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Forbid One World, Dragon Emperor Shine

The halos appeared to be enshrouding a small area, but the Demon Empress felt as though the pressure was exerted from both the sky and the ground. It felt as if the sky and ground had formed a ring which encircled her entire world.In the next moment, her body was frozen still, while she appeared to not have fled at all in spite of her earlier attempt to flee.

The Dragon God Tang Wulin remained standing before her and the distance between them remained the same. It seemed that nothing had changed at all.

The surroundings turned pitch black soon after. The Demon Empress felt as if she had been brought to a different world. There was no land nor sky. In fact, not even a star could be seen.

There was only that huge, lofty silhouette standing before her. She could only see the entity which was illuminated by a nine-color radiance.

She was seemingly in the Dragon Clan’s world when a deep dragon’s roar reverberated in all directions.

“Forbid One World!” A deep voice was heard echoing through the pitch black world. The Demon Empress could still feel her god-ranked power, yet she was incapable of unleashing it at all.

“Dragon Emperor Shine!”

Tang Wulin raised the Sea God’s Trident high up with his hand.

The Dragon Emperor Die and the Dragon Emperor Shine were the final two moves of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law that he learned during the Sea God Nine Examinations.

Even though Tang Wulin had suppressed the Demon Empress’ cultivation base, he had no qualms about it.

The dazzling nine-color radiance set off the equally brilliant golden radiance’s outburst.

The pitch black world suddenly turned into a vast expanse of white. The Demon Empress felt her body lightening. She did not feel any pain, although everything around her was being stripped away.

‘Is… Is this how it feels like to die?’

The corners of her lips curled into a bitter smile. All kinds of muddled thoughts began to clutter her mind.

She remembered vividly the time when she was young, when she was still a naive little whale. She met her husband when they were growing up and wandered about the sea.

At the time, they were pursued by the tiger sharks. They had a narrow escape by hiding in a sunken ship.

Following that, they were together all the time. Her husband was bloodthirsty. He strengthened himself by devouring other sea creatures. The sea creatures naturally became her food as well.

Gradually, they lost their natural enemies in the sea. Her husband killed almost the entire tiger shark clan which had tried to kill them in the past.

She remembered the both of them wandering about in the sea for three whole days without ever encountering any living sea creatures. Her husband was indeed the true overlord of the sea.

It was also around this time when a human appeared and everything changed soon after. Her simple life was ruined. She never thought about how her husband’s massacre would affect the sea. She naively assumed it was enough for her to be with her husband as he could protect her.

Unfortunately, her husband died that very day. Although he left his energy core to her, she began to face the sea world by herself from that day on.

She lived in resentment and pain which she subdued by continuing with the massacres. Later, she went crazy till she lost control of her emotions. In fact, she was no longer content to just kill in the sea. She even refused to let the land creatures get off scot-free.

Following that, she was lured in by the evil soul masters to become the Holy Spirit Cult’s Demon Empress.

She knew that the Ghost Emperor was exploiting her power. In reality, she was but a puppet to them, but it did not bother her. So what if she was treated as such? She was content as long as she could seek revenge on mankind.

The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array made her into a true god at last. It gave her the ability to seek revenge on mankind and caused an upheaval in their world. She did not expect the process to last such a short while in her wildest dreams.

‘Has it ended?’ Just as her husband had died in Tang Wulin’s father’s hand, the Demon Empress could not break free from the Sea God’s Trident.

If she had the chance to do it again, she would advise her husband not to slaughter the innocent and become a sea soul beast which was not abandoned by the Sea God. In that case, perhaps they could live a happy life.

The darkness between the sky and ground was not only felt by the Demon Empress, but every living person on the scene.

The Forbid One World was the imprisonment of an entire plane. It imprisoned not only Thule. A major portion of the Douluo Continent was enshrouded in darkness. Even for the areas which were not enshrouded, there was a short period of darkness.

Undoubtedly, it was the most powerful attack of Tang Wulin. It was an attack delivered in the Dragon God state.

When the sky finally cleared, Tang Wulin had already landed and returned to his prior appearance of holding hands with Gu Yuena. He did not feel weak at the moment. Only the Golden Dragon King Seals inside his body were restless.

‘So that’s how it feels like to be God? That feeling is very different.’

He finally understood why the Skycrosser Douluo did not regret his action before he died. It turned out that the God realm was truly enchanting.

He had no idea what the Godhood tablet was as mentioned by the Demon Empress. In any case, there were hardly any side effects after they unleashed their martial soul fusion skill. Only a large amount of his divine consciousness and soul power were consumed. Thus, he felt rather exhausted. Nevertheless, he quickly recovered when he returned to his initial form.

The Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi and the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin gazed into each other’s eyes. They could see the shock in their gazes. However, they were relieved that their concern earlier did not come true.

‘It’s great as long as you’re fine!’

When the scene regained its prior clarity, Tang Wulin, Gu Yuena, and also the Demon Empress were already on the ground under the watchful eyes of everyone.

The Demon Empress sat quietly. Her long hair had turned gray. In fact, her face was aging rapidly.

Her aura remained at the true God rank, yet her gaze had weakened. It was as if she had lost her soul.

Under the attack of the Dragon Emperor Shine, her divine consciousness had been churned into shreds. Her life core was completely destroyed while her life force was slowly disintegrating. It was a process that even a god could not reverse.

The Dragon Emperor Die and the Dragon Emperor Shine were divine skills. Moreover, it was unleashed by Tang Wulin in the Dragon God form.

In an area nearby, the remaining abyssal creatures were dead silent. They had yet to free themselves from the world imprisonment state. There were many abyssal creatures, but not a sound was to be heard.

Tang Wulin raised the Sea God’s Trident in his hand slowly. Even if he did not do a thing, the Demon Empress would certainly die. She had lost her divine consciousness which meant she was no different from a retard. Her soul was dead already.

Nonetheless, the act of terminating her final wisp of life source would signify the end of the war. It was time to counterattack the abyssal plane!

“No! I beg of you!” Meanwhile, a sorrowful cry was heard. A silhouette came shooting over from the distance.

The voice sounded rather familiar to Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena such that they were caught in a daze for a brief moment.

In an instant, the silhouette was before the Demon Empress. It opened its arms and used its body to shield the Demon Empress.

It was a woman. Her long, blue hair hung down loosely behind her back in a mess. She appeared exquisite, but her face was drenched in tears. Her entire body was shivering, but her open arms were firm.

“Please, I beg of you. Her soul is already ruined by you, please let her keep her body.”

The woman looked rather familiar, yet Tang Wulin could not place her. Yet, for reasons unknown, she gave Tang Wulin a familiar feeling.

“You’re… Lan Fozi?” asked Gu Yuena in astonishment.

Lan Fozi’s voice sounded shaky. She looked at Gu Yuena with a complicated gaze. The two people before her were the people whom she had loved in the past.

When she first watched the video of Gu Yuena, she thought she was in love with the Silver Dragon Princess. Hence, she took part in the Joust For A Spouse Festival without the slightest hesitation. It turned out she met Tang Wulin in the Joust For A Spouse Festival instead.

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