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The Unconquerable Mis

It was slightly different from before because the Black Monarch did not appear perfect as she had in the past. This was because half of her left arm was missing. The wound on her severed arm had countless gray-black worms squirming within it and was growing slowly.

Yes, this was the injury that the Eternal Heaven had caused before. The Black Monarch was not as lucky as the Spirit Monarch. She had been near the epicenter of the blast. She was still considered rather lucky because the four abyssal kings with her at the time had been killed immediately, leaving neither bones nor corpses.

The Black Monarch relied on her incredible abilities to survive, despite half of her body being blown to pieces. Despite the help of the abyssal Sage King, she had yet to fully recover after recuperating for so many days.

Even the abyssal creatures were horrified by the Eternal Heaven. Fortunately, they believed that there was only one.

In the meantime, she was especially furious upon seeing humans. Her long hair spread out and formed a black wheel, and a gigantic purple-black vortex emerged behind her. The strong suction force immediately pulled at the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue.

“Head to the top of the mountain first. Leave this to me,” Guan Yue shouted in a deep voice.

With a shake of the Skycrosser Divine Spear in his hand, countless phantom spears were projected all around. It was as if every phantom spear was being controlled by a huge hand. The spears seemed to have covered everything within one thousand meters.

At the slightest touch of these spears, the abyssal Bomb Bees would immediately revert to abyssal energy and return to the abyssal passage. It felt as if the phantom spears filling the sky were the overlords of the battlefield.

One strike of spearspirit would move Heaven and Earth!

This made even the Black Monarch’ expression change ever so slightly. However, the vortex behind her became deeper, and its powerful suction force devoured almost half of the spears. At the same time, her silhouette flickered and she reappeared to aim a slap at the Skycrosser Douluo. Where she passed, black holes were conjured, devouring everything under the sky!

Guan Yue stepped to the side and swung his Skycrosser Divine Spear, cutting an arc of silver light across the sky. It was as if he was slashing through the air so that the suction force could sweep past his sides.

The spear’s radiance condensed, forming a huge beam that fired at the Black Monarch!

The Black Monarch’ silhouette swayed and projected illusionary shadows to conceal her. With another sway, she arrived diagonally above Guan Yue’s head and pressed down with her palm.

Her palm seemed to bring the weight of the entire sky with it. Despite his cultivation base, Guan Yue’s body sank. However, he had yet to pull back the spear which he had t----t forward earlier. He swung it in a circular motion in the sky.

Instantly, a humongous vortex pulled in a large number of Bomb Bees in the distance before exploding with a loud boom. The pressure on the War God Hall’s powerhouses trying to reinforce their allies on the mountain was reduced immediately.

Guan Yue suddenly somersaulted forward and swung his right leg to resist Black Monarch’ palm descending from the sky.

His body sank while the Black Monarch’ body rose. However, Guan Yue also unleashed his four-word battle armor at that exact moment. His entire body was covered in the battle armor to neutralize the impact of her palm. Everything went according to plan.

This result was not just due to his capabilities, but also his battlefield intelligence.

Meanwhile, more powerhouses from the abyssal plane and the Holy Spirit Cult had dashed out of the abyssal passage in succession. In turn, the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses had arrived in a rush.

The great war escalated immediately!

An abyssal troop had already charged at the second defensive line with a gigantic Guardian Longhorn Beetle charging at the forefront. The massive wings on its back were spread open creating a shield one hundred meters in diameter. A huge variety of abyssal creatures were under its protection.

The common low-level abyssal creatures like the six-clawed and four-clawed bats did not deserve its protection. Only those with significant abilities such as the Mei Empress, the Black Monarch, and the high-level clans would stand the chance of being guarded.

The abyssal legion’s cannon fodder had covered almost the entire battlefield to conceal the Guardian Long Beetle so it could continue to advance.

The dense bombardment had slain a large number of abyssal creatures, but they would simply revert to abyssal energy and return to the abyss after their bodies were crushed.

