Accusing Fingers and appeared just a short distance away from him. In fact, she did not even have the space to unleash anything from her Silver Dragon Spear due to the short distance.

She raised her left hand and pressed her palm onto Tang Wulin’s chest.

Tang Wulin countered swiftly. As soon as he saw Gu Yuena vanish in the distance, he reacted to the situation. When her palm was about to press onto his chest, Tang Wulin’s raised left hand grabbed her hand.

Their left hands held one another at that moment. The first feeling experienced by Tang Wulin was how soft and fine her palm was. He could still clearly remember how he held her in his arms not long ago and how he toyed and caressed her fair, long, and slim fingers.

She experienced the same momentary trance. His palm was wide and warm. When he grabbed her hand, the golden scales on his palm retracted, leaving only the warm palm.

The moment only lasted briefly, but it felt like an eternity for them.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s eyes caught a glimpse of something that caused him to loosen his grip on Gu Yuena’s palm ever so slightly. He could clearly see that the dark blue ring was still wrapped around her finger.

“Thud!” Using her energy, Gu Yuena pushed her palm onto Tang Wulin’s chest through his grip.

The seven elements exploded! Every attribute complemented and repelled one another to produce a huge explosion in the sky forming a seven-colored orb of light.

Tang Wulin’s body was blasted away like a ragdoll. Even as the impact catapulted him backward, the image of the ring wrapped around Gu Yuena’s finger was deeply seared into his memory.

“I can’t finish this. You can have it.” At this moment, a sound came to him from the side, and then came the appearance of a huge snowy white bun, which was then placed on Tang Wulin’s plate.

Tang Wulin raised his head and looked. Wasn’t it Gu Yue who gave him this bun? However, she had changed into the academy’s uniform and looked similar to the students around her.

“Thank you.” Tang Wulin nodded toward her. He always had the tendency of generating good feelings toward individuals who provided him with food.

Gu Yue nodded toward him and turned to leave.

Zhou Zhangxi moved toward Tang Wulin mysteriously. “Wulin, from my view, hasn’t she fallen for you? Today, after joining us in our class, she took the initiative to speak with you. And now, she’s even given you a bun. It seems to me that she’s smitten with you.”

It was the first time she treated him well and she continued to do so from then on. When he thought about it, Tang Wulin felt that his memories of that time were not clear enough. It turned out that they were happiest back then. At the very least, there was no need for them to worry about all that was to come.

The pain resulting from the seven-element explosion was not considered overly intense. He had the mighty defense of his four-word battle armor in addition to the Dragon Air’s stress reaction.

He suddenly found that he enjoyed the feeling of reminiscing about the past while fighting against her. Bits and pieces of their time together surged into his mind.

‘Please allow me to cherish and keep these wonderful memories with me.’

Gu Yuena could see his trance-like state, so she used the Silver Dragon Spear to stab at him.

The Golden Dragon Spear unleashed the Mysterious Heaven Loop once again and neutralized Gu Yuena’s attack. Tang Wulin looked at her in a daze as if he was fighting the battle using only his instincts.

Gu Yuena felt her heart wrenched in pain without reason when she saw his almost hypnotized gaze. All of a sudden, rage filled her heart.

‘Why? Why is heaven so cruel as to let them fall so deeply in love with one another despite knowing fully well that they will become enemies in the end.’

Seven elements exploded and an aroused dragon’s roar came from Gu Yuena’s back. In an instant, she had transformed into the silver dragon and spat out a mouthful of seven-colored breath at Tang Wulin.

When she spat, every human and soul beast floating in the sky sank instantaneously. This was because all the elemental molecules in the air had just been s----d away by Gu Yuena.

The people hastily unleashed their soul power in bewilderment. With great effort, they ejected their soul power downward to stabilize their bodies, but they still could not stop their bodies from sinking lower to the ground.

The four great Limit Douluos, Chen Xinjie, Long Yeyue, Zang Xin, and Cao Dezhi, were in a flurry because they were still carrying more than ten soul masters with them that had been electrocuted by Tang Wulin earlier. They just managed to maneuver their bodies into landing on the ground.

When they raised their heads to look toward the sky, they saw Tang Wulin’s body already engulfed by the incomparably rich seven-colored breath.

The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin shut his eyes in agony. He had already known that Tang Wulin was utterly incapable of unleashing his abilities on Gu Yuena.

Nevertheless, a peculiar scene suddenly emerged. A water ripple-like glow suddenly appeared behind the area enshrouded by the seven-colored breath.

The glowing image was extremely bizzare. Gradually, a crystal-clear scene was displayed and even voices could be heard coming from it, loud enough that all present could hear it clearly.

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