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” Scarlett, I’m dying,” Craig said gravely.

Scarlett could barely Believe her ears. It seemed like the world had gone instantly quiet and numb all around her.

She stared at Craig, unable to accept the news he was outlaying to her.

Craig sat up, eyes staring straight ahead at her bedroom door. ” I got diagnosed with stage III colon cancer when I was twelve and battled with it for thirteen years as it progressed into stage IV.”

Scarlett sat up too. ” Colon cancer?”

Craig didn’t look at her. ” My doctor says I haven’t much time left. I had to go for surgery tomorrow night.”

Scarlett couldn’t say anything. She clenched and unclenched her hands. ” W-why didn’t you tell me this all these while?”

” Cause I don’t want you to worry,” Craig said softly. He turned to meet her eyes. ” Scarlett, I’m not sure I’m gonna make it. That’s why I got you all these stuffs; the better life you always dreamed of cause I know sooner or later, I’m gonna die.”

Scarlett’s face tensed up and she felt tears welling up in her eyes. ” Craig, you… You jerk! After all we’ve been through together, you’re just gonna walk into my life, make me feel happy and then just leave me?!”

” I’m sorry, Scarlett,” Craig said, eyes shaking. ” I never meant for things to end this way.”

Scarlett sobbed. ” Are you, really dying?”

Craig nodded. ” That’s right.”

” You ain’t bluffing?”

Craig shook his head. ” No I’m not.”

Scarlett bite her lips hard. She wanted to say something but actually have no idea how to say it. Her heart was Soo heavy ladened with a piercing pain that felt like knife cutting through her. If Craig goes to for surgery and never returns, her world would be shattered.

She had learnt to trust and love him. She was willing to spend her life with him. But now he’s slipping away from her hand.

Just then, Craig announced. ” I also have a son.”

Scarlett didn’t know if she heard aright. She looked sharply at him. ” What did you say?”

Craig wasn’t looking at her. He had his entire body turned towards the window. ” I have a son.”

Scarlett could barely believe her ears. How was it possible he had a son after she had been locked away for six years? It was just as she had suspected.

He moved on.

She was suffering in jail but he fúcking moved on. Why does it hurt Soo badly. After all she had been through, he got another woman and had a son with her?

Craig must’ve read her mind for he buried his head in his palms and sulked. ” I’m really sorry, Scarlett. I know now you feel betrayed. I was just scared I’d die soon.”

Scarlett remained where she sat, staring at his bony back.

” After my father died,” Craig said. ” Everything was mine to be inherited. However, his will I had a condition stating I must provide a heir before I gain control over his company and wealth. His lawyer suggested marriage but I wasn’t ready for marriage. I kept thinking about you cause it’s you I wanted. I decided to wait for you to serve your sentence. Unfortunately, I underwent several surgeries throughout the years while you were away. My condition got Soo serious my doctor feared wouldn’t make my next surgery. I had no other choice but to get a heir.”

” You married?” Scarlett’s voice was hard but small.

Craig shook his head. ” I had an affair with my personal nurse. She got pregnant. My son lives with her now.”

Scarlett took in a long deep breath and let it out. Deep inside her, she was battling inside.

Craig was right about one thing.

She felt betrayed. It was as if he was only after her body and not the love he had Soo claimed he had over her. Looking at everything from her own perspective, she was nothing more to him than an ex pórnstar.

Craig reached for his clothes and began putting them on. ” I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, Scarlett. I just wanted you to know what’s happening. Tomorrow, I’ll be in the hospital to begin my last surgery. There’s a 99% chance I mightn’t make it. If I don’t and I die, I want to be sure that you are fully happy and satisfied for being my personal pórnstar.”

Scarlett couldn’t take it anymore. She vented her rage at him. ” Is that all you take me for?”

Craig was buckling his belt when he stopped and gazed at her. ” What?”

” You think I’m just a cheap hoe you can just buy with your money and use whenever you please?” Scarlett snapped.

Craig slowly turn to her. ” No, Scarlett. You’re no cheap hoe to me. I never saw you as one.”

Scarlett studied those eyes. ” You said you loved me, you said we’d get married. What happened after all those promises?”

Craig gazed down at his feet and passed a tongue over his dry lips. ” Like I said, I got scared I’d die. Battling cancer all these years always gave me a frightful feeling of death. Sometimes I think I’ll die anytime soon. I was Soo afraid I had myself locked in my room. I cut myself from the outside world and kept to my own company because I felt no one could understand what I was going through. It’s scary, just take it from me.”

Craig paused, his hands rubbed Scarlett’s arms. ” But after my dad’s murder, I began to face life like a man. I no longer feared death, I yearned for it. The pain’s too much. I wanna die and end it. After I’m gone in my grave, the peace and quiet would lighten my soul.”

Scarlett shivered, eyes overflowing. She grabbed Craig hands and squeezed it real tight.

” Craig, don’t say that,” she sobbed, s-----g in tears. ” You’ll stay alive. Your surgery’s gonna go just fine. I’ll be right in the hospital waiting for you. I don’t….” She paused, crying out loud. ” I don’t want you to leave me.”