The Guardian Longhorn Beetle had finally arrived at the foot of the mountain, with its enormous shell covered with wounds and scars.

However, it was at this moment when a large abyssal Spirit Dragon wriggled out from underneath its shell. The Spirit Dragon’s eyes turned ghastly blue instantly.

This time, it did not camouflage itself but instead widened its mouth to spit out a pale blue mist at the federal military’s site on the mountain peak.

The mist was very thick and sticky. It covered the abyssal troop at the foot of the mountain at the first breath.

Under the cover of the mist, all the abyssal creatures immediately transformed. The four-clawed bats evolved into six-clawed bats. Their eyes turned blood-red, and they charged forward fearlessly. The scales on the surface of their bodies had also taken on a pale blue glow that protected them like a shield.

It was the same for the rest of the abyssal creatures. The blue mist rapidly altered them, and they began to advance forward.

The abyssal Spirit Dragon swiftly crawled under the numerous abyssal creatures to protect itself. It spat out a mouthful of thick mist with every few steps.

It was the Unconquerable Mist! It was one of the most effective abilities of the abyssal Spirit Dragon.

At the touch of the mist, the abyssal creatures’ power would begin to boil over. In this boiling state, the abyssal creatures would ignite themselves instantly to produce the evolutionary effect. Furthermore, they would not fear death, and their offensive and defensive abilities would be enhanced exponentially. In fact, their durability would be elevated by three times at least.

Of course, the advantage came with a price too. The abyssal creatures that were augmented by the Unconquerable Mist would suffer severe side effects after thirty minutes at most.

The backlash would be fatal for these low-level abyssal creatures. The high-level abyssal creatures would be weakened so much that they would be unable to fight any longer.

Nevertheless, with such a large number of abyssal creatures, did the cost really matter? It was enough for them to gain extremely powerful fighting capabilities for thirty minutes.

That location was not the main target of the abyssal creatures. As a result, when the Spirit Dragon spat out mouthfuls of mists earlier, it did not draw in too much attention from the federal military. The abyssal creatures continued their barrage of attacks.

However, mankind’s forces discovered this issue soon enough and learned that the reconnaissance devices were not functioning. Under the concealment of the thick mist, all the reconnaissance devices were rendered useless. The defensive line on the mountain was abruptly made blind and deaf.

On the other hand, the enormous Ba Ans underwent the biggest shift of all in the thick mist.

The Ba Ans were like mountains of flesh. The mist had brought substantial changes to their bodies and the transformation was truly horrifying.

The ten-meter-tall Ba Ans swelled up to fifteen meters. Gray scales formed on the surface of their skin akin to battle armor, and their bodies were spurting out gray-black mist.

Originally, speed was the weakness of this particular abyssal creature species. The most terrifying part was that their speed had actually increased threefold under the influence of the abyssal Spirit Dragon’s Unconquerable Mist. They climbed the mountain as if it was flat ground and led the numerous abyssal creatures straight to the peak.

Similar situations were happening in almost all directions. Meanwhile, the War God Hall’s powerhouses had just arrived on the mountain peak when they were met by the mocking eyes of the three commanding abyssal Spirit Dragons.

The three great Spirit Dragon commanders widened their mouths simultaneously to spit out the Unconquerable Mist that had already covered the entire mountain. At once, the abyssal creatures that had just made their way to the mountain rapidly underwent all sorts of transformations.

There were a large number of abyssal creatures that came there. A Guardian Longhorn Beetle that could only protect the range of one hundred meters in diameter had swelled up to twice the size. A ranged attack of a War God struck its body and only caused some ripples.

With their speed accelerated, the abyssal legion arrived at the mountain peak almost instantly. The War Gods stationed there could not even launch an attack before they had been killed.

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Chapter 1846

The Three Great Spirit Dragon Kings!

With the Skycrosser Douluo occupied, the Vast Sun Douluo, first among the War Gods, naturally had to lead them. He immediately realized the importance of the Spirit Dragons in the abyssal legion upon seeing the situation.

In the presence of the abyssal Spirit Dragons, the fighting capabilities of the abyssal creatures more than doubled.

