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Starlight Chaos

Under the cover of the Unconquerable Mist, these abyssal creatures underwent a second evolution. The transformation was even more intense this time. The creatures turned into monsters that even the abyssal plane would not dare to acknowledge as their fighting capacities were increased exponentially.

Of course, such deadly amplification had its repercussions. The abyssal creatures would only be able to survive for a very short time which was five minutes, at most.

Under ordinary circumstances, the abyssal Spirit Dragon would never resort to such a desperate measure. However, as the most intelligent clan of the abyssal creatures, its ability to judge the situation was rather acute.

When the attacks blotted out the sky and covered up the sun, even the abyssal creatures enhanced by the Unconquerable Mist could not withstand it. The realization came that it had hit a dead end. It could tell that the humans had sent an extremely powerful reinforcement. So, the first idea that came to mind was to hold off the attacks on the mountain peak and to protect itself instead.

Even some of the abyssal creatures feared death. In fact, any living creature’s innate instincts was the same. The more intelligent the living creature, the more it treasured its own life.

When the abyssal Spirit Dragon spurted out the Unconquerable Mist which covered the entire scene, it simultaneously camouflaged itself. It vanished without a trace by engaging its invisible form.

A silhouette crashed savagely onto the ground as soon as the abyssal Spirit Dragon disappeared.

“Boom…” The violent explosive force combined with an exceedingly sharp aura pulverized every single abyssal creature within the range of a few hundred meters.

A silhouette appeared soon after. It was precisely the Saber God Douluo, Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi!

“You can run really fast, huh!” Sima Jinchi grunted coldly. His target was the abyssal Spirit Dragon naturally. The abyssal Spirit Dragon was indeed cunning. The dense Unconquerable Mist concealed its aura completely allowing it to flee swiftly.

In a one-on-one battle, perhaps it would be able to resist Sima Jinchi, but it was incapable of resisting the numerous powerhouses present.

Wu Zhangkong retracted the Skyfrost Sword that was unleashed earlier. He observed the entire battlefield from the sky.

They had brought along the Tang Sect army to shore up the defense in the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue and the rest of the Limit Douluos had already gone over to join the Spirit Pagoda’s numerous powerhouses to fight against the formidable abyssal king-ranked and monarch-ranked creatures.

Wu Zhangkong was startled when he saw the Tang Sect army launch their attacks. The beams shot out from the mecha’s eyes were extremely destructive.

The sky suddenly dimmed at this moment. Speckles of dazzling starlight flickered in the gradually darkening sky.

Rays of dazzling starlight descended from the sky and enshrouded a large area of the battlefield.

Even the Unconquerable Mist could not stop the starlight from falling. There was no need to focus on the target since it was a full range illumination. At the moment, the abyssal legion below was thrown into chaos due to the glaring brilliance of the starlight.

The highly mutated abyssal creatures were in a frenzied state of heightened powers. They could only instinctively slaughter so as to burn off the final five minutes of their lives.

At the same time, they were caught in a chaotic state when the starlight shone on their bodies. They were supposed to advance forward, yet their sense of direction became muddled. So, they began colliding into one another. Furthermore, their pre-planned attacks were unleashed subconsciously.

The Ba An’s eyes were clawed out by a large, mutated six-clawed bat at its side. The furious Ba An furiously tore the bat into pieces. In the process, the bat’s corpse hit a Mo Mei nearby which was in a deranged state. The Mo Mei was so upset that it slashed the Ba An’s neck in response.

The situation took place in the whole area illuminated under the starlight. All at once, the abyssal legion was in a confused mess. Despite the Unconquerable Mist, they were currently in a state of mutual annihilation.

Wu Zhangkong waved his hand once and said, “Leave this to the Tang Sect army. Let’s go and help out the War God Hall!”

The soul communicator was in constant use to relay the current situation on the battlefield. At the moment, the most important battle of all was on the War God Hall’s battlefield.

The abyssal creatures over there had already charged through the second defense line and were attacking the third defense line now. At the same time, the assault of the Bee Empress with the protection of the three great Spirit Dragon Kings resulted in great losses for the federal military. The reinforcements were also rendered incapable of attacking the abyssal creatures which were charging wildly.

Wu Zhangkong left the Tang Sect army behind to clean up the battlefield over here while he led the battle supervision squadron to the other side.

The War God Hall’s battlefield was already in a state of discord and darkness at present!

The three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings were still gathered together. The powerful spiritual disturbance emitted by them plunged the War God Hall’s powerhouses into suffering and misery.

All the abyssal creatures’ fighting capacities were elevated many fold under their control. Moreover, there were a large number of high level abyssal creatures over here.

There were the Black Empresses, the Mo Meis, the Evil Sickles, plus the defense of the six Guardian Longhorn Beetles.

The abyssal Spirit Dragon King spat out a mouthful of the Unconquerable Mist to enhance the fighting capacities of these high-level abyssal creatures which were close to low-level abyssal kings.

Despite the powerful capability of the War God Hall, every War God would still experience a spiritual disturbance from the abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings. The powerful spiritual power would frequently cause their minds to go blank temporarily. They could only endure it by cladding their battle armors and helping each other out.

They were not hoping for an equally matched situation! If this were an equal match, they were utterly incapable of stopping the abyssal legion’s advance to the world outside.

The third defense line had sounded the warning siren. A large number of reinforcements headed over to shore up the position. However, there were over ten abyssal Spirit Dragons over there. The situation was already in jeopardy. The location was about to be breached.

The three great Spirit Dragon Kings were even more effective than the Spirit Monarch at present. They dominated the entire battlefield.

The Skyfrost Douluo Wu Zhangkong, the Saber God Douluo Sima Jinchi, Lan Muzi, Tang Yingmeng and the Shrek Six Monsters rushed over to the location to offer reinforcements.

The dense and heavy Unconquerable Mist concealed everything such that they could not see anything from the sky. Consequently, they failed to locate the abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings.

“Zhangkong, what should we do now?” Lan Muzi asked Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong took a glance at the third defense line in the distance. He then looked down. With a determined gaze, he took a deep breath and said, “Let’s guard the defense line first. I believe that the War God Hall will be able to withstand it.”

The battle between the Skycrosser Douluo and the Black Empress was already in the most heated phase. The Skycrosser Douluo had the upper hand. He exhibited his fighting capacity to perfection as a quasi god-ranked Limit Douluo. If he could make time to help out the War Gods, the situation on the battlefield would still be stable.

At the moment, it was crucial to ensure that the third defense line was not broken. Otherwise, they would all be in grave trouble.


Lan Muzi answered without the slightest hesitation. There could only be one voice in a group during such a pivotal time. It was the only way to ensure that they were united in their concerted efforts.

The group of them immediately charged toward the third defense line after the short discussion.

In the next moment, a swarm of the abyssal Bomb Bees akin to a dark cloud separated from the main bee colony in the sky. The innumerable bees swarmed toward them.

“Leave it to me!” Tang Yingmeng called out softly. Soon after, soundwaves of a melodious rhythm rippled through the sky.

The abyssal Bomb Bees exploded in succession akin to lit firecrackers. Large quantities of the bees were thus annihilated.

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