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” Your health is failing, Craig,” Lukeman said, sadly, swiping up the screen of an iPad on his palms. ” You’ll need to undergo another surgery.”

Craig grunted in disgust.

He was seated on the bed, bare chested. His eyes roamed around the private ward as if he was on the lookout for someone.

” How much time have I got?”

Lukeman seemed worried. ” Not much time left, Craig. I’m afraid it just got really critical.”

Craig chuckled. ” Critical, eh,” he snaked his hands into his trousers and brought out a cigarette case. ” That means I’m in-between the living and the dead, huh.”

Lukeman frowned when Craig placed the cigarette on his lips and lit it up.

” Give me that,” he reached out for Craig and snatched the cigarette off his lips. ” Considering your health you shouldn’t be smoking.”

Craig regarded him for a while then he removed another cigarette and lit it.

” Craig, stop it,” Lukeman snatched the cigarette from his lips again.

Craig lit another one.

This time around, blood rush up to Lukeman’s face. He snatched the cigarette case, the lighter and everything.

” That’s enough, Craig!” Lukeman shouted at him. ” You’re Killing yourself! I won’t have you smoking in my hospital!”

” Why won’t you just let me die?!” Craig yelled at him face. ” Can’t you see I’m trying to end my pain?”

” What pain?” Lukeman fired back angrily. ” You’