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The Ancient Life Tree Joined In!

The two most powerful abilities of the Golden Dragon King were its attack and defense. The attack ability could only be gained after all the seals were opened. On the other hand, the defense ability was precisely the Golden Waterfall currently unleashed by Tang Wulin.More accurately, the Golden Waterfall should be known as the Golden Dragon Waterfall. It was not just a pure defense type soul skill but a defense and support ability. Whenever Tang Wulin was in danger, it could immediately provide the best countermeasure for the emergency.

The abyssal Sage King was stunned when he realized that he barely injured Tang Wulin with his halberd. He noticed that the opponent was obviously more powerful after completing the Dragon God Transformation this time. The abyssal Sage King could not help feeling astonished in his heart. Although there was still a huge disparity between the both of them, he was rather surprised that the opponent before him possessed the ability to contend with him for a short period of time.

It was an unpleasant feeling. The abyssal Sage King would never allow such a mishap to take place.

He did not expect the two young people before him to develop to this extent despite not being able to attain Godhood yet. He could not allow them to continue to develop in such a manner.

The abyssal Sage King’s eyes suddenly turned deep. He had caught up with Tang Wulin in an instant. The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was stabbed at the opponent once again.

It was impossible to evade when confronted with absolute speed and power. The moment the abyssal Sage King launched an attack, all the heaven and earth power was wielded by him. It was inevitable.

Tang Wulin lifted the Sea God’s Trident in his hand again. A piercing, loud boom was heard, and he was repulsed once more.

The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was tilted in an upward lifting motion. The Golden Dragon Waterfall propelled Tang Wulin’s body to the side. At the same time, it resisted the sharp radiance of the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss to the best of its abilities.

The abyssal Sage King’s godly power was so powerful that Tang Wulin’s arms were completely numb and sore after just two collisions. Even though he was in a better condition than the previous battle, he knew it was not enough. There was still a huge disparity between them.

“Poof…” The Golden Dragon Waterfall had only managed to resist a portion of the sharp radiance. The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ radiance cut across the Golden Dragon Moon Song and left a huge gash on it.

The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ ability to brush off opposing defenses was truly domineering. The four-word battle armor was rendered ineffective in its attack.

Fresh blood gushed out once again. Countless people gasped aloud upon watching the scene.

Undoubtedly, Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were the final force to resist the abyssal Sage King.

However, it was also at this exact moment when a stream of green radiance cut across the sky to illuminate Tang Wulin’s body the moment it was injured.

The radiance flashed once. Tang Wulin’s wound was healed. Even the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ sharp aura inside his body was instantly swept away into nothingness. The convulsions in his arms vanished soon after. He recovered immediately and was in peak form almost in an instant. It seemed like he had been resurrected.

The Sea God’s Trident stabbed brazenly. He unleashed the Forbid Commonplace, Dragon Emperor Charge!

A terrifying explosive force accompanied by a tremendous blast slammed into the abyssal Sage King abruptly. The abyssal Sage King used the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss to block it. A deep boom was heard. He stumbled backward from the impact.

It was the first time ever the abyssal Sage King was repulsed since he fought against Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena!

The Ancient Life Tree had finally made its move. As the life core of the entire Douluo Continent, the Ancient Life Tree apparently understood the importance of victory in this battle. It executed a move from across the air to assist the Dragon God!

The abyssal Sage King was stunned for a moment when he was repulsed. He then became infuriated. The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss glowed brightly like a translucent, gigantic, dark blue crystal. When it was swung once again, the abyssal Sage King’s eyes turned dark blue as well.

The Sea God’s Trident in Tang Wulin’s hand converted the Dragon Emperor Charge to the Forbid Universe, Dragon Emperor Perish. He was confronting toughness with toughness!

Since he could not dodge it, he chose to engage in a direct collision instead.


Tang Wulin was repulsed immensely. This time, there was a huge gash which nearly cut his body into half. Without a doubt, it was the abyssal Sage King’s true attacking ability!

Previously, such an attack would send Tang Wulin to the brink of death. Currently, he had the support of a life force of the entire Douluo Continent.

