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Double Lives Devil Puppe

The Blood God Army was stationed on the snowy mountain to guard the abyssal passage. The Federation also used the desolate, secluded location to test out a variety of superweapons. Of course, the abyssal creatures were undoubtedly the best test subjects. As a result, all high-level weapons were given to the Blood God Army almost at once for testing and experimentation.

The Blood God Army was given priority when weapons like the heavy-ion beam were being distributed. Although the Central Army Corps had it as well, it was not considered part of the organizational system.

The heavy-ion beam cannons utilized by the Blood God Army were considered the most powerful heavy-ion weapon.

If one were to describe the previous model as being able to burn through the enemy’s internal organs, then the current model of the heavy-ion beam cannon could infuse the beam with the force of a bomb into the enemy’s body before detonating them from the inside. The weapon had the strength of an explosive.

“Get set.”

Flying at the forefront was a mecha, pure white save for some red striations. It was being operated by the Blood God Army’s regimental commander, the Bright Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun.

His was, in fact, a divine mechanism. Only the Blood God Army’s mechas were granted permission to not follow the standard color system.

Zhang Huanyun had the most experience dealing with abyssal creatures, yet it was his first time seeing such a huge number of them. Those especially fearsome abyssal creatures such as the Spirit Dragons, Evil Sickles, and Devil Puppets had never appeared in the abyssal passage on the snowy mountains.

He understood how crucial this battle was for mankind. The life and death of the entire planet hinged on the outcome.

The heavy-ion beam cannons began to shine rays of dark blue light. The weapons were charged!

Meanwhile, the five abyssal Spirit Dragons riding on the Devil Puppets’ backs suddenly raised their heads and let out five shrieks.

They had formidable spiritual power, so they were able to sense the danger of these white mechas that suddenly appeared. Thus, they launched their spiritual assault at once.

However, at that moment, a huge mirror appeared out of thin air in front of Zhang Huanyun. It grew to an enormous size! It was his martial soul avatar, the Bright Mirror Hung High!

Ripple-like patterns appeared on the surface of the huge mirror and spread in all directions. The abyssal creatures watched as the scene before their eyes suddenly transformed into a screen of mirages. All the soul aircraft and mechas had disappeared. They could only see themselves in the ripple-like images reflecting them.

In the next moment, a violent spiritual assault lashed against them. It had been unleashed by the five great abyssal Spirit Dragons and was reflected onto the Devil Puppets instantaneously.

Despite these abyssal Devil Puppets being so mighty, with their incredible physical and spiritual defense, they were caught in a state of chaos. Numerous Devil Puppets dropped down from the sky.

Fortunately for them, their bodies were exceedingly durable. They were only in a state of confusion and managed to recover before they hit the ground. Flapping their wings, they rose into the sky once again.

The Bright Mirror Douluo had unleashed his magnificent soul skill, the Mirage Mirror Reflection, which refracted all souls skills!

It was actually inconvenient to utilize this attack during a battle against soul masters mainly because it took a long time to prepare and even more time to unleash. Moreover, it could only be unleashed in a fixed position. Nevertheless, Zhang Huanyun was a soldier. The soul skill was exceedingly effective when used on a battlefield.

Although the Mirage Mirror Reflection had not managed to defeat the opponents completely, it could buy more time for the Blood God Army. More importantly, the abyssal Devil Puppets and Spirit Dragons were rendered incapable of surveying the battleground with their view blocked by the Mirage Mirror Reflection. In fact, their spiritual power detection was completely cut off as well.

“Unleash the heavy-ion cannon!” Zhang Huan almost roared the order.

Orbs of blue radiance began to glow on the muzzles of the Blood God Army’s mechas. The invisible light swiftly locked down on their targets in the distance before they fired.

Zhang Huanyun’s Mirage Mirror Reflection vanished almost simultaneously as he dispatched the order.

The abyssal Devil Puppets frantically flying over were within two kilometers of the aircraft. Despite the distance, the abyssal Devil Puppets at the front came to a halt one after another.

Soon afterward, a ghastly scene appeared.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!” There was a series of loud explosions. All of the Devil Puppets lost one of their two heads. Their heads exploded while their bodies were enshrouded by a ball of thick, heavy gray-black mist.

Zhang Huanyun was overjoyed because the heavy-ion cannons were effective just as expected. The weapon adopted a technique that attacked from the inside. This was specifically targeted at the abyssal creatures with great physical defense. It was highly effective!

Just then, Zhang Huanyun’s pupils abruptly constricted.

The gray-black mist had stopped for a moment. The abyssal Devil Puppets that he had presumed were already dead were actually charging out from the mist and continued to dash toward the other side. The only difference was that the two heads on each Devil Puppet’s shoulders had turned into one.

‘They have two lives?’

Zhang Huan quickly realized what this species of abyssal creature was capable of. His heart sank, though he was amazed by such a trait.

The heavy-ion cannons were deadly, but they needed five minutes to recharge after each usage. The distance between the two sides was only two thousand meters. How could they possibly charge up before the enemy was upon them?

The five Spirit Dragons were not hit by the heavy-ion cannons due to the Devil Puppets’ protection, and their bodies had already turned red once again. There was no doubt that they were about to fire the Weakness Light.

One could imagine the result produced from the Weakness Light with the addition of the abyssal Devil Puppets’ terrible offensive capabilities.

The forelimbs of the abyssal Devil Puppets flying at the forefront turned green. Those limbs fired rays of green light at the humans.

If this was an ordinary aerial battle, Zhang Huanyun would certainly order all the aircraft and mechas to disperse rapidly so they could put some distance between them while waiting for the heavy-ion beam to charge.

However, they could not retreat now!

The twelve infrasonic aircraft were lethal to a wide range of targets and were specifically aimed at low to medium-level abyssal creatures. That being the case, their biggest weakness was their slow flight speed.

If the mecha troop were to retreat, the infrasonic planes would be left exposed and the enemy would certainly destroy them.

They would never allow this situation to happen.

‘What should I do now?’

At that moment, Zhang Huanyun was confronted by a very difficult choice.

The Bright Mirror appeared once again to block the corrosive green radiance, but it was very difficult for him to cover the entire battlefield by himself. He could block the first round of attacks, but not the next.

During this crucial junction, a piercing, howling noise came from both flanks. Soon afterward, an arsenal of soul beams and soul cannons were fired at that location.

Over three hundred soul aircraft flew in from both flanks at high speed to attack the abyssal Devil Puppets in the sky.

Zhang Huanyun’s eyes lit up. He could tell from the label on these aircraft that they were the soul fighter planes from the Western Army Corps and the Northwest Army Corps!

Soul fighter aircraft were highly prized by any army corps. Their production cost was high, and they were also extremely effective on the battlefield. They were most favored by the regimental commanders of each great army corps.

Thus, Yu Guanzhi had only ordered the Western Army Corps and Northwest Army Corps’ air forces to defend the aerial space at their position when he was mobilizing the whole army. Yu Guanzhi did not send them to the main battlefield.

The Southern Army Corps did not even possess any soul fighter aircraft.

Zhang Huanyun surmised that the planes that flew to the battlefield made up almost all the fighter aircraft that belonged to the Western Army Corps and the Northwest Army Corps. The reinforcement was simply controlled to perfection. The abyssal Devil Puppets’ offensive was constrained from both flanks at once.

“Awesome!” Zhang Huanyun could not refrain himself from shouting aloud in the mecha’s cabin.

‘This is how we stand as one! The federal army is supposed to be an integral whole that doesn’t permit any selfishness when fighting against a formidable enemy!’

The Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian had finally learned his lesson. He had mobilized his troop during the crucial moment.

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