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Victory, Again

The Ten Thousand Beast Surge had just come within thirty kilometers of him when they were immediately disintegrated by his terrifying blood essence fluctuation and vanished in succession.

Although these soul beasts were projected by the Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi, they still originated from their soul beast form. In order to ensure that these soul beasts possessed sufficiently effective abilities, Yu Guanzhi had to understand the qualities of soul beasts first during the process of sketching them. Hence, the supreme commander of the three armies was also a genuine soul beast specialist. His knowledge of soul beasts had even surpassed the teachers in Shrek Academy.

It was also precisely due to this reason that the soul beasts simulated by him were equipped with certain soul beasts’ characteristics. Under the lashing of the blood essence, the soul beasts disintegrated at once and vanished into the air.

A gold-red aura filled the air surrounding Tang Wulin’s body. Dragon Air erupted from his body and spread out for nearly a hundred meters.

“Buzz!” Yuanen Zhentian leaped into the sky. Thick, heavy, dark yellow radiance glowed around his body. His Titan Domain only covered the area around his body and allowed him to instantly trigger the Titan Giant Ape bloodline completely as if he had returned to the ancient times.

Though his height remained at ten meters, Yuanen Zhentian no longer looked entirely human. He had taken the appearance of a Titan Giant Ape. He tossed the giant Five Elements Divine Needle in his hand. The Titan Giant Ape’s terrifying strength combined with the Divine Needle of the transformed Qilin Douluo. The power of this attack was equal to a strike from the God-ranked Skycrosser Douluo.

The loosening of planar suppression benefited these Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouses immensely. The terrifying, amplified stress swiftly struck Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin had already tossed the Skycrosser Douluo to Chen Xinjie. The Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his left hand and the Sea God’s Trident in his right once again.

He had a super divine weapon in one hand and a divine weapon in the other. Both weapons were glistening with a golden glow.

Meanwhile, his entire person was completely immersed in his own world.

He swung the Sea God’s Trident forward and golden halos were unleashed in coils. Every halo was an attack of the Mysterious Heaven Loop.

This was the true form of the Indefinite Storm. It was the Indefinite Storm formed by Mysterious Heaven Loops.

The first halo reached the giant Five Elements Divine Brush first.

Golden radiance circulated the area, and it appeared that the giant Five Elements Divine Needle was about to force its way out of the halo. However, the lighting around it suddenly distorted. Before the giant Five Elements Divine Brush could react to the situation, it turned around and spun about in the sky as if it was incapable of locating its target.

Meanwhile, the halos that came next swarmed through the air. Every halo followed a path and found its target.

Three golden halos landed on the Titan Douluo’s body in an incomparably precise manner. The sky and ground shook while Yuanen Tiandang’s domain was triggered in an attempt to amplify his father.

Nevertheless, all else was nothing before the Indefinite Storm with the Mysterious Heaven Loop as its core. The disparity created by its absolute rank was on display.

Not only them but also the Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian and the Bright Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun had launched their most powerful attacks. Yet, all their attacks had vanished into nothingness under the cover of the Mysterious Heaven Loop.

Golden halos tightened and seized control of the five great Limit Douluos in succession. They were pulled closer to Tang Wulin. Only the Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi remained in the distance. He was still unleashing the Ten Thousand Beasts Surge to continue his attacks.

The treatment given to the six Shrek Monsters earlier had also been applied to the five great Limit Douluos. Tang Wulin unleashed the Thunderclap Nether Vine and the Thunder God’s Whip!

Even the four-word battle armor could not withstand the Thunder God’s Whip that released the elemental calamity. The Limit Douluos were struck and blasted away by the impact.

Tang Wulin’s movements could only be described as natural and smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. The numerous Limit Douluos were sent to Long Yeyue, Chen Xinjie, Zang Xin, and Cao Dezhi’s side where they were controlled by them using soul power.

The ten thousand beasts continued charging, but anyone could tell that the battle had already ended.

Tang Wulin walked out step by step toward the Ten Thousand Beasts Surge. The Dragon Air took on a pyramid shape and followed him as he stepped forward in the sky. The ten thousand beasts dashed at his sides, but they did not manage to hinder him whatsoever.