A dazzling green radiance landed on Tang Wulin’s body in an incomparably precise manner. It revitalized him instantly while his injuries were healed in the next moment. Furthermore, he was now in peak form. The Sea God’s Trident was unleashed to assault the abyssal Sage King once again.

The abyssal Sage King did not expect such an outcome. He no longer felt infuriated but rather depressed instead.

He was tired of fighting an opponent who could not be beaten to death. He was aware that the Ancient Life Tree channeled an exceedingly huge amount of life force in order to heal any injury inflicted by the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ attack. He could still kill Tang Wulin by keeping him engaged for a longer period. Tang Wulin would be exhausted until he could not no longer sustain his effort. However, it would take a long time. At present, the fusion of Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena produced the Dragon God Transformation with the support of the Ancient Life Tree. They were akin to sticky candy which was difficult to break free from.

The abyssal Sage King squinted his eyes and let out a grunt. “Very well! Do you think you’ll be able to stop my advance just like that?”

As he spoke, he swept the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss horizontally and blasted Tang Wulin away once again. In the next moment, he raised the super divine weapon over his head. A dark blue radiance surged from his body and gushed toward the ground below.

“Abyss reassemble!”

The glow from the explosion of the Eternal Heaven was dimming by now. It faded gradually to reveal the abyssal passage’s exit which was now double its initial size. Not a single abyssal creature could be seen. One could just imagine how powerful the explosion was.

It was precisely at that moment a gigantic duskgold light pillar spewed forth from the abyssal passage following the abyssal Sage King’s call.

There was a ruthless expression on the abyssal Sage King’s expression when the gigantic light pillar appeared.

Tang Wulin’s expression turned solemn soon after. He clearly felt a strong abyssal energy from the duskgold light pillar with its abyssal aura.

It was obvious that the Eternal Heaven had stopped the abyssal plane, but it did not do much damage to the abyss.

“The moment I descended upon this world, all the planar pressure no longer existed. It signifies that I can bring the power of the entire abyss over here, including the abyss’ resurrection power. Even though it’s exhausting, consuming some hidden resources is nothing compared to devouring the Douluo plane. You can only stop me temporarily, but I’d like to see how you’re going to stop my abyssal legion.”

Before the abyssal Sage King’s voice died away, millions of abyssal creatures gushed out from the gigantic, duskgold light pillar akin to a fairy maiden scattering flowers from heaven. The abyssal creatures charged out in all directions. Tang Wulin was astonished when he spotted a few familiar silhouettes from the many abyssal creatures.

There was the abyssal Spirit Dragon King, the Spirit Monarch!

There was the abyssal monarch of Black Empresses, the Black Monarch!

The Intense Monarch, the Transform Monarch, the Bee Monarch and other abyssal monarchs which had been killed in the earlier battles all came out from the gigantic, duskgold, light pillar one at a time.

Although these resurrected abyssal monarchs were lacking in spirituality and intelligence as compared to before, the auras they emitted were not weak!

The abyssal Sage King’s and the entire abyssal plane’s powers were totally revealed at the moment.

Tang Wulin’s eyes turned nine-colored completely upon witnessing the scene. All opportunities were lost. He could only end all this by killing the abyssal Sage King!

The nine-colored halos were sprinkled while Tang Wulin’s aura was elevated to perfection instantly.

The Ancient Life Tree projected a ray of radiance and illuminated his body as if it was sensing his transformation.

He unleashed the Indefinite Storm!

The abyssal Sage King grunted once. He did not dodge the Indefinite Storm. Instead, he confronted it head-on. He watched Tang Wulin mockingly as if to say, ‘Even if you can trap me for the time being, what do you have to kill me then?’

It was also at this exact moment when Tang Wulin suddenly passed the Sea God’s Trident to his left hand. His right palm crossed the void and pressed onto the abyssal Sage King’s chest. A puff of seven-colored flame branded the Sage King’s chest instantly, transforming into the shape of a lotus flower.

The abyssal Sage King’s agonizing scream echoed throughout the entire scene at once.

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