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He Will Return

What was that?

The ground was shaking violently as if the entire planet was trembling. The sky was swaying and one could see from a distance that crack marks appeared in a large expanse of the sky.

The marks covered an area of ten thousand square meters at least!

A terrifying suction force emerged from the cracks. They saw the seawater being s----d through the cracks in the sky. It was a magnificent scene of the seawater connecting the land to the sky.

Everyone stopped in unison to watch the scene in bewilderment.

In the next moment, a terrifying energy storm came blasting from the distance.

The energy storm had already weakened over such a long distance, yet the powerhouses on the scene still had to put in some effort to resist it. They had to devote every ounce of their energy to stop themselves from toppling over akin to a small boat in a sea of tempestuous waves.

‘Oh god! What sort of power is this?’

Everyone was startled. Fortunately, mankind’s air force was further away. Moreover, they had turned on their protective shields and huddled together. Despite their efforts, they were still blown away by the energy storm to a distance of a few thousand meters before they settled down.

Based on the energy level, such a huge explosion was no less inferior than the Eternal Heaven! Perhaps, the epicenter of the explosion was not as powerful as the Eternal Heaven, but the overall energy was not any weaker.

The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue who was engaged in the battle suddenly had a drastic change of expression. She gasped silently. Suddenly, she did not care two hoots about her opponent and left in a hurry. With a sway of her body, she transformed into a dual-colored giant dragon of black and gold before she flew toward the explosion.

She had sensed a gush of aura which was particularly familiar to her from the massive energy storm earlier. Obviously, she could identify the master of that aura. Nevertheless, the aura was weakening at a shocking speed when the energy storm came.

“No, no, no…” Long Yeyue screamed out in her heart. In fact, she did not even worry about her own aged body, as she exerted her body to travel at an unprecedented speed.

The sea was boiling.

The crack marks in the sky were slowly closing up in the process of draining the seawater.

Out of the chaos, a man stood on a huge wave. That person was precisely the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie.

He appeared as immovable as a mountain. Upon closer scrutiny, one would discover that his gaze had dimmed completely.

The entire cuirass on his four-word battle armor Boundless Sea Universe was all shattered. Although the battle armor was frantically trying to heal and fuse the damaged parts, the dense purple-gold radiance circulating the crack marks was stopping it from healing.

Not only that, there was a crack at the center of his Sea God’s Helmet which extended all the way to the front. The divine weapon’s aura was weakening substantially to the point that it might shatter at any moment.

Yet, his chest remained puffed and his back straight. His hands were clasped behind his back. The sea beneath him was still supporting his weight.

A purple-gold silhouette was levitating in the sky faraway. The silhouette looked at Chen Xinjie in astonishment.

A small stream of purple-gold blood flowed from the corner of her lips. Her hair appeared a little messy. She was even a little breathless. The purple-gold energy surrounding her body rippled akin to flailing ribbons in the wind. It was in an unstable state.

“Chen Xinjie, you’re actually capable of hurting me. You should be proud of yourself,” said the Demon Empress coldly.

The Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie heaved a soft sigh. “What a waste that it’s still not enough. In my aging state, I consider myself not to have spent my life in vain for being able to sense the god-ranked level. If this had happened fifty years ago, and I managed to survive, perhaps, I’d have stood a slim chance to charge into that world.”

The Demon Empress’ gaze softened ever so slightly. “You’re a person in constant pursuit. At least, you managed to leave behind a favorable impression on me which is rare in the human world.”

Chen Xinjie’s lips cracked into a mocking smile. “Favorable impression? I don’t need a demon to have a favorable impression of me. What a waste that I’m incapable of stopping you. However, Demon Empress, you won’t succeed. I can feel he’s returning soon. When he comes back, he’ll crush you like an ant.”

The Demon Empress’ expression changed. She said in a sharp tone, “Him? If he returns, I’ll kill him just the same. It’s best for him to come back soon. I’ll certainly engage in a life-and-death struggle with him when I’m done building the Divine Realm.”

“You won’t succeed. You won’t succeed for sure,” said the Sea God Douluo in an unusually calm manner, as he looked at the Demon Empress with his eyes filled with an intense belief.

Meanwhile, a dragon’s roar was heard. In the distance, a gold-black silhouette was fast approaching at a shocking speed. Its golden scales turned gold-white gradually to contrast the other half of its body which was black.

Wherever it passed through, the air warped violently. It was a powerful, top-grade living creature’s aura accompanied by a wild, blood essence fluctuation which reverberated in the air.

Even the Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie, who showed no fear when confronted by the Demon Empress, had a drastic change of expression upon seeing the silhouette. He exhausted almost every ounce of his strength to roar aloud, “Leave! Leave, quick!”

Nonetheless, the silhouette was completely oblivious to his voice. It was flying even faster now. It arrived above the maritime space almost in the blink of an eye.

She could not help crying out upon seeing Chen Xinjie. She swooped down from the sky. Halfway through, her enormous body transformed into human form once again. She arrived before Chen Xinjie and wrapped her arms around his body. It was precisely the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue!

“Xinjie, Xinjie, don’t scare me.” Long Yeyue’s voice was shivering because she could no longer sense the presence of the life aura from Chen Xinjie’s body.

A sense of panic filled her heart. She felt like she could not even breathe.

She loved him her whole life, but she hated him at the same time. The man before her had almost ruined her life too.

Yet, at this exact moment, everything else seemed unimportant. She watched the man’s life source about to be depleted fully before her.

At their age, they were supposed to make peace with death. Yet, they had only made peace with their own death. When she saw her beloved about to die, how could she make peace with death then?

In the sky, the Demon Empress was in full killing mode. She was preparing to launch another attack to destroy Chen Xinjie completely. Yet, she felt moved when she heard the sad cry. Her whole body shook once and her raised hand was again lowered.

Her gaze was trembling violently as she watched Long Yeyue hold Chen Xinjie. She could not help thinking about the past in her mind.

There was a time when she was just like the human woman too. Only that, she did not even get the chance to speak to her husband one last time.

She was a creature as gentle as a lamb and lived a carefree life in the sea where no one dared to come near at the time. With her husband’s protection, the sea was not only their home but also their territory which could not be invaded.

Unfortunately, her husband died just like that. He had died in the Sea God Tang San’s hands. From that day on, she discovered that the sea soul beasts which respected her initially had changed. Her husband’s territory was being invaded, and her home attacked and destroyed.

It had been her husband’s wish to hand over the precious whale pearl to her upon his death. Had he not assisted them in their escape, she and her daughter would have died tragic deaths.

Henceforth, the deeply-ingrained hatred and heartfelt longing remained in the depths of her heart even after ten thousand years!

For this reason, she sought revenge. She was not only seeking revenge from mankind but also all the sea soul beasts. Her heart was filled with enmity. Once, when she was executing a slaughter in the sea, she encountered the Holy Spirit Cult’s evil soul master. At the time, she had already lost control of her emotions. The evil soul master then took the opportunity to entice her with the thought of resurrecting her husband to gradually calm her.

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