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Double Phoenix Death

“yun ming.”


“what’s going on? your excellency the heavenly phoenix, do you have something to say to me?”

“what are your plans for the future?”

the crystal clear voice echoed through the entire scene. every single person could hear it, and the darkness phoenix douluo leng yulai was no exception. when she heard the voice, her charming figure began shaking violently.

“that bastard. it was that time precisely. it was that time! how dare you project it with your thought concretization?!”

although she said that, her eyes stared straight at yun ming’s face.

meanwhile, the holy spirit douluo yali commanding the entire battlefield was caught in a daze as well. how could she refrain herself from crying profusely upon seeing yun ming?

yun ming smiled and said, “i may be traveling far away for some time. they say ‘you can learn more by traveling a thousand miles than by reading a thousand books’. i’m planning to travel to the heaven dou continent and the star luo continent as a part of my training.”

“then, how long are you going to be gone?”

“no idea. three years, maybe? or even five years, i can’t say. i’m leaving in a few days.”

“your excellency the heavenly phoenix, what’s going on with you?”

“you can call me yaozhu.”

“after all, i have liked you for so many years. or more accurately, i’ve had a crush on you for such a long time. perhaps, we don’t stand a chance to be with each other, but i don’t want you to be so distant to me either.”


“yes, i like you. i’ve loved you for a very, very long time. yun ming, i do love you. even though i’m well aware that i shouldn’t have fallen for you given the relationship between our spirit pagoda and your academy. but how can we possibly control our feelings? i have already liked you for many years. actually, i envy yulai sometimes. at least, she is able to express her feelings and emotions well when i can’t. i don’t have the courage to express myself because i’m not only representing myself but my clan as well.”

“if i don’t confess today, perhaps i won’t have another chance. yes, i have loved you in secret all this time. yun ming, i…”

all of a sudden, she took a step forward and threw herself into him. she wrapped her arms around him strenuously as if she was afraid that he would struggle out of her grip. she was exerting herself to the best of her abilities.

at this point, leng yaozhu’s teeth had bitten into her lip. her rage made her blood circulate faster and gush out of her chest. nevertheless, it was as if she was oblivious to the situation. she could still clearly remember that she left her hiding place after seeing this conversation. she fled from there and joined the holy spirit cult. eventually, she became one of the holy spirit cult’s four great heavenly kings of darkness!

the scene continued, and everything that happened afterward was vividly projected through the thought concretization before her eyes…

“it was worth it. thank you for not pushing me away.”

“i know and i can see that you’re in love with yali. she is genuinely the kindest woman in this world and she is worthy of your love. hence, i’m confessing to you today not because i’m hoping to get anything else out of this. i just can’t hold back anymore. i want to seize the opportunity before i turn thirty years old and while i can still muster the courage to confess the deepest thoughts in my mind. i beg you not to speak. there’s no need to reject me because i know and i understand. i really don’t want to hear that from you and i don’t need you to confirm it. please leave me with a good memory.”

yun ming heaved a sigh softly and shook his head, “why do you have to do this to yourself?”

“i said don’t speak, alright? listen to me. i will leave after i’m done with my confession.”

“yulai and i are different. her love for you is even wilder and more intense than mine. in other people’s perception, her temperament is a little extreme, yet i know that her heart is really very fragile. she was supposed to be the successor of our clan, but the elders didn’t understand her enough. i was given the position instead. her fragility needs care and love. it feels like she has turned into another person ever since you rejected her. if you can, will you please spare even a little of your love to her? she is my younger sister and i don’t want to see her continue to suffer like this. i am fine with having nothing, but i really can’t stand seeing her like this anymore.”

“you’re saying…”

leng yaozhu appeared to be a little pale. “i don’t understand why am i behaving like this, but everything i’ve told you today is my sincere confession. if you can spare a fraction of your love, please give it to yulai. i beg of you.”

the scene faded swiftly. in fact, leng yaozhu’s words near the end could not be heard clearly. at that moment, gu yuena’s sorrowful cry came from the ground.


the pure white flames vanished along with the heavenly phoenix douluo leng yaozhu’s body as well. the spirit pagoda’s deputy pagoda master, the woman that loved the atlas douluo all her life, left the world for eternity.

the holy spirit douluo yali looked at the spot in the sky where the images had been in a daze. her heart was filled with a myriad of different emotions.

she was very jealous of the incident between yun ming and leng yaozhu in the past because yun ming once told her that leng yaozhu was a fine young maiden. she was very jealous at the time because her beloved was so incredible.

after what she had just witnessed, she finally realized why yun ming said that in the past. leng yaozhu was truly worthy of his praise!

leng yulai was also staring at that spot, dumbstruck. her entire person was levitating in the sky like a log.

no one else could compare to what she was feeling at that moment.

the scene they had just witnessed was the incident that had triggered an enduring hatred inside her and ended up destroying her life. she had never expected that this was the truth behind it all.

her elder sister had not mustered the courage to meet yun ming to confess her love to him. her elder sister did it for her. leng yaozhu was trying to give her one final chance of being with yun ming.

“how can this be? how can this be?” leng yulai shook her head wildly. she could not believe that this was the reality of it all. it was more than she could take.

she had always been under the impression that her elder sister’s kindness was feigned to curry favor with the elders of the clan and seize the position of clan master. she had always been an extremist. back when this had happened, the more she thought about it, the more she thought the worst.

whatever the case, thought concretization could not be faked, especially when it had been unleashed by her elder sister in her last moments by burning her life. her elder sister could not fabricate it even if she wanted to. all she had shown were her own memories.

all that had been revealed was telling her that she was wrong. the reason for her descent into darkness was fraudulent. everything that her elder sister did was done for her.

a wisp of sorrow emerged on leng yulai’s face. she suddenly let out a sigh as she looked in the direction where the incandescent flames vanished from the ground. “this is my reply to you.”

as she spoke, a puff of bright purple flames began to rise from her body abruptly before transforming into incomparably strong flares burning violently. in an instant, the darkness phoenix douluo was also burning into ashes.

once again, the sky warped and more glowing images appeared. it was another thought concretization.

they could all see two little girls chasing after one another on a huge, grassy plain. their laughter like the chiming of bells reverberated in that lively world…

the heavenly phoenix douluo leng yaozhui and the darkness phoenix douluo leng yulai had fallen!

the siblings, the spirit pagoda’s deputy pagoda master and the darkness phoenix douluo of the holy spirit cult’s heavenly kings, died simultaneously.

it shocked every single person on the tumultuous battlefield. no one had expected that this would happen.

gu yuena’s eyes flickered with raging flames.

she had been planning to conceal herself after killing the spirit monarch earlier so she would not draw in too much attention. that being said, the heavenly phoenix douluo’s death had greatly upset her.

it was all the holy spirit cult’s fault. these people were filled with darkness.

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