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She Won!

The pitch black space exploded. It instantly drew everyone’s attention because it was such a huge explosion which affected the whole of Thule.The numerous abyssal monarch-ranked and king-ranked powerhouses felt it the most of all. They had the most profound feeling from the incident. They felt the fear originating from their bones.

The abyss was shaky and unstable due to the tremendous change! Moreover, the intensity of the change had affected the foundation of the entire abyss.

They had yet to fully grasp the gravity of the situation and was feeling the intense, lingering fear when an ominous presentiment dawned upon everyone. In the next instant, the pitch black space exploded with a loud boom.

There was utterly no need for Tang Wulin to do anything. The Golden Dragon Spear in his hand had begun to absorb the incomparably dense abyssal energy on its own.

The entire abyssal plane was shaking violently since the abyssal passage lost its ability to retract the abyssal energy. At the same time, the number of dead abyssal creatures increased substantially. The dispersed abyssal energy was obviously very strong.

The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand was getting blazingly hot from devouring a huge amount of abyssal energy in a short time.

Meanwhile, a silhouette appeared in the sky faraway.

The dazzling silver was slightly dim. When her silhouette was fully revealed, everyone’s gaze was fixed upon her. Her aura appeared slightly weak.

Nevertheless, at the end of her spear was a shrivelling corpse and her body was being infused with a gush of energy.

She had won! Tang Wulin’s spirit was lifted. Had it not been the Demon Empress’ presence which threatened him still, he would have immediately headed over to her side to protect her.

Gu Yuena turned around and looked at him with a slightly pale face. She cracked into a sweet smile which revealed her pearly whites.

Tang Wulin smiled as well. He raised the Golden Dragon Spear and gave her a big thumbs up.

Both of them exchanged glances. There was utterly no need for words. Tang Wulin’s aura burst forth instantly akin to an oil blowout. No one could rouse his morale more than Gu Yuena who had defeated the Spirit Monarch and killed him.

Gu Yuena won, so he had no worries for now. Subsequently, he understood the reason behind the violent shake which occurred in the abyssal plane earlier.

The Spirit Monarch was killed by Gu Yuena, and the second level of the abyss that belonged to the Spirit Monarch collapsed as a result. This triggered the violent change. The second level of the abyss was broken, so it affected the foundation of the entire plane! All the abyssal Spirit Dragons were killed at this very moment. The situation on the battlefield was reversed instantly.

It could be said that Gu Yuena’s act of killing the Spirit Monarch was an important milestone in this war. It indicated that the victory of this war was finally assured from this point onward!

The Demon Empress frowned deeply and her gaze was filled with shock.

Tang Wulin was already a surprise to her, and now it was Gu Yuena as well. Even though Gu Yuena appeared to be exhausted or perhaps even severely injured, she felt, for some reason, an intense uneasiness in her heart when she looked toward Gu Yuena.

Obviously, the Spirit Monarch had unleashed all his hidden abilities earlier. Furthermore, he had locked her in his space. At that very moment, the Spirit Monarch felt that the divine consciousness he unleashed had even surpassed her. Yet, it took only a short while. She had just engaged in a series of collisions with Tang Wulin over here when the Spirit Monarch was being killed on the other side.

How was that possible? What actually happened during the battle such that it resulted in the collapse of the Spirit Monarch’s clan?

The Federation’s powerhouses were unaware of the level of the Spirit Monarch. On the other hand, she knew it very well!

He was the powerful creature preceded only by the abyssal Sage King. He was also known as the abyssal sage. In addition, he was the commander who led the abyssal legion to invade mankind this time.

The Demon Empress could not figure out how the Spirit Monarch could be killed in such a quick manner. In fact, he did not even have the chance to evade the attack as the second level of the abyssal plane collapsed right away. Perhaps, even the abyssal Sage King would not be able to endure such a crushing blow.

‘Why did he get swallowed by mankind? He’s supposed to be mine!’ This was the thought on the Demon Empress’ mind. All the abyssal creatures were supposed to be the nutrient for her to construct the Divine Realm!

Thus, she was shocked and furious when she watched Gu Yuena kill the Spirit Monarch. One Spirit Monarch was equal to a third of the abyssal legion!

She looked toward Tang Wulin with an icy cold gaze. The purple-gold color around the Demon Empress’ body surged instantly. Following the sound of a long howl, she was already on the offensive akin to a flying arrowhead.

Tang Wulin used the Sea God’s Trident to draw an arc once again to brace the attack of the Demon Empress.

Tang Wulin was not the only person whose morale was elevated. All the powerhouses from the Spirit Pagoda gave out thunderous cheers when they watched Gu Yuena kill the Spirit Monarch.

Even though they had no idea who the Spirit Monarch was, they could tell that the Spirit Monarch was a highly important commander of the abyssal creatures.

Without the Spirit Monarch and those abyssal Spirit Dragons, the abyssal creatures’ overall fighting capacity was weakened substantially. More importantly, it was their Spirit Pagoda’s newly-appointed Pagoda Master who had killed the Spirit Monarch!

Perhaps, the only person in a gloomy mood was the one-armed Qiangu Dongfeng. How could he willingly accept it when Gu Yuena took over his position as the Pagoda Master? Moreover, Gu Yuena had a complete change of attitude toward him after she was appointed as the Pagoda Master. Only Qiangu Zhangting remained acting like a fool. Everyday, he followed her around like a dog.

In any case, Qiangu Dongfeng was shocked when Gu Yuena displayed her powerful abilities, especially her Divine Origin spiritual power. He knew real well that he would never get the opportunity to be the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master till eternity.

At present, she had killed the Spirit Monarch and performed a deed of lasting fame for the federal military. Her status in the military as well as the Spirit Pagoda was immediately elevated to unprecedented heights.

It was definitely propitious for the Spirit Pagoda. Gu Yuena used her performance to win over everyone and also to strengthen the Spirit Pagoda’s status on the continent. Even Shrek Academy could not possibly seek revenge from the Spirit Pagoda anymore. At best, they could only target the Qiangu Clan.

It was definitely not a good thing for Qiangu Dongfeng at all! The more impressive Gu Yuena’s performance was, the more effective she would be at showing the ex-Pagoda Master was incompetent.

What else could he do at this point? He could only complain in his heart. ‘The little girl is truly capable of concealing herself.’

He had always known that Gu Yuena’s growth rate was extremely fast and that she was a genius beyond her time. Yet, he did not expect her growth rate to be such that he would have difficulty catching up. She had achieved the Divine Origin spiritual rank and her fighting capacity had definitely attained the quasi god rank as well. He figured that even his father was not a worthy opponent of this girl anymore. She only revealed her true abilities after becoming the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master. Her ulterior motive had been concealed well.

If mankind achieved the final victory at the end of the war, perhaps the Spirit Pagoda would undergo a complete reshuffle.

Appointing Gu Yuena as the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master was a makeshift improvisation in Qiangu Dongfeng’s view. He figured that he could take back control of the Spirit Pagoda when he returned since Gu Yuena was obedient to him. Even if he were to allow her to continue as the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master, it would not make any difference if she abided by his order to carry out the tasks as ordered.

Based on the current situation, however, everything was not going according to plan. Apparently, his future plans were no longer viable.

Gu Yuena’s performance had already won over the hearts of all the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses. With Qiangu Dongfeng’s poor performance earlier, it was apparent to them whom they should support.

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