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Flying Flaming Phoenixes

“Fight!” A deep shout was heard that jolted him from his thoughts back to reality. Qiangu Dongfeng turned his head to the side and met his father’s ferocious gaze.Qiangu Dieting seemed to be questioning Qiangu Dongfeng, ‘Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?’

Qiangu Dongfeng took a deep breath. He knew now was not the time to ponder. Instead, he could wait till the war had ended before he figured his next move. As for Gu Yuena, he only hoped that she would give due consideration to her past relationship with Zhangting. If only Zhangting had married her or, even better, if they had a child, then all the current issues would no longer be issues anymore.

“Boom…” A ball of radiance exploded ferociously which drew Qiangu Dongfeng’s attention.

He watched in astonishment as the two silhouettes surged straight into the epicenter of the explosion in the sky.

Those were two enormous phoenixes. One was incandescent with piercing flames burning all over its body, while the other was pitch black and burning with black flames.

Both phoenixes shot straight into the sky. They unleashed their flares and counterattacked one another as they flew.

Since the beginning of this war, the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo and the Darkness Phoenix Douluo were adversaries. They were both equally matched. The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo could only suppress her younger sister a little. At the same time, she showed some mercy to the Darkness Phoenix Douluo. Thus, it was tough for her to win despite having the upper hand in her abilities obviously.

At the moment, she had no choice but to release her martial soul avatar too when her sister unleashed hers. They took to the sky together.

From below, Qiangu Dongfeng saw an inconspicuous ray of dark red radiance on the Darkness Douluo’s back. He was startled and felt compelled to warn the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo.

Nonetheless, it was during this exact moment when he suddenly thought of something. In response, he closed his gaping mouth. He turned around rapidly and charged toward the abyssal creatures in the distance.

Gu Yuena released the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand. The Spirit Monarch’s body had already turned to dust before vanishing completely. All his energy was devoured by Gu Yuena through her Silver Dragon Spear.

Suddenly, she had a bad feeling too. Although her spiritual power was not at its peak, she could still feel the things that were related to her after recovering her Divine Origin rank.

Someone was thinking of something related to her. Moreover, it was an ill-intentioned thought. She shifted her gaze to Qiangu Dongfeng who had just subconsciously charged into the battlefield.

Was it him?

All of a sudden, a sorrowful cry was heard coming from the sky. Gu Yuena raised her head and looked up at the sky to discover a shocking scene.

The two enormous phoenixes had already charged into the sky. At the same time, the incandescent fire phoenix represented by the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo had clawed the Darkness Phoenix’s chest with one of its front claws.

It appeared that the Darkness Phoenix did not do anything to resist, while the sorrowful cry came from the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu.

Just as the sisters fought at high altitudes and engaged in constant collisions, the Darkness Phoenix Douluo Leng Yulai let down her guard, all of a sudden, without warning.

At their ranks, even if Leng Yaozhu had held back her attacks, every single attack was close to the Limit Douluo rank! How could she stop herself at will?

Her phoenix’s front claw tore the Darkness Phoenix Douluo’s chest instantly.

A ray of dark red radiance flashed past and stabbed into Leng Yaozhu’s lower abdomen in the next instant following her sorrowful cry.

The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo was in immense pain and regretted hurting her younger sister by accident. How could she have expected that Leng Yulai would make a sudden move at this moment?

There was no pain, only a piercing coldness which radiated through her entire body. Her eyes widened as she stared at her younger sister. Both women regained their human forms simultaneously.

It was a short, dark red sword which stabbed into the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu’s lower abdomen. The dark red color became concentrated in every part of Leng Yaozhu’s body after she was stabbed. Later, the sword melted away.

“Hehe, hehehe!” The Darkness Phoenix Douluo Leng Yulai laughed coldly. Her laughter was filled with hatred. She glared at Leng Yaozhu with enmity.

“You’re still so soft-hearted. I knew this was going to happen. I prepared this Demon Divine Sword especially for you. It’s a one-off divine weapon. Even a fairy can’t save you now. You’re doomed, you’re doomed!”

Leng Yaozhu looked at her sister in a daze. She appeared as if she could no longer feel the pain. “Do you hate me that much?”

Leng Yaozhu replied in anger, “Yes, I hate you. I hate you so much! You took everything that was mine! It was you who made me into who I am today. It was you who made me walk the dark path. It was you, it was all you! I’m going to kill you. I’ve been thinking about killing you all this while. I hate Yun Ming, but I hate you even more. I’ve finally found the chance. I may not be able to defeat you, but I know that your hypocritical kindness will do you in. I’ve succeeded. You’re going to die in my hands at last.”

Leng Yaozhu slowly closed her eyes. She retracted her hand which had stabbed into her younger sister’s chest earlier. She did not continue to hurt Leng Yulai’s body anymore.

“Alright. Perhaps, this is considered an opportunity to free myself from the guilt. Yulai, I only wish to tell you that you’ll always be my younger sister in my heart at all times.”

The piercing incandescent flames suddenly arose from her body. Leng Yaozhu raised her hand and gently shoved Leng Yulai, who was standing in front of her, away. Although her palm penetrated Leng Yulai’s chest and had even touched her heart, she managed to stop herself in time before she unleashed an attack. Meanwhile, her own injuries that she was suffering were fatal.

The Demon Divine Sword was the most malicious weapon developed by the Holy Spirit Cult. It contained the viciousness of countless vengeful spirits which would curse and devour the victim’s soul.

Leng Yaozhu’s eyes had turned gray-white, and her life force was dwindling at a shocking rate. The Demon Divine Sword was the ultimate curse that even the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali could not overcome!

“Teacher!” Gu Yuena called out sadly. She finally made her way there and picked up Leng Yaozhu into her arms. She did not care about the incandescent flames burning on Leng Yaozhu’s body anymore.

The tears were streaming down her face profusely.

She was very dear to Leng Yaozhu ever since she was a young girl. She had been assigned to Leng Yaozhu’s charge after leaving Tang Wulin’s home. Leng Yaozhu did not have any children. Since she was not married, she treated Gu Yuena like her own daughter. Leng Yaozhu taught Gu Yuena and was always with her as she grew up.

If Tang Wulin was the first person who made Na’er feel human, then Leng Yaozhu was the first person who gave Gu Yue her human emotions.

At present, Leng Yaozhu’s life force was disappearing at a shocking rate as she lay in Gu Yuena’s arms.

Leng Yaozhu looked at Gu Yuena. She was actually smiling. “It’s fine, don’t be sad. Perhaps, this is the best possible ending for me. Actually, I’ve thought of following him after his passing. I’m one step ahead of Yali. Perhaps, I’ll be able to find him sooner. Look, he’s over there, isn’t he?”

She raised her hand and pointed to the sky.

An illusory shadow emerged soon after in the sky. A large space warped slightly when the light shadow appeared.

In the light shadow stood the young Leng Yaozhu. Her head was lowered, while she hesitated to speak. On the other hand, it was precisely the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming who stood before her.

It was her Thought Concretization!

The incandescent flames on Leng Yaozhu’s body were burning hotter and hotter. It seemed as if she wanted to unleash her final brilliance completely so as to cleanse her body and soul thoroughly.

Meanwhile, voices were heard coming from the Thought Concretization in the sky due to her full effort in burning herself.

The voices reverberated in the sky and exuded a strange ineffable feeling which drew everyone’s attention.

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