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Transformation And Descent Of The Dragon God

The martial soul fusion skill of two great Limit Douluos? What kind of power would that be?Finally, there was a change in the Demon Empress’ expression. Her earlier confidence turned into astonishment. Apparently, she had not expected the sudden change in the situation.

She was on her guard when Gu Yuena killed the Spirit Monarch earlier. However, she assured herself that she had achieved the true God realm which made her different from the Spirit Monarch.

The situation was different at present. She was certain that the martial soul fusion skill of these two people definitely defied the heavens. In that case, the soul skill would at least elevate them to the god rank temporarily.

‘I can’t allow them to complete the martial soul fusion skill.’

The Demon Empress immediately launched an attack after a momentary loss of attention. A purple-gold radiance condensed and gushed out from her body to blast toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena. The Demon Empress had exhausted all her energy in this attack. It was not to hurt nor kill them but to interrupt the fusion of their martial soul skills.

Nonetheless, could the fusion between the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King be interrupted? It was definitely a no!

The purple-gold radiance came straight at them. Tang Wulin who was engaged in the fusion process raised his hand slowly. The Sea God’s Trident in his hand was swung to carve out a light arc. It enshrouded the purple-gold radiance and guided it to the side. Meanwhile, Gu Yuena had completely transformed into a silver radiance. She then fused into his body.

The two coiling giant dragons behind them slowly merged to become a colossal giant dragon covered in nine-colored scales and was filled with boundless overbearingness.

The giant dragon’s eyes were crystal clear and glimmering in a dazzling gold color. Each piece of the nine-colored scales on its body was oval-shaped. They were no longer scales but more of nine-colored jewels which were encrusted to its body.

It was hovering quietly over there. Nevertheless, it exuded a feeling of fear which terrorized all who were present at the scene. All the soul masters who had beast martial souls felt like worshipping the dragon.

It was the Dragon God Transformation!

Gu Yuena and Tang Wulin had fused and utilized the Dragon God Transformation once in the past when they resisted the abyssal Sage King’s attack on the snow mountains. It was an extremely exhausting process for them during that occasion. Under those conditions, it was impossible for them to express the true power of the Dragon God Transformation at the time.

At the moment, they were standing at the pinnacle of mankind. They had finally possessed bodies with adequate physical endurance. When the Dragon God Transformation was unleashed, it was different altogether this time around.

A nine-colored radiance instantly appeared in the sky. The sound of thunderclaps filled the sky as if a lightning calamity was about to descend at any moment.

Yet, the Dragon God raised its head and gave out a dragon’s roar.

The dragon’s roar was not particularly loud, yet its voice had a lofty, inviolable overbearingness to it.

A ghastly scene appeared. The calamity cloud in the sky dispersed immediately. In fact, there were no lightning strikes even.

Upon Gu Yuena’s disappearance, the Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor on Tang Wulin’s body transformed soon after. The battle armor seemed to have completely fused with his body. It gradually turned into a magnificent-looking robe with a crown shimmering in a nine-colored radiance.

Tang Wulin felt he was subliming continually. The feeling now was completely different when compared to the time he briefly achieved the god rank earlier.

He used the Sea God’s Trident to achieve the god rank temporarily which applied only to his soul skill. At the moment, he had the same feeling as when his body achieved the god rank.

The first feeling he had was of dominion over all living creatures! His perception and sensation began to spread out toward the distance. In fact, he could vaguely feel a familiar aura in the distant sea watching the battlefield here. It seemed to be the devil soul of the great white shark king to which he had made a promise during the Sea God Nine Examinations in the past.

However, his feeling of the Demon Empress before him was totally different. She might have appeared as a beautiful woman earlier, but she was now a filthy entity with a foul aura whose whole body emitted impurities.

Tang Wulin felt disgusted and despised her from the bottom of his heart. He frowned ever so slightly.

The nine-colored brilliance which spurted from his body dissolved the remnants of the purple-gold radiance and instantly purified the surroundings.

“Rank-3 Godhood!” The Demon Empress could not help saying, “That’s impossible, that’s impossible. How can you possibly possess the Godhood tablet? The Divine Realm is gone, how can you possibly do that?”

Tang Wulin looked at her with a calm gaze. Actually, he had no idea what she was talking about in regards to the rank-3 Godhood. However, he clearly felt that something was about to return soon. The three remaining Golden Dragon King Seals inside his body were shaking violently as if something was going to break free inside. He needed to focus his attention to suppress it.

Tang Wulin vaguely felt that if he allowed the final three Golden Dragon King Seals to open inside his body, it would certainly result in an exceedingly terrifying event.

“Control your emotions. Don’t be influenced by the Golden Dragon King’s emotions. Otherwise, they won’t be the ones to destroy the world but you.” Tang Wulin heard Gu Yuena’s voice in his mind. At the same time, Tang Wulin felt the cold radiating from the Ice God Pearl which protected his divine consciousness.

The Ice God Pearl’s rank seemed to be much higher than she had imagined. The aura it emitted at present was obviously as powerful as a divine weapon.

The Sea God’s Trident was raised slowly to point at the Demon Empress. “It’s time to end this.”

Tang Wulin startled himself when he spoke. He just realized that his voice had changed. It had a heavy, overbearing tone that seemed to have a control over everything.

The Demon Empress’ expression revealed her alarm in the situation. “That’s impossible, that’s impossible.” She never expected Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena to produce such a transformation. The pressure of a dictator made her feel suffocated.

It was precisely because she was at the true god rank that she felt it even more.

The ranks of Godhood in descending order were: Godking, rank-1 Godhood, rank-2 Godhood, rank-3 Godhood, and God Officer.

One must possess the Godhood tablet in order to achieve Godhood in its truest sense.

Obviously, the Demon Empress did not possess the Godhood tablet. Hence, she could remain in this world. On the other hand, her abilities only rivaled a God Officer at best.

However, the Dragon God transformed from the fusion between Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena achieved the aura of a rank-3 Godhood. More importantly, the Demon Empress felt that the Godhood tablet truly existed in them! It was the most frightening part for her. Although the Godhood tablet was incomplete, the stress was real.

At the Godhood rank, the differences between each rank were poles apart.

“End it.” Tang Wulin did not speak further. He felt the plane had begun to repulse his presence. Even without the calamity cloud, the entire plane seemed to have become his enemy. It was the Nature’s Child aura inside his body which had neutralized a portion of the repulsion such that he could sustain longer.

The Sea God’s Trident was stabbed forward once again. The sky and the ground changed colors. He did it without reservation. He knew his current realm had overridden the Demon Empress, yet he unleashed his most powerful ability.

The nine-colored halos floated outward to enshroud the Demon Empress from both sides. It was precisely his divine skill, the Indefinite Storm.

The Demon Empress’ body turned purple-gold instantly. The purple-gold radiance spurted to the front, while her body retreated at lightning speed in an attempt to escape.

She only had one chance to win which is by leaving the place until Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena ended their current state. She was well aware that Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena’s temporary elevated state could not last for a long time.

Thus, she would wait until their martial soul fusion skill ended. She would then kill them when they were in their weakened state.

Though her imagination was splendid, the reality turned out to be cruel.

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