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The Crazy One Has Gone

The scenes of the past kept appearing in his mind. On the other hand, the woman who had such an ardent belief and spirited enthusiasm in soul technology research was gone.She was not able to launch the Eternal Heaven cannon. As a result, she chose to use her body to bear the Eternal Heaven and converted herself into a real Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition. She sacrificed her life to unleash the most powerful weapon produced by mankind’s soul technology on the abyss.

Anyhow, she made herself into the Eternal Heaven. It was precisely her hard work and effort which allowed the Eternal Heaven to be unleashed a second time. At this juncture of the final battle, the blast was indeed crucial for mankind’s legion.

The Tang Sect’s soul weapon research center’s director, Ling Zichen had fallen!

A blazing hot radiance filled the entire abyssal passage. Due to the intense brightness, the federal military could not see what happened in the terrifying huge explosion. Only the incandescent radiance filled their visual field.

The violent wave from the blast swept across the scene. As the federal military was not that far away from the epicenter, they swayed despite the protective shield.

It was mankind’s ultimate weapon after all!

The frontline army and the people who were cheering for them fell silent for a moment.

The federal parliament received a report from the frontline the next moment regarding the situation.

She had turned herself into a bomb and launched herself with the Eternal Heaven at the enemy. She was unflinching in the face of death!

The explosion lasted more than ten minutes before the piercing radiance faded away. The Eternal Heaven was known as a Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition because its power could truly rival Godhood!

It was the most powerful out of the three Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions. The explosion of the Eternal Heaven produced a power that was a few times more powerful than the light band earlier.

Tears filled the brim of Tang Wulin’s eyes. His body was shaking ever so slightly while his lips were tightly pursed. There was only one thought in his mind now. ‘I won’t let Ling Zichen die for nothing!’

“Let’s go.” Tang Wulin called out. He tugged the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena’s hand. Both of them rose into the sky simultaneously. They charged straight toward the fiery light with the dual golden and silver-colored radiances before the explosion had even subsided.

The air lost oxygen due to the intense burning, and it turned blazing hot. It became a prohibited zone for mankind, but Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena just threw themselves into it without hesitation.

Their minds were connected. Two light rays shot out from their palms separately. Those were precisely the Golden Dragon Spear and the Silver Dragon Spear. The two great divine weapons dived into the intense explosion with a dazzling radiance.

All at once, Tang Wulin’s and Gu Yuena’s bodies turned blazing hot. Immeasurable energy flowed into their bodies instantly. It was the devourment from the two great divine weapons.

There was no other weapon that could deliver a crushing blow to the abyssal creatures. Even the king-ranked and monarch-ranked powerhouses were incapable of withstanding the Eternal Heaven’s power.

After three days of adjustments and resurrections, a large number of the abyssal creatures were resurrected with the abyssal Sage King’s support. The creatures were surging out at that very moment. At the same time, the Eternal Heaven descended upon them. Just imagine the number of abyssal creatures which were pulverized by the Eternal Heaven’s explosion.

Even the abyssal passage could only devour and absorb a limited amount of abyssal energy in the unexpected massive explosion. Even the abyssal Sage King was engrossed in the explosion’s epicenter to worry about anything else in the meantime.

The Golden Dragon Spear and the Silver Dragon Spear dived into the explosion’s epicenter under such circumstances. A large amount of abyssal energy was devoured and absorbed by the spears before being channeled back to Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena.

Their powers were elevated substantially at once. The most obvious change was that the Ancient Life Tree’s projection in the distance became more distinct. An even richer life source was unleashed to enshroud the land.

“Roar, roar, roar…” A wild, raging roar was heard soon after two piercing, loud booms were heard. Two light rays shot backward. They were precisely the two divine spears.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena retracted their divine weapons. Later, a light ray surged from the epicenter of the explosion.

“All of you must die! All of this must be destroyed.” The abyssal Sage King was obviously in a rather shabby state. His long hair hung down loosely behind his back. He was no longer the immaculate person he was earlier. He had a calm and handsome face initially, but now, his face had a few wounds to it. His clothes were ripped as well.

Apparently, he was seriously injured in the epicenter of the explosion caused by the terrifying weapon, the Eternal Weapon despite his superior abilities.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena unleashed the Dragon God Transformation without any hesitation once again.

The golden color fused with the silver color. Piercing flares burst out. The two silhouettes coincided. At present, the Dragon God’s aura was more powerful than the previous release on the battlefield earlier.

Tang Wulin transformed himself into the overbearing Dragon God. The Silver Dragon Spear and the Golden Dragon Spear surged skyward before transforming into two radiances which spun around his body akin to two circling satellites. The Golden Dragon Spear stabbed into the air. At once, a mighty torrent of energy burst forth to engulf the abyssal Sage King.

Fire spewed forth from the abyssal Sage King’s eyes. He was obviously infuriated beyond reason. He never expected to be injured on the Douluo Continent plane.

He had always treasured his body. In order to further elevate himself to the Godking realm, his body was crucial to achieving his objective. The injury would certainly delay his ambition to become the God King. In fact, he might not be able to achieve the perfect form. How could he refrain himself from getting mad?

Moreover, the Golden Dragon Spear and the Silver Dragon Spear had devoured a large amount of abyssal energy earlier. He could only watch helplessly as they completed the process when he was distracted. The abyssal energy was considered a portion of the abyssal Sage King. When the abyssal energy was being devoured, his power would weaken as well.

He came to the Douluo Continent, so he could devour all the life force here and use the Douluo Star as the foundation for his Divine Realm. At present, he had yet to devour much of the Douluo Continent’s life force. On the contrary, he lost quite a large amount of his abyssal energy which infuriated him even more.

He had lost his mood of playing a cat catching a mouse. Currently, he could only think of destroying everything before him and devouring all that this plane could offer as quickly as possible.

The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was stabbed forward brazenly. The mighty torrent of energy was stopped short immediately. At his rank, it was no longer important for him to unleash his soul skills. What mattered most were absolute speed with absolute power.

The abyssal Sage King swayed his body once, and he was before Tang Wulin. The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was swung brazenly at Tang Wulin’s head.

Tang Wulin lifted the Sea God’s Trident in his hand while his body swerved to the side simultaneously. Having learned from his previous experience, he would never expose his body to the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ radiance again.

“Clang…” A piercing sound was heard. Tang Wulin retreated abruptly. He was, however, not blasted away by the impact like he was previously.

Nine-colored scales were seen glimmering on Tang Wulin’s body. The scales appeared to be reflective mirrors. Not only that, a peculiar golden glow could be seen all over his body. The golden radiance gushed out making his body fall back. At the same time, it managed to fend off a part of the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ radiance. In addition, it further enhanced Tang Wulin’s power tremendously.

When he swung the golden trident, the golden glow moved to his arm. On the other hand, when he fell back from the impact, the golden glow covered his body to minimize the repercussions resulting from the collision. It was truly intriguing.

The breakthrough of the Golden Dragon King’s sixteenth layer seal signified that Tang Wulin had gained an eighth golden soul ring. At the same time, the eighth soul ring gave him the ability, which belonged to the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power, known as the Golden Waterfall!

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