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Devour To Replenish Power

Meanwhile, the three great abyssal Spirit Kings did something peculiar.

A blood red striation became illuminated on each of their heads. The striation was curved and twisted which looked like the blood moon.

Soon after, a number of abyssal creatures came flying over to them from a place not far away. As soon as they approached the abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings, their bodies suddenly exploded in succession and transformed into puffs of smog which were inhaled by the abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings in one breath.

In the next moment, the eyes of the abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings whose spiritual powers were weakened initially suddenly glowed brighter with a blue radiance. The spiritual power protective shield in the air was reinforced once again. The nine fire balls were guided away from their target instantly.

“F--k! This can’t be!” Ao Rui cursed aloud. The three abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings consumed their spiritual power promptly since they needed to control the entire scene and also withstand the attacks from the numerous War Gods. However, they were capable of replenishing their spiritual power by devouring the abyssal creatures. No one expected this.

Obviously, the abyssal creatures knew they would die, yet they let themselves be devoured akin to flying moths darting into the fire. There were so many abyssal creatures on the mountain peak. Did it mean that the supply of their spiritual power would be unlimited then?

Ao Rui calmed himself immediately. He said in a deep voice, “My brothers, we can only have close-quarter fights now. Let’s go!”

Upon saying that, a blazing sun radiance surged forth from his back to propel him to land atop the mountain akin to a shooting meteor.

The rest of the War Gods followed closely behind and joined him in heading to the mountain peak.

Meanwhile, the abyssal legion had begun a full assault against the federal military’s second defense line with the assistance of the Unconquerable Mist.

The Unconquerable Mist was truly effective in counteracting the reconnaissance and elevating the abyssal creatures’ attack and defense abilities. In particular, the defense abilities of the abyssal creatures were elevated substantially. Even if the soul weapons could kill them, it would require three times more energy than usual. Hence, the abyssal creatures could survive long enough to get closer to the defense line.

They pushed forward with the corpses of their comrades as their shield. They were truly swift. It took them only a short while to reach the halfway mark up the mountain where the defense line was.

At the battlefield frontline, the artillery fire filled the sky. The federal military’s defense line was already defending at full force. The most powerful defense soul weapons were at the first line of defense earlier. When the first defense line was lost, the human legion was put into a passive position.

Had it not been Gu Yuena’s effort in leading the group of the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses to fend off twenty abyssal kings and her success in fighting against the Spirit Monarch, they would be in deep trouble now.

The abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings’ influence over the battlefield surpassed everyone’s imagination. They had used the Unconquerable Mist to command the entire abyssal legion into an organized troop.

It was difficult to estimate the number of abyssal creatures. Even more abyssal creatures would swarm out from the abyssal passage despite the large numbers which had already died at the frontlines.

At this exact moment, the federal military experienced the same predicament faced by mankind when the abyssal creatures appeared for the very first time a few thousand years ago.

Mankind’s main assault was rendered useless by the abyssal legion commanded by the Spirit Dragons. There was utterly no way the attacks could land on the inside of the abyssal passage to slow down the abyssal legion.

Gu Yuena’s Silver Dragon Spear was ceaselessly devouring the abyssal energy in the air. However, the Spirit Monarch was definitely more powerful than her. Besides, the Spirit Monarch’s Divine Origin spiritual power was even more powerful than hers. She had to devote all her efforts to fight against the Spirit Monarch during the battle. Consequently, she could not devour more abyssal energy to weaken the opponent.

The scene appeared to be in a stalemate. Additional federal military’s soldiers were being engaged on the battlefield. The four great army corps comprising the Western Army Corps, the Northwest Army Corps, the Central Army Corps, and the Southern Army Corps had mobilized all its armed forces to fully engage on the battlefield. Yet, they were having difficulties to cope with the situation without the artillery fire reinforcements from the three great fleets in the distance.

At the same time, a black army troop suddenly made its way to the battlefield from the side.

They appeared on the crest of a mountain which was already in a critical situation.

This was the other side of the mountain which was being invaded by the three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings. The mountain was only five hundred meters in height. It was the lowest point of the defense line and had been breached by the enemy.

Currently, the defense system on the mountain was under short-range attack by the abyssal creatures. It was barely holding its position by relying on its protective shield.

All the soul cannons were about to fail from being overheated due to the incessant bombardment.

Suddenly, a ray of blue light descended from the sky. The temperature in the air began to drop drastically. Soon after, thousands of ice swords appeared in the sky without warning and began pouring down onto the abyssal creatures akin to ice rain.

The ice swords pinned down hundreds of abyssal creatures on the mountain which had made their way to the protective shield and were attacking the protective shield at full force.

Later, a red dot appeared on the surface of the mountain where the abyssal creatures were on their way up. Before long, a few small mushroom clouds erupted on the mountain.

Following that, loud booms were heard all over the mountain.

The severed limbs from a large number of abyssal creatures were zooming through the air in all directions as a result of the explosion. Not even the Unconquerable Mist could protect their safety.

“The reinforcements are here!”

A colonel posted on the mountain instantly gushed with tears of joy. A third of the soul cannons on the mountain peak were lost due to the overheating from prolonged usage. Just when he issued the notification that all the ammunition and soul power batteries were exhausted, the protective shield broke down. They would go down together with the enemy using the self-destruct detonator.

At the moment, the protective shield’s energy was down to eighteen percent. It would last for another ten minutes at most!

As he watched the black mechas descending from the sky, there was only one thought in his mind. It was the ‘divine army descending from heaven’!

Only the phrase ‘divine army descending from heaven’ could describe his feelings now.

However, he was astonished that he had never seen these black mechas before when tears began to pool in his eyes.

All the hyper mechas were black which corresponded to and commemorated the black ten-thousand year soul ring of the human soul masters. The mechas from the different army corps would be marked with designations which belonged to the specific army corps.

Yet, these black mechas before his eyes were not branded with any army corps’ designation. There was only a simple word, ‘Tang’ in red on the mecha’s left chest.

The colonel muttered to himself, “The word ‘Tang’ is on the chest. These are people from the Tang Sect. Is this the Tang Sect’s mecha formation? They’re black mechas. There must be about over a thousand mechas here.”

Yes, those were all black mechas. However, the most shocking part was not the black mechas themselves, but the attack method adopted by them.

During the attack, the black mecha’s eyes turned red within a split second. It was a color which instigated fear. Then, the red light spots appeared on the ground one at a time. A moment later, a huge explosion took place.

The colonel had never seen an attack that powerful, at least not at the soul beam level. Due to his military training and cultivation, he immediately realized that this was a newly-developed weapon.

He then watched as the silhouettes descended from the sky and charged straight at the abyssal creatures on the mountain slope.

There was an abyssal Spirit Dragon amongst the numerous abyssal creatures which were on the advance. The violent, booming noises made its pupils constrict. A red mist arose from its head as it devoured the abyssal creatures within its range of a hundred meters.

Suddenly, it raised its head and spat out a dozen mouthfuls of dense Unconquerable Mist toward the abyssal creatures in its surroundings which camouflaged their silhouettes completely.

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