“We must finish off those giant lizards.” The Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui made a gesture as if he was lifting the sky with his hands to summon his three-word battle armor. His flaming body shined brightly among the clouds just like the sun.

The numerous War Gods had been working together as a team for many years. They immediately surrounded him to guard him while he readied his soul skill.

The heat made ripple-like heatwaves in the air, and Ao Rui’s aura swelled rapidly. Despite his cultivation nearing that of a Limit Douluo, he needed to gather energy for this attack, so one could imagine how formidable it was going to be.

The three leading Spirit Dragons below immediately felt the threat coming from above. As if their minds were linked, they raised their heads skyward and opened their mouths in unison.

The many War Gods surrounding Ao Rui did not hear any sound, but Ao Rui let out a muffled grunt. The enormous amount of fire element that had collected around his body exploded wildly in an instant!


A mushroom cloud formed in the sky. The group of War Gods that had been defending the Vast Sun Douluo was scattered everywhere by the unexpected explosion.

The Vast Sun Douluo’s attack was akin to a bomb. It was detonated by the three great Spirit Dragons using highly concentrated spiritual power.

In an instant, the War God Hall’s dozen War Gods and almost twenty-two reserve War Gods were thrown into a chaotic mess. The Vast Sun Douluo’s entire body was blackened by the blast and his aura had weakened.

In the meantime, the mountain was quickly overtaken by a large number of abyssal creatures. Hidden by the Unconquerable Mist, they began to cross the mountain and headed to the third defensive line, which was also the federal military’s final defense.

The three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings let out a sharp howl once again. This time, the howl targeted all the soul detection devices on their side of the war zone. With the devices damaged, the command post could only see a twisted scene. There was utterly no way they could tell what was happening, leave alone analyze the data.

Yu Guanzhi looked solemn. He spoke in a deep voice, “Dispatch my order. Send out the Central Army Corps’ No. 8 Wing to aid in holding the enemy at the defensive line. Inform the War God Hall to stop those giant lizards at all costs. We can’t let them reach the edge of the battlefield.”

Meanwhile, the Central Army Corps’ mecha troop had arrived on the battleground. They blocked the abyssal creatures’ path like metallic walls. They worked with the heavy bombardment from each of the great army corps to engage the abyssal creatures in a manner similar to hand-to-hand combat.

The three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings remained on the mountain slope like kings watching the situation from on high.

In a sense, they already reigned supreme among all the abyssal clans. Perhaps, individually, they were still weaker than the first thirty levels of abyssal emperors and monarchs. However, their remarkable spiritual power allowed their influence over the battlefield to surpass them.

The abyssal Sage King lived on the first level of the abyss. He was the only one there and there were no other clansmen for him to lead. Then, there was the Spirit Dragon Clan. The abyssal Spirit Dragon Clan was the best in all areas including individual fighting capability and leadership in group battles.

Their presence on the battlefield signified that the entire abyssal legion’s overall fighting capacity would certainly be elevated to a brand-new level!

The Unconquerable Mist had also appeared around the battlefield. The innermost layer of the defensive line was lost. It had been blanketed by the mist and trampled by the abyssal creatures.

They could not utilize human weapons, but their destruction was merciless. In mere moments, much of the area and the partially constructed Blood Gods Great Array inside the defensive line were reduced to nothing.

The abyssal legion was advancing more ferociously than before. On the other hand, the federal military still lacked long-range artillery fire reinforcement from the three great fleets.

With great effort, the Vast Sun Douluo managed to stabilize his body. His face had turned pitch-black after his energy exploded, so his unpleasant expression could not be seen. However, one could tell how dejected he was by the look in his eye.

The combined spiritual power of the three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings had surpassed even his, and they had invaded his sea of spirit. His spiritual world had been injured rather severely and was so distorted that he lost control of his ability to condense fire elements on the outside world. Had it not been for his self-control, his soul core could have detonated and made a deadlier explosion!

