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The Seven-Color Lotus Flower

“Wulin, what’s that design on your hand?” Gu Yuena glimpsed the strange-looking, seven-color lotus flower motif on the back of his hand when his arms were wrapped around her.“Oh. I’ve forgotten about it. It’s…”

The flame in the shape of a lotus flower shimmering with a seven-colored radiance was etched on the abyssal Sage King’s chest. The abyssal Sage King let out an unprecedented agonizing scream at once.

The burning sensation scorched his heart and bones. It was not only burning his body but also his divine consciousness.

Where did the flame come from? It was from the Fire Host Clan. It came from a strange clan who claimed to belong to the Magic Blue World, according to the description given by a Fire Host clansman. It was a strange region with seven-colored seas and six great territories.

The seven-color lotus flower flame was the Fire Host Clan’s real fire. It was reputed to be able to burn through anything.

It was precisely Gu Yuena’s reminder that Tang Wulin remembered he still possessed such a flame. When he used his soul power to urge the flame into appearing for the first time after he had achieved his God-ranked body, he felt both fearful and joyous at the same time.

His body had surpassed the Leakproof Golden Body. After attaining the true body of a god, the appearance of the seven-color lotus flower flame roused fear in him. One could imagine just how powerful the flame’s burning ability was.

It was precisely the trump card which Tang Wulin prepared for the abyssal Sage King today.

The Indefinite Storm could perhaps immobilize the opponent temporarily, long enough for him to unleash the seven-colored Lotus Flower on the abyssal Sage King.

The abyssal Sage King’s agonizing scream halted the abyssal legion momentarily afterward.

Tang Wulin swung the Sea God’s Trident once again to pierce the abyssal Sage King’s chest. The Indefinite Storm was losing its hold on the abyssal Sage King.

The disparity of their cultivation bases made the Indefinite Storm’s control last for only a short time. After struggling free from the Indefinite Storm, the abyssal Sage King used the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss to sweep horizontally across to push the Sea God’s Trident away, but it abruptly came back to cut him in the next moment.

The dark blue blood radiance gushed out. A large chunk of flesh was shaved from the abyssal Sage King’s chest with his own Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. He was tossed into the sky together with the seven-color Lotus Flower’s flame.

Even now, the seven-colored radiance on the abyssal Sage King’s head flickered a few times. His face was in agony before his dark blue radiance drowned out the seven-colored radiance.

The seven-color Lotus Flower’s flame burned him until he finally struggled free from the Indefinite Storm. It only took two breaths when he cut off a part of himself. In any case, he was apparently injured.

He never expected to be suffering from injuries that were even more severe than being blasted by the Eternal Heaven earlier.

The flame was certainly of a high rank. The wound on his chest was so deep that one could see something similar to a human’s skeleton. It was as difficult to heal as Tang Wulin’s wound which was inflicted by the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss earlier. He was incapable of healing his wound for the time being.

More importantly, the abyssal Sage King’s divine consciousness was injured to a certain extent. It was his greatest loss.

Due to the lack of a Godhood tablet, he had yet to create the Divine Realm. His divine consciousness had been accumulated through countless years before the Divine Realm was created. The injury to his divine consciousness was a crushing blow to him. It would substantially affect his rank in the Divine Realm in the future.

“How dare you injure me?” The abyssal Sage King was furious. He stabbed the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss toward Tang Wulin and projected countless radiance which enshrouded Tang Wulin from all directions. It seemed as though he could only vent the hatred in his heart by tearing apart his opponent completely.

Tang Wulin was calm and composed at the moment. The more dire the situation was, the calmer he needed to be. His only disappointment was that the seven-color Lotus Fire’s flame did not burn for a longer period of time before it was extinguished. When he was repulsed earlier, he took a glance at the motif on his hand and noted that the seven-color Lotus Flower’s design had faded. He could not conjure the flame again regardless of how hard he tried. Apparently, he could only utilize it for a short time.