Craig watched her crying like a new born child. He smiled and caressed her cheeks.

” Don’t cry, Scarlett,” he leaned over and kissed her lips. ” Don’t cry.”

Scarlett flopped her head on his chest, leaning heavily on him. ” I’ll pray for you.”

Craig stroked her hair. ” Scarlett, I have to go. It’s passed twelve.”

Scarlett shook her hair. ” No. You’re not going anywhere. Stay with me, Craig. Even if it’s for a little longer. I want to sleep in your arms one last time before the surgery. Don’t deny me this, I beg of you.”

Craig wiped out her tears from her cheeks. He cuddled her close.

” Alright, Cherry,” he said softly, playing with her nípples. ” Your wish is my command.”

Scarlett’s hand snaked to his trousers and she unbuckled it. ” Take this down, Craig. Make Love to me one more time.”

Craig drew her head closer and crushed his lips on hers. His other hand traveled down her tummy to the flesh in-between her legs.

Scarlett let out a low moan, feeling his fingers doing magic touches around her c--t.

” You made all my pórn fantasies come true, Cherry,” Craig pulled his mouth from hers and lightly kissed her brown neck. ” Now lay back on the bed and allow me fulfil yours.”





” Mom, I’m off to School,” Daisy announced, finishing her cereal and rushing towards the door.

Scarlett hurried out from the kitchen, tugging on her night gown as she made to catch up with her daughter.

It was Daisy’s first day in school and she was super pumped up. Scarlett had never seen her this happy in a long time.

She stood in the doorway, holding Daisy by the arm.

” Hey, don’t rush,” she kissed Daisy on the forehead. ” I know it’s your first day at school and you’re excited but do take it easy out there. Middle school ain’t like elementary school, you know.”

Daisy smiled up at her. ” Yeah I know. Love you, mama.”

She leaned forward and pecked Scarlett on the cheeks. Then she hurried towards the waiting big yellow school bus and rushed in.

Scarlett stared after the bus, watching it drive down the road. For the first time in six years, she felt peace and happiness. Her mind was at rest and it felt like it could go on forever.

Then she remembered Craig upstairs in her bedroom.

Craig had overslept after their amazing lovemaking. It was remarkable how much he moved in the right strokes to make her feel alive and satisfied.

He was no longer the pale high school kid she disvirgined. He was a full grown man; powerful, rich and kind.

Returning back into the house, she immediately made for the kitchen. She had put it upon herself to make him a delicious breakfast when he wakes up.

As she did breakfast, her mind dwelled on the sad fact that he had a son outside wedlock. It hurts her deeply even though he had a good explanation for why he did that.

Somehow, not being the woman to carry his child in her tummy made her sad and disappointed.

She felt betrayed.

Soo much for his promises to marry her and take her to Paris. This was why she didn’t want to love again. She always ends up getting hurt.

All Men makes promises. Problem is if they can keep it. Craig kept part of his promises but he failed in one part.

He was going to leave her and never return. It sucks real bad. He promised to always be there for her but now he wants to die.

As she made breakfast, she took a lot of effort within her spirit not to burst out crying again. She had spent the entire night crying while Craig was asleep. It was her saddest night ever.

She resolved to be at the hospital tonight while Craig undergo surgery. She might even like to have a word with Maria and meet Craig’s son, Marcel.

She wondered what Marcel would look like.

Suddenly, the front door rang. Scarlett immediately left what she was doing a d hurried towards it.

” Hold on, I’m coming.”

She stopped by the door and fasten the rope of her nightie around her waist.

Then she held the door handle and opened it.

The person she saw caused her blood to curdle and freeze. Her mouth went ajar and her eyes popped opened at the sight of the man before her.

Garrett Hart stood before Scarlett, a slouch hat covering half of his face. He eyed Scarlett up and down with a suggestive smile on his face.

” Well, well, well, if it isn’t little Scarlett herself,” he said in a deep raspy voice that Scarlett dreaded Soo much.

She took a step back then another. It was as if a ghost from her past had appeared to her.

Scarlett screamed and hurried to slam the door shut but Garrett brushed passed her into the room before she even shut the door.

She screamed again and drew back away from him.

Garrett raised an eyebrow at her, his black face surveying her from head to toes. ” Now come on, baby. That ain’t the way to greet your ex husband?”

Scarlett was shivering Soo much Garrett thought she looked like a caged rabbit.

” W-what are you doing here?”

Garrett’s thick lips peeled off into a smile. ” I came to see you baby.”

” What’s goin’ on here?” Craig said from the stairs. He had heard Scarlett’s scream and had dashed out from the bed towards the living room.

But the moment he saw Garrett standing before Scarlett, he froze to his feet and gaped at him in shock.

The two men stared at each other for a long time.

Craig’s mouth shook as he spoke. ” G-Garrett?”

Garrett’s teeth showed. ” What’s up Buddy.”





To be Continued….

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