He stopped engaging in gathering energy and used his right hand to make a pressing gesture. The sixth soul ring on his body glowed brightly. A large meteor shower took form in the sky and targeted all the Spirit Dragons on the mountain peak.

Besides himself, the other War Gods on the scene, including the Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwing, the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi, the God Sword Douluo Su Menghun, the Thunder Flame Douluo Jiang Zhanheng, the Gluttony Douluo Ling Chen, the Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang and the rest, had all begun attacking the peak.

They had surrounded the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong. He played the Demon Guqin and used his soundwave attack to counter the opponent’s.

On the other hand, the many reserve War Gods released their battle armors and landed on the mountain to fight against the abyssal Spirit Dragon Clan at close range.

The eyes of the three great Spirit Dragon Kings were glowing bright blue. They conjured a pale blue shield of light in the air as a long-range attack against the War Gods. The combined might of the three great Spirit Dragons had managed to stop the War Gods’ assault.

The shield formed of pure spiritual power was quite different from the power normally utilized by soul masters in combat. When soul power was blasted onto the spiritual power shield, some peculiar changes occurred.

The War Gods first noticed their lack of control in firing long-range attacks. The incredible spiritual power interference mixed with their soul power and eliminated it instantly. Without the soul master’s control, their soul power went astray. Although it was impossible for the Spirit Dragons to counter all their attacks at once, the dragons could still disrupt them enough that their attacks dispersed.

Hence, the War Gods appeared to be bombarding the Spirit Dragons, yet in reality, most of their attacks were channeled to the distance without having any effect.

The Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu said to the Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui, “Big brother, I don’t think this is working. Our long-range attacks can’t penetrate their spiritual power shield. I think we can only do this at close-range p. Reinforce us from behind and I shall close the gap with the brothers. The reserve War Gods are incapable of doing this alone.”

In the meantime, the reserve War Gods had charged to the top of the mountain and fought against the numerous abyssal creatures.

The Unconquerable Mist elevated the abyssal creatures’ fighting abilities exponentially. The Title Douluo and Soul Douluo-ranked powerhouses were soon surrounded. Though they managed to do some damage to the abyssal creatures, they were also trapped in the encirclement.

Farther away in the air, a large number of mechas were carpet-bombing the Bomb Bees led by the Bee Empress. The heavy bombardment was targeted at the abyssal Bomb Bees’ attack, but the bees had also blocked the mecha troop’s path. Because of this, the mechas could not rescue the second defensive line.

The Bee Empress’ mission was simple. She was to hold up the reinforcements so that the abyssal legion could take the second defensive line as soon as possible. Under the command of the Spirit Dragons, the abyssal legion’s strength was more than doubled. Additionally, there were at least twenty abyssal kings engaged in the battle.

The Vast Sun Douluo grabbed the Emperor Sword Douluo just before he charged outside. He said in a deep voice, “I don’t think that their spiritual power can last for a long time. It will be more of a disadvantage if we engage in the battle recklessly and get trapped in it. Let’s try harder. I believe that our soul power can recover faster than their spiritual power. I’d like to see how long they can keep interfering with us.”

“Sure!” The eighteen War Gods had been working together as a team for many years. They immediately increased their attacks upon hearing Ao Rui’s words and began to launch a full-scale assault on the war zone below them.

A spectrum of light poured rained from the sky. The Vast Sun Douluo’s speculation was right. Under ordinary circumstances, the speed of spiritual power consumption was certainly faster than soul power, especially on a scale as large as this. Moreover, the recovery speed of spiritual power was definitely slower than the other powers.

It did not take long. A few minutes later, the three great abyssal Spirit Dragon Kings were finally showing signs of fatigue under the War God’s unending tide. The War Gods’ attacks began to land on the mountain peak and did some damage to the abyssal creatures. This also gave more openings to the reserve War Gods.

“Buck up!” the Vast Sun Douluo shouted aloud. He waved his right hand and unleashed nine gigantic fireballs like a cannon. The fireballs were shot one after another, aimed directly at the three great Spirit Dragon Kings.

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