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The Return!

The Demon Empress said, “You mean the woman with the two dragons as her martial soul? She sacrificed herself together with Chen Xinjie. What a spirited woman.”“What?” The people who gasped in surprise were not only from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, but were also from the War God Hall together with the other powerhouses on the scene.

‘The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie is dead? He’s the army’s number one powerhouse and is possibly the number one powerhouse in the world too!’

Everyone’s heart sank upon recalling the massive energy storm which took place just now.

The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue’s cultivation base was only preceded by Chen Xinjie’s. Was she dead as well?

Undoubtedly, the deaths of the two great Limit Douluos affected mankind’s legion immensely.

Yali’s body was trembling slightly. She and Long Yeyue were the only living Limit Douluos from Shrek Academy! Now that Long Yeyue was dead, she was the only person left from the older generation of Shrek. How could she not be heartbroken?

The Demon Empress raised her arms slowly. The dense and heavy purple-gold radiance spread out. Even the Limit Douluos clearly felt that there was a qualitative disparity between them and the Holy Spirit Cult’s cult master.

Gu Yuena heaved a soft sigh and raised the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand. There was a determined look in her huge, purple eyes.

The dragon wings on her back flapped to propel her body forward slowly. The four-word battle armor Silver Dragon Dancing Qilin cladded to her body shimmered with radiance. Her aura soon began to elevate.

At the moment, she was the only person on the scene who could put up a fight against the Demon Empress.

The battlefield was in a momentary calmness. The abyssal legion was gathered in the area below the abyssal passage. On the other hand, mankind’s defense line was restored. In addition, the air force was watching the battle from a distance.

The huge explosion in the Northern Ocean earlier made them realize that the minority was the deciding factor between triumph and defeat in this war. Only the top-tiered powerhouses would determine the war’s outcome.

The Demon Empress finally appeared. She was certainly extraordinary and her abilities surpassed the abilities of all the Limit Douluos.

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie had died in her hand. One could only imagine how powerful she was.

On the other hand, the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena defended herself valiantly in front of the Demon Empress. Just her courage was enough to fill these people with admiration.

The reverence was displayed by the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses too.

Ever since Shrek Academy was rebuilt, they were constantly suppressed. It had been quite a long while since they felt as elated and proud as they were now.

They clearly felt that they had built up the recognition for the Silver Dragon Princess. She did what she was supposed to do as the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master!

Yali took a deep breath to calm the agony and sadness in her heart with great effort. At the moment, they were fighting for all of mankind. Being sad would not change anything. She should pull herself together and devote all her efforts to the mission.

A divine radiance shimmered in her eyes. Gu Yuena raised the Silver Dragon Spear in her hand slowly.

All of a sudden, a stream of golden radiance surged skyward in the distance.

It was an ineffable aura which spread over the entire battlefield at a neck-breaking speed.

It gave a bird’s eye view and an aura which controlled everything under the heavens. The Northern Ocean in the distance seemed to be cheering in joy upon the appearance of the golden radiance. The sound of surging waves sounded like joyous cheers anticipating the return of an individual.

On the other hand, the Demon Empress who had been icy cold and calm suddenly had a drastic change of expression upon sensing the aura.

She could not help gasping in surprise and said, “He’s back? He has actually returned for real.”

Despite the conceited and determined demeanor of the Demon Empress when she confronted the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, her heart shuddered in fear upon sensing the aura of the person who took her husband’s life twenty thousand years ago.

She now realized that the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie was not making up stories earlier. She genuinely sensed it.

The location where the gigantic golden light pillar was illuminated had a huge tree filled with a life source and glowed in a green gloss. The Life Subtree was being guarded by a large number of troops.

The golden radiance came from where the tree was located precisely.

Just like the Demon Empress had a change of expression, there was a look of momentary confusion in the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena’s eyes. However, it turned into a feeling of relief the next moment.

‘He’s back. Yes, he has returned!’

‘It can only be him who possesses such an aura!’

She felt gratified in her heart. He had finally returned at this crucial moment.

The golden radiance stopped for a moment at the Life Subtree before it shot toward the battlefield akin to a golden meteor in the next moment.

Everyone was watching the shooting golden radiance as if they were waiting for the arrival of the protagonist. In the next moment, he appeared in the center of the battlefield.

He was covered from head to toe in gold. A gentle seven-colored radiance refracted off his body. The majestic battle armor cladded over his body flickered with radiance. He was holding the Golden Dragon Spear in his right hand, while his left hand grasped the gigantic golden trident which became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Yes, he had returned! The Dragon Emperor Douluo Golden Dragon Moon Song Tang Wulin was back!

The Demon Empress was confused for a moment upon seeing the golden silhouette. The question escaped her lips when she asked, “You’re Tang San?”

As soon as the question was asked, not only was Tang Wulin stunned, but the powerhouses from both sides were equally shocked.

Tang San? The abyssal creatures were confused because they had no idea who Tang San was. As for the people from the Holy Spirit Cult and Shrek Academy, the name struck their ears like the roar of thunder.

They did not understand why the Demon Empress mentioned the name. Besides, her conversation was aimed at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was the most startled of all. No one knew of his relationship with his father, Tang San! Yet, the other person had revealed it instantly. Furthermore, he was not acquainted with this person who was from the enemy’s side.

“No, that’s not right, that’s not right.” The Demon Empress muttered to herself. Her mood went from agitation to dejection. “You’re not him. Although you have his aura, it’s not exactly the same. Moreover, you’re not as powerful as him. You’re not a god yet. You’re not him. Who are you?”

Meanwhile, the people around Tang Wulin clearly saw the changes in him.

As compared to before he went into closed-door cultivation, he now appeared even more captivating. Before this, he was already exceptionally handsome. At present, there was an added elegance to his attraction, especially his eyes. His gaze grew deeper. His eyes which were initially black were now dark blue just like the color of the deep, blue sea.

A stark transformation was the color of his hair. His jet-black hair had turned blue, and his long hair now hung loosely on his back to complement the enchanting beauty of his Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor. He was simply breathtaking. Everyone, whether male or female, was equally attracted to the sight of him.

Tang Wulin spoke in a deep voice, “I’m not Tang San. I’m Tang Wulin and I’m the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s Sect Master.”

“Tang Wulin? What’s your relationship to Tang San?” asked the Demon Empress in a stern voice.

Tang Wulin was about to speak when the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali flew over to his side. She spoke in a grief-stricken manner, “Elder Long is dead, so is the Boundless Sea Douluo. It’s her. She’s the one who killed them.”

As soon as he heard those words, Tang Wulin’s entire body shook violently beyond his control. He did not have a close relationship to the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, but he had much respect for the man. On the other hand, Elder Long was the person who had watched him grow! After the traumatic disaster which struck Shrek Academy, had it not been for Elder Long and his godmother who assisted him, Shrek would not have risen again so soon.

The Light Dark Douluo was the spiritual symbol of Shrek Academy. For Tang Wulin, she was also a teacher to him! He grew rapidly under Elder Long’s guidance. Elder Long was the true enchanted cudgel that calmed the sea.

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