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Heavy Ion Is Effective!

Following the arrival of the soul fighter aircrafts on both flanks, Zhang Huanyun immediately dispatched the order for the soul fighter aircrafts and the Blood God Army’s mechas to escort the infrasonic aircraft to slowly retreat. At the same time, a high frequency infrasonic wave was unleashed at the abyssal Devil Puppets on the opposite side.

Even though it would be extremely difficult to kill the powerful abyssal Devil Puppets using the infrasonic wave, it would still weaken these abyssal creatures to some extent.

With the earlier battle experience, the soul fighter aircrafts from the Western Army Corps and the Northwest Army Corps executed a well-coordinated battle tactic. They fought against the enemy individually without a formation so as to get as much distance between them as possible. They utilized their speed effectively with the objective of agitating the enemy. They avoided the frontal collisions to the best of their abilities so that they would not be affected by the abyssal Spirit Dragons.

The five abyssal Spirit Dragons had spewed forth the Weakness Light earlier. Furthermore, the battle lasted for quite some time, so they were rather exhausted.

The status of the abyssal Spirit Dragons preceded the abyssal Devil Puppets by a level. They did not have the courage to devour the abyssal creatures of this level like the Devil Puppets. The weaker abyssal creatures like the Bomb Bees could not fly to this area due to the infrasonic waves. Hence, the abyssal Spirit Dragons were constrained substantially.

On the other hand, the abyssal Devil Puppets revealed their powerful fighting capacities.

They were not only swift at flying, they were also agile in their movements. They spread rapidly throughout the skies and began to launch attacks against the soul fighter aircrafts.

The fighter aircrafts’ protective shields corroded upon contact with the corrosive beams emitted by the Devil Puppets. The soul fighter aircrafts had to abandon their protective shields. If ever they were hit by the beams again, the fighter aircrafts would explode and disintegrate due to the corrosion.

Despite the situation, the soul fighter aircrafts’ main focus was to create a chaotic situation. Even though there were explosions all over the place, the fatalities were still within an acceptable range. Meanwhile, the abyssal Devil Puppets were rendered helpless.

The infrasonic waves continued to affect them in a way that their entire bodies were distressed, especially after the attacks by the heavy-ion cannons earlier.

It was true that the abyssal Devil Puppets had two lives. However, they had only one body. Losing a head might give them a new lease of life similar to how a human soul master would be resurrected, but they would still need time to recover from any residual injuries.

It was apparent that they did not have the time for that now.

The abyssal Devil Puppets’ physical defense abilities were extremely strong, yet the heavy-ion cannons suppressed them effectively. The explosions annihilated their bodies. The attacks made them incapable of unleashing their defense abilities.

As such, the powerful abyssal Devil Puppet legion did not even exercise fifty percent of their power due to the infrasonic wave’s effect.


At last, the heavy-ion cannons were fully charged once again. Zhang Huanyun dispatched the order to launch without the slightest hesitation upon receiving the notification.

The blue muzzles locked on the abyssal Devil Puppets in the sky once again, especially those with only one head remaining. In the next moment, the invisible beams were unleashed.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.”

The Bright Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun felt like tearing up after seeing the huge abyssal Devil Puppets being blasted into smithereens and falling from the skies.

These abyssal creatures which appeared to be so powerful initially could not exert any influence on the battlefield after all!

At least a third of the abyssal Devil Puppets were killed. They turned into a dense grayish-black abyssal energy which rushed toward the abyssal passage upon landing on the ground.

The Spirit Monarch gave out a sharp, piercing howl. He could not withstand suffering a loss to such an extent, so he dispatched the order to retreat.

The abyssal Devil Puppets finally turned around and flew toward the abyssal passage. On the other hand, the soul fighter aircrafts’ attacks only resulted in some trifle indentations upon landing on their bodies. It was hardly sufficient to hurt their strong bodies. The importance of the heavy-ion cannons was thus proven.