It felt as if this scene was telling the Beasts and the millions of soul beasts on the ground that they were far from stopping Tang Wulin’s advancing footsteps.

Di Tian turned his head to glance at Gu Yuena. He wanted to say something, yet he swallowed the words that were on the tip of his tongue.

Gu Yuena appeared to be calm as before. She showed little reaction after witnessing Tang Wulin take away the human powerhouses.

At last, Tang Wulin made his way to the front of the Heaven-earth Painting Scroll.

When he stood in front of the Heaven-earth Painting Scroll, he could not help exclaiming emotionally to himself, ‘How did he come up with this?!’ This was a very interesting aspect of the soul masters’ world. Techniques were conceived through one’s wild imagination. He had no choice but to acknowledge that the Divine Brush Douluo was simply a genius.

“End this.” Tang Wulin raised his hand and made a grasping gesture toward the scroll.

The countless soul beasts in the surroundings charged toward him immediately. However, these soul beasts with individual fighting capacity were of no consequence to Tang Wulin and only ended up being disintegrated by the Dragon Air. They were incapable of stopping his grasping palm.

The Golden Dragon Claw gripped the Divine Brush’s body as it flickered in an almost illusionary state. Tang Wulin unleashed Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

All the projected drawings were disintegrated by the Dragon Emperor Break in succession. With the Divine Brush in his grasp, the electricity combined with elemental lightning calamity instantly infused into it.

Immediately, the Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi returned to his human form, removing himself from his martial soul avatar.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment because he discovered that the Divine Brush Douluo was already frothing at the mouth from the electrocution.

Tang Wulin had only just realized that the Divine Brush Douluo had turned his battle armor into the painting scroll, so it was no longer protecting him. Tang Wulin had forgotten about that…

Hence, the electrocution had left Yu Guanzhi in a rather pitiful state…

Tang Wulin retracted his power in time. He slowly infused his soul power into Yu Guanzhi’s body to straighten out his bloodline so that he would not leave behind any complications. The wings on Tang Wulin’s back flapped and carried him to the front of the Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie as if he was traveling through space-time and passed Yu Guanzhi to him.

The battle had ended!

The entire scene was deadly silent!

When Tang Wulin was walking into the Ten Thousand Beasts Surge step by step and let out the deafening dragon’s roar over and over again, he was not only terrifying the ten thousand soul beasts in the sky but also the millions among the soul beast legion on the ground.

The tremendous stress exerted on the millions of soul beasts’ bloodlines faded their ferocity and majesty. The soul beasts with weaker cultivation bases were already lying on the ground and trembling profusely.

This was the real Dragon Might. It was the Dragon Might that belonged to the Golden Dragon King.

The Golden Dragon King had not only inherited the Dragon God’s negative emotions but also the Dragon God’s blood essence, arrogance, and his magnificent dominance.

In a sense, Tang Wulin had largely become the Golden Dragon King when he stepped into God rank and broke the sixteenth seal. Though he lacked the Golden Dragon King’s aggression, the stress he exerted over the soul beasts was even greater than Gu Yuena’s.

The second round had ended.

The sound of people’s cheering voices echoed through the vault of heaven from mankind’s cities in the distance.

‘What does it mean to be a hero? This is a hero!’

Tang Wulin fought against the most formidable powerhouses in mankind’s world in two consecutive battles.

The combination of eight powerhouses made up of the six Shrek Monsters in addition to the Body Douluo A Ruheng and the Saber God Douluo Sima Jinchi. Their domains had fused marvelously, yet they were still defeated by Tang Wulin.

In the second round, Tang Wulin relied on the Mysterious Heaven Loop skill to suppress the numerous powerhouses despite being trapped in the encirclement of seven great Limit Douluos. He managed to capture all of them in the end.

Tang Wulin had captured most of the powerful soul masters under Gu Yuena’s control. Without them, the difference between the overall capabilities of the opposing sides was reduced substantially. The disparity between mankind and soul beasts was no longer that huge on the surface.

Before Gu Yuena spoke, Tang Wulin stood facing her and said in a deep voice, “I’ve won this round as well. I choose to remove the third term that you proposed.”

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