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I Won’t Let You Abandon Me

Then, there was the plan. She needed to calm down in order to complete the plan. Otherwise, many things would be left undone.For this reason, the Holy Spirit Cult developed a medicine especially for her to suppress her wild emotions and spirit. The Holy Spirit Cult conspired with the Spirit Pagoda to finally get the medicine prepared. Naturally, the Spirit Pagoda had no idea what the Holy Spirit Cult concocted.

Upon watching the scene of Long Yeyue with Chen Xinjie, her mind recalled her husband in the past and her own insanity over thousands of years. For a while, she was caught in a daze as she levitated in the sky.

“I’m fine.” Chen Xinjie tried to raise his hand to caress Long Yeyue’s cheek, but he only managed it halfway before his hand dropped down.

Long Yeyue hastily grabbed his hand to place it on her cheek.

Chen Xinjie stared blankly at Long Yeyue and said softly, “Yeyue, you’re old. I’m old too…”

Tears streamed down Long Yeyue’s face profusely. “You bstrd. You’ve wronged me all my life and now you’re just going to abandon me like this? That won’t do. I won’t let you abandon me.”

Chen Xinjie heaved a soft sigh. “I’ve wronged you. The biggest mistake I made in my life was to leave you. Had I not been that stubborn, perhaps we wouldn’t be stricken by so many tragedies. My hopes were crushed when you told me about the incident the other day. I wished that I’d torn myself to pieces. Yet, I knew doing that would be meaningless.”

“When I told you the exact location of the Eternal Heaven, I’d already made up my mind not to leave you again regardless of how you treat me. I was content even if I only felt your aura from a distance. I just wanted to be your Old Chen the sweeper for the rest of my life. I want to accompany you till the end of our lives.”

“Yet, the result turned out to be contrary to my expectations. Heaven just won’t give me the time after all! Yeyue, if ever there is a next life, I promise to take good care of you and I won’t leave you for even a single step. I’ll be with you every single day, and I’ll do whatever you wish.”

“Fool, you fool.” Long Yeyue said in a sad voice, “Have you not been stubborn, persistent, and egotistical enough? Are you still the Chen Xinjie that I love? I don’t want you to be my Old Chen the sweeper. I only want to be with you! You are the deserving hero in my heart and the most outstanding soul master. I love the indomitable Chen Xinjie. Do you know that I’ve never really hated you? Actually, I was scared to meet you and that’s why I won’t meet you!”

“I felt that I’ve wronged you for not being able to bear our child. I was in so much pain after losing the child. I wanted to give birth to him so badly and take him to see you. At that time, I wouldn’t leave you even if you didn’t want to be with me. But, the child died. It was a crushing blow for me. You were at your most important phase of duty at the time. If I had come looking for you, I knew you’d return with me without the slightest hesitation. However, as the successor of your clan, as the most outstanding reserve of the army, your future would be gone if you chose to be with a high-ranking personnel from Shrek Academy. Thus, I chose not to go. Although I missed you so badly at the time, I didn’t come see you anyhow.”

“By the time your career was stable and you were finally at the peak, I got news of your marriage just when I had mustered enough courage to meet you. Do you know that I was standing amongst the guests in the distance and watching you on the day you got married? I never knew a person’s tears could flow like a river until then. Even so, I didn’t hate you that day, only that my heart died on that day.”

Chen Xinjie closed his eyes in agony as he listened to Long Yeyue’s confession.

He finally realized her true feelings at the moment. Perhaps, it was truly the difference of a day which caused them to be separated for the rest of their lives.

He had never truly loved his wife. To him, it was just a political union.

If there had been a day that Long Yeyue stood before him, even if it was the day he got married, he would have left with her without the slightest hesitation.

Yet, she did not do so for the sake of his future. Everything she did was to please him and make him the hero in her heart. Whatever she did, she felt wronged.

Chen Xinjie did not know where the strength came from, but he raised his shivering arms and hugged the woman before him tightly in his arms.

“Yeyue, Yeyue, you’re the fool! Why are you always such a fool? You’re really, really foolish!” He could not explain himself properly as his tears were flowing down his face uncontrollably. Although his body had already lost all life source and he was just relying on his Divine Origin spiritual power to stop his wisp of a soul from dispersing, he felt most unwilling to part with her at the moment.

A hundred years passed as a fleeting cloud. All his persistence could not measure up to his love at this very instant.

Long Yeyue was hugging him tightly in a similar manner. “Xinjie, would you like to see how I look in the past? Remember the first time we met?”

Chen Xinjie was stunned for a moment.

Long Yeyue smiled sweetly. In the next moment, a gentle golden radiance circulated. Her long, gray hair which hung down loosely on her shoulders turned black gradually and had extended all the way beyond her butt.

Her aged face became young again. All her wrinkles vanished without a trace. Her brows and eyes were as beautiful as in a painting, her gaze was crystal clear once again. Radiance circulated in her eyes. She was a stunning beauty.

Her tears were gone, replaced by a sweet, charming smile. Her complexion was fair, crystal clear, and supple.

She looked exquisite. She was once the number one beauty in Shrek Academy!

Chen Xinjie looked at her in a daze. She appeared to be eighteen years old at the time.

He could still remember vividly how he had looked at her when they first met. He could not shift his gaze away from her for a long time.

When he was young, his only objective was to cultivate painstakingly and devote every effort to cultivating. During that time, he refused to believe in love and had no interest in courting at all.

It was on that fateful day when he was on Shrek Academy’s campus. It was at the lakeside of the Sea God Lake that he saw her.

From that moment on, he could not forget her for the rest of his life. It dawned upon him what love at first sight meant.

Hence, he stayed behind. He stayed in Shrek Academy as an exchange student, so he could be by her side.

At the time, she had no lack of admirers. Moreover, every one of her admirers was extremely powerful. Those who were more powerful than him were not in short supply either.

Then, he did something very foolish. He would beat up anyone who pursued her. Even though he ended up being beaten most of the time, he did not give in all this while. Instead, he cultivated painstakingly so he could drive everyone away from her.

He had the courage to challenge all the boys in the entire Shrek Academy, yet he did not have the courage to tell her he loved her.

It was not until that very day on the Sea God Lake during the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. As an exchange student, he was not qualified to participate in the festival. Yet, he proceeded without hesitation to confess his love for her without a care in the world.

At the time, she stood on the lake and removed her mask to reveal her fairy maiden-like face.

He remembered vividly that she looked just as beautiful as she was now.

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