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The Terror Befalls

No matter how reluctant she was to acknowledge the fact, she was surprised to find that Gu Yuena no longer impressed her at the end of the Joust For A Spouse Festival. She thought that she liked women all this while. She suddenly realized that a man’s silhouette was entrenched in her heart.However, she could not reveal her background to him now.

It was because she was the daughter of the Holy Spirit Cult’s Demon Empress. She was the only child of the deep sea devil whale king, which was killed by Tang San in the past, and the Demon Empress!

Although she was from the Holy Spirit Cult, Lan Fozi was kind and good-natured. She had tried to persuade her mother more than once, but the Demon Empress was already insane by then. She wanted to leave her mother, yet she could not bear to part with her. Meanwhile, she grew up under such circumstances, as she watched her mother regress day by day.

She was weak, but she understood her mother’s decadence. Also, she missed her father dearly. Regardless of how ruthless the deep sea devil whale king was, he treated both the mother and daughter very well.

When the Demon Empress initiated the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array, she attempted to stop her mother once. In fact, she even helped Tang Wulin in secret. Nevertheless, she could not change everything by herself.

She had hidden herself amongst the crowd of the Holy Spirit Cult. She was at a loss as to what to do. She was in so much pain that she wished she could just die when she heard Tang Wulin announced that he was the son of the Sea God Tang San.

She never suspected the man whom she had fallen in love with to be the son of her father’s murderer.

The hatred for her father’s killer was irreconcilable! At that very moment, Lan Fozi realized that she could never possibly be with him.

The great battle had finally arrived, yet she felt depressed. On the one hand was her mother, while on the other was the man she loved. She had no idea whom she should pray for.

She wanted to stop them, yet who was she to stop them?

When her mother’s aura began to disperse, she struggled free from the Forbid One World with great effort and charged out desperately from among the crowd toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena.

“She’s my mother.” Lan Fozi looked at Tang Wulin bitterly. At the moment, there was only him in her eyes.

Tang Wulin’s gaze became focused. “You’re the daughter of the Demon Empress?”

They were competitors in the Joust For A Spouse Festival in the past, and they once fought side by side in the Ten Thousand Beast Platform. Tang Wulin had found out that Lan Fozi was a woman. At present, it was his first time to see her dressed in a female outfit. Hence, he did not immediately recognize her.

“Yes, I am. Kill me, or let me leave with my mother’s body.” Lan Fozi’s gaze looked a little awkward.

Due to his status in mankind’s legion, she knew that Tang Wulin could not possibly let her mother off even though her mother’s soul was already dead. If it was possible to resurrect the God-ranked Demon Empress, it would cause the destruction of the entire world.

She had already taken it into account when she charged out from the crowd. Since there was nothing she could do to change the situation, she decided to accompany her mother then. Perhaps, it would be best for her to die in the hands of the only man she had ever loved.

Tang Wulin frowned ever so slightly. “Make way.”

It was their encounter in the past that Tang Wulin knew Lan Fozi was inherently good-natured. She was not an evil soul master which Tang Wulin could attest to.

He finally understood why the abilities utilized by Lan Fozi during the battles in the past were similar to the powers of the sea. It turned out that she was from the deep sea devil whale clan and could very well be the last surviving deep sea devil whale.

Lan Fozi shook her head. “Will you make way if you were in my place and someone is going to kill your mother? I know she has made many mistakes in her life and you won’t ever forgive her. I don’t have the audacity to ask for forgiveness. Kill me. I can only beg of you to let me accompany my mother in death.”

Tang Wulin frowned deeply. Although he could not determine whether Lan Fozi was innocent, he could not bear to kill her even if he had to.

Gu Yuena understood his temperament naturally. She raised the Silver Dragon Spear slowly. “Lan Fozi, you should know that this battle is related to the survival of the continent. We can’t…”

Lan Fozi did not look at her as she remained staring at Tang Wulin. “I can only beg of you to let me die in your hands. It’s now or never, and I need to say some things out loud. Tang Wulin, in spite of the denials in the depths of my heart, I really do love you.”

As soon as those words were spoken, Tang Wulin was stunned. So was Gu Yuena by his side.

Tang Wulin immediately recalled how the Holy Spirit Douluo once told him that Lan Fozi liked him in the past. At the time, he did not pay too much attention to it. He did not expect his godmother’s prophecy to come true.

Under the scrutiny of the people, Tang Wulin heaved a sigh. “Why are you doing this to yourself?” The Sea God’s Trident in his hand was raised slowly.

He could not wait any longer as he could not confirm the possibility of the Demon Empress being resurrected.

Lan Muzi had sacrificed his life to warn them of a conspiracy. Killing the Demon Empress was perhaps the only way to stop the conspiracy. He knew he could not allow himself to be soft-hearted this time. Any sign of weakness could possibly be a huge mistake which would affect the lives and deaths of mankind!

Nonetheless, it was just the way he was. He could not bring himself to use the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand.

Gu Yuena looked at Lan Fozi and shook her head gently. She could not refrain herself from thinking about Qiangu Dieting. Although she loathed the man, she knew Qiangu Dieting truly loved her. Was Lan Fozi not like Qiangu Dieting? She could not stop herself even if it meant she was seeking her own doom.

There was nothing wrong with loving a person.

“Poof…” The sound of a sharp blade cutting into flesh was heard.

Lan Fozi’s face was abruptly frozen with grief. Her life source poured out instantly, while the expression on her face was one of astonishment.

She lowered her head slowly and looked incredulously at the wound on her chest.

A long, slender palm was in her.

The thing that had pierced through her body was not the Sea God’s Trident nor the Silver Dragon Spear. It came from behind her, and the only person behind her was her mother. It was the Holy Spirit Cult’s Demon Empress!

“Don’t make things difficult. Our time is up already. We’re going to die anyhow. What difference does it make between a moment sooner or an instant later?” An icy cold voice tainted with ghastliness was heard. It was difficult to tell whether it was a male or female voice. Everything in the surroundings changed the moment the voice was heard.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena felt an ineffable aura blowing against their faces. Tang Wulin immediately shielded Gu Yuena behind him. A gush of strong force blasted their bodies.

Lan Fozi’s pierced body was withering slowly before turning into a life force which was devoured completely. At the same time, the Demon Empress behind her had a ghastly expression on her face.

“It has been six thousand years and I’ve finally succeeded. Very well. I’m finally here and this world is filled with life sources. This is the world that I want. I will become the God King after devouring this place.”

The Demon Empress’ gray hair began to transform into a crystal-clear white. Her body changed gradually as well. She finally turned into a man.

His face was handsome with a fair complexion. There was a pair of eyes which was completely black with no whites and seemed as deep as the abyss.

His fingers were long, slender, and tainted with Lan Fozi’s blood. The blood had vanished completely after being absorbed into his skin. His long, black robe covered his entire body. Connected to his wide shoulders was his gigantic black cape which stretched to the back endlessly.

He waved his hand at an area nearby. At once, a stream of blue-purple radiance flashed and landed on his palm. It was precisely the super divine weapon, the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss which had dropped to the ground earlier after the Intense Monarch’s death.

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