The battle formation of the soul fighter aircrafts with the heavy-ion cannons, in addition to the twelve infrasonic aircrafts afflicted the abyssal creatures with sufficient stress.

The ordinary abyssal creatures were severely affected by the infrasonic weapon. At the same time, the powerful abyssal creatures were threatened by the heavy-ion cannons. Meanwhile, the abyssal Devil Puppets suffered from the great losses earlier.

As the joint command’s supreme commander, Zhang Huanyun did not launch rash attacks at the abyssal passage. Instead, he led his men to encircle the abyssal creatures on the periphery. They then killed the enemy, so they could have adequate time to strengthen the second defense line. Simultaneously, they were compacting the living spaces of the abyssal creatures.

The Bee Empress was forced into a tight corner. Her abyssal Bomb Bees were most fearful of the infrasonic weapon. Due to their weak individual strength, the Bomb Bees exploded whenever they were hit by the infrasonic wave. Moreover, it resulted in a chain of detonation effects. They could not withstand such serious losses even if they could be resurrected by the abyssal plane. All at once, the control over the battlefield was reversed.

The powerful abyssal Devil Puppets did not manage to turn the tide. There was nothing the rest of the abyssal creatures could do to fight against the air force.

Mankind’s weapon finally played an important role on the battlefield against the abyssal legion.

A radiance flickered in the Spirit Monarch’s eyes repeatedly. On the main battlefield, mankind’s Limit Douluos who were cladded in their four-word battle armors had some suppressive effects on him. Gu Yuena’s Divine Origin spiritual power affected him similarly.

Although the Spirit Monarch had more than one trump card remaining, he did not wish to reveal his trump cards so easily.

As the Spirit Monarch resisted the multi-elemental blasts, his icy cold gaze was on mankind’s air forces in the distance.

However, Zhang Huanyun was extremely cautious. He only commanded the air force to circle on the periphery, influencing the battlefield below from the sky. The abyssal creatures were chased away from the mountain slopes or even killed.

The abyssal Spirit Dragons were capable of camouflaging themselves. They were surprisingly swift in running as well. However, the ordinary abyssal creatures were in serious trouble.

Even the Guardian Longhorn Beetle with such a powerful defense exploded when it was shot by a few heavy-ion cannons. Later, it transformed into abyssal energy too.

The Tang Sect army was on the ground while the joint command air force remained in the sky. All in all, mankind had the upper hand at long last.

‘Mankind’s really different at present when compared to six thousand years ago.’ It was the Spirit Monarch’s heartfelt experience.

Mankind was definitely not as powerful six thousand years ago when compared to the soul weapons and the human soul masters before him now.

Six thousand years ago, the battle armor was still under development. The powerful four-word battle armor was yet to be produced. Currently, mankind’s Limit Douluo under the amplification of the four-word battle armor was no weaker than the abyssal monarch-ranked powerhouse.

Consequently, the abyss did not have the upper hand when they were confronted by the joint efforts of the four great organizations namely, the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, the Spirit Pagoda, and the War God Hall. In addition, the reclusive powerhouses from a few other clans also joined in the battle. This was the abyss’ biggest issue at present.

Actually, mankind was not supposed to possess so many four-word battle armors. With Tang Wulin’s presence, the difficulty in producing four-word battle armors was reduced substantially. Moreover, his Heaven Refinement utilized the elemental calamity which was the plane’s own power. As a result, the four-word battle armors produced were of exceedingly high quality.

At this exact moment, the numerous Limit Douluos on the battlefield produced a sufficiently strong stress on the abyssal kings. They were barely exhausted on the main battlefield. Later, the numerous Limit Douluos could express even more powerful abilities when the peripheral battlefield was stable. The abyssal plane’s initial outburst was suppressed at once.

All of a sudden, a violent tremor radiated from the distance.

When the tremor burst was heard, everyone including the abyssal creatures and the human powerhouses on the scene felt like the whole world was turned topsy-turvy and the universe had split.

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