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Double Death

Chen Xinjie’s face began to transform just like Long Yeyue’s. The wrinkles on his face gradually faded and his gray hair turned black. His figure remained tall, straight, and strong but a little slimmer. He looked valiant and heroic in bearing. His eyes were filled with confidence and persistence. He appeared unstoppable at present.His eyes were pitch black as ink. His gaze was deep as he looked at her.

Yes! The first thing Long Yeyue recalled was this pair of eyes. She noticed it when she caught him staring at her.

At the time, she felt that this exchange student was so foolish, yet she found his eyes mesmerizing. His irises were most prominent. He stared at her with a deep gaze filled with passion.

There were many boys who fancied her, but none was like him. He just kept staring at her, walked as she walked, and stopped as she stopped.

He kept an eye on her long after she entered the class for lessons.

His eyes made her slightly confused and even a little embarrassed, but it was still deeply imprinted in her heart.

Actually, she was aware of everything that happened following that. She knew of the boy who especially enjoyed fighting in the academy, otherwise known euphemistically as ‘sparring’.

She once saw him when his face was bruised and swollen from the fight. Although he was defeated, Long Yeyue saw a pair of incomparably determined eyes when he stood up from the ground. It was his pair of pitch black, huge eyes which she recognized and remembered from that moment on.

Naturally, he saw her too. He watched her deeply but did not utter a word.

Later, Long Yeyue realized that the boys who showed any interest in her would be challenged. The boys would be challenged by him.

In the beginning, he was always beaten up. Yet, he would continue to challenge the other person without the slightest hesitation even after being beaten up. He would keep doing that until the other person finally surrendered to him.

In the end, there were few people who could defeat him. He would defeat all his opponents every single time.

Afterward, she heard from word-of-mouth that he would warn his rivals to stay away from her each time he beat them up.

At the time, Long Yeyue’s initial reaction was rage. How could this boy interfere with her life?

In fact, she even wanted to confront him regarding this, but he avoided her. He would only watch her from afar.

So, it happened on that very day on the Sea God Lake. It was her first time taking part in the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival after having entered the inner court recently.

He was there too. He was an exchange student from another academy, so he was not qualified to take part in the festival.

Yet, he forged ahead without the slightest hesitation. He was the first to be on the scene. In fact, he did not care that he would ruin the Date Festival just so he could confess his love for her. He was so courageous during that moment.

He did not show the slightest fear. Before everyone who attended bearing witness, he shouted, “Long Yeyue, I love you!”

In that instant, she was moved by his persistence and courage. More importantly, she loved his recalcitrance and for being unremitting and indomitable in his pursuit.

Still, she could not figure out why she would say yes to him. Then, he flew over and took her hand. They left the Sea God Lake under the watchful eyes of the others.

His grasp was especially tight. In fact, it was slightly painful for Long Yeyue. Yet, she clearly felt his intention at that very moment.

She fell in love with him from that point on. Perhaps, she had already fancied him before that.

The following year was a time that both of them remembered for the rest of their lives.

“Long Yeyue, I love you,” said Chen Xinjie while looking at her in all seriousness.

Long Yeyue stretched out her arms and wrapped around his neck. “Chen Xinjie, I love you too.

At this very moment, be it the Demon Empress or the god-ranked abyssal creatures, they were no longer important. In their eyes, there were only the both of them.

Chen Xinjie smiled. His smile was relaxed and joyous. However, his gaze froze at this very moment and could no longer change. There was only her reflection in his eyes.

Nonetheless, she did not cry. She remained holding his neck. He was incapable of floating on the sea surface as he was being carried along with her body.

She held him so tightly that there was no longer a gap between them. At the moment he left this world, he still maintained his youth form. It was his final act. He wanted to be his younger self, and he wished to be the persistent person he was in the past and to be with her.

“We can’t share a life together, but we’re destined to be together. We won’t part anymore, Xinjie. We won’t part again,” she smiled and muttered to herself. She closed her eyes, and a sorrowful dragon’s roar could be heard echoing around her body.

Two giant dragons, a black and a white, leaped into the sky. One of the dragons sounded as if it was weeping.

In the next moment, she closed her eyes and nestled in his arms. Her aura was gone.

The battlefield was no longer important to her anymore. Being responsible had given them a lifetime of troubles. She only wished to be with him at the moment.

A giant wave rose and devoured their silhouettes, leaving only the black and the white giant dragons which remained in the sky for a long time. Both dragons were whimpering and quivering in the wind.

The Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie and the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue had fallen!

On the main battlefield in the distance.

The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali suddenly felt her chest tighten for a moment. She gasped in a shock. “Elder Long!”

She had been acquainted with Long Yeyue for many years and was intimately familiar with her aura. All of a sudden, Long Yeyue’s aura vanished completely. It could only mean one thing!

How was that possible? How could the powerful Elder Long possibly have fallen just like that?

The Holy Spirit Douluo whose countenance changed abruptly influenced the others around her instantly.

It was also at this moment when the sky in the distance suddenly turned purple-gold. The color rushed toward this side akin to an incoming tide.

The terrifying purple-gold color surged tempestuously. The massive stress made all of mankind’s powerhouses on the battlefield feel suffocated.

The Spirit Monarch revealed a ferocious expression and sneered. “It’s here at last. Your doomsday is upon you.”

The battlefield on the sea was no longer important. The abyssal creatures could only be unleashed to the outside after finishing off the battle here.

The purple-gold silhouette slowly appeared on the battlefield and instantly became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Silhouettes flew out from the abyss soon after and appeared behind her. Those were the Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses who had not participated in the war earlier.

The Ghost Emperor and the Underworld Emperor followed behind the Demon Empress. Following close behind were the Holy Spirit Cult’s four great Darkness Heavenly Kings.

Altogether, the seven powerhouses advanced slowly with an aura as mighty as the Mount Taishan.

On mankind’s side, the numerous Limit Douluos gathered subconsciously. Not much later, the numerous monarch-ranked and king-ranked powerhouses from the abyss had also gathered with the people from the Holy Spirit Cult.

Just when mankind had the upper hand, the situation was reversed once again.

The Spirit Monarch looked at the Demon Empress with envy. After all, he had yet to achieve the god rank. Not that he did not stand a chance on the abyssal plane, but he was constantly being suppressed by the abyssal Sage King who stopped him from achieving the rank.

On the other hand, the Demon Empress was yet to be a Real God. However, her powers had already achieved God rank.

The Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena felt it too. Her expression changed drastically when she saw the Demon Empress standing before her.

That was God rank, the Real God rank. Even the lord of the plane could no longer suppress her powers.

“You are the Demon Empress?” asked the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali in rage. Yali could tell from how this woman dressed in a purple-gold dress and accompanied by the Ghost Emperor and the Underworld Emperor was the current dominator of the Holy Spirit Cult.

The Demon Empress said calmly, “That’s right, I am. It’s swell that all of you have gathered here today, so I can save the trouble of looking for you one by one. All of you will die today. You’ll be the human sacrifice for me to rebuild the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array.”

Yali shouted with a stern voice, “Where is Elder Long? What did you do to her?”

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