He truly regretted it. He did not expect the seven-color Lotus Flower’s flame to be so effective such that it could even injure the abyssal Sage King’s divine consciousness. Otherwise, he would definitely look for a better opportunity to utilize it.

Due to the urgency of the situation earlier and the assault of the abyssal legion, he had utilized it immediately. However, he did not manage to injure the abyssal Sage King severely.

At present, Tang Wulin controlled his Dragon God’s body to shrink as he was confronted by the all-encompassing Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ attack. The Sea God’s Trident projected halos once again. In the next moment, he unleashed the Indefinite Storm.

The two great divine halberds continued to encircle and collide into each other. The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’s sharp aura made Tang Wulin feel suffocated. Wounds began to appear on his body as he bled profusely from his seven bodily orifices.

However, he relied on his God-ranked body and the elevation from the Dragon God Transformation to withstand the attack by force.

When the abyssal Sage King’s attack weakened slightly, his wounds were fully healed under the illumination of the Ancient Life Tree.

At present, Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena managed to restrain the abyssal Sage King through their joint effort. At the same time, the action on the battlefield was in full swing.

Mankind’s side was well prepared in their battle formation. As they were confronted by the abyssal legion, the federal military powerhouses leaped into the sky in succession to engage the formidable enemies.

A green-blue radiance was seen circulating in the Azure Oxpython’s huge eyes. He swayed his body once and he transformed into a gigantic python over a thousand meters in length. It had the head of an ox and the body of a python. It slithered toward the resurrected number two most powerful creature from the abyss, the abyssal Spirit Dragon King, the Spirit Monarch.

Despite the Spirit Monarch’s resurrection, he was slightly different from before. He was no longer god-ranked, but he was still at the peak just below the God rank. He was well-matched against his opponent Da Ming. He relied on his powerful control ability to fight against Da Ming.

On the other hand, Er Ming engaged the Intense Monarch. Without the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss, the Intense Monarch’s abilities were weakened substantially. He was suppressed by Er Ming in a frontal collision.

The collaboration of Da Ming and Er Ming made up for the loss of a few quasi gods. Based on their cultivation bases, Da Ming’s cultivation base was no less inferior to the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie. In fact, he might even have surpassed Chen Xinjie. Er Ming’s abilities were equally powerful. The two great Beast Gods managed to stop the opposing side’s two most powerful Monarchs.

The rest of the powerhouses engaged with their opponents. All at once, both sides engaged in violent collisions.

Loud booms were heard, and all of mankind’s soul cannons and weapons were operating at full blasts. Piercing explosion noises and deafening booming sounds echoed throughout the entire scene.

The number of abyssal creatures was truly immense. It was as mentioned by the abyssal Sage King. When his body was brought to the Douluo Continent, the most crucial factor was to minimize the suppression by the lord of the Douluo Continent plane over the abyssal passage. Under such circumstances, all the constraints would disappear. It would allow the abyssal plane to bring the abyssal creatures to this world with minimal obstruction.

The abyssal Sage King spared no effort in using the abyssal energy to resurrect the numerous abyssal creatures. At present, more than half of the one hundred and eight levels of the abyss were damaged. However, almost all the powerhouses which represented the one hundred and eight levels initially had been resurrected. Thus, mankind’s legion was under tremendous pressure.

It was especially difficult for them after losing the long-range artillery fire reinforcements from the sea. The artillery fire was inadequate. The collisions between the powerhouses were still holding out. Mankind’s side had sent out powerhouses from Shrek Academy, the Spirit Pagoda, the War God Hall, and all the large reclusive clans. They should be fine for the time being. However, they were losing ground in the overall battle. A few of the defense lines had been breached. The constant reinforcement of the War God Hall’s powerhouses from the Tang Sect managed to make the defense lines last longer.

At present, the federal military was mostly lacking in large-scale lethal weapons.

For safety reasons and the endurance of its forces, they were advancing and retreating with caution. The vast majority of the fixed soul ammunition-type equipment were installed in the three great fleets. However, the three great fleets had been destroyed by the abyssal Sage King which resulted in the shortage of large-scale attack weapons on mankind’s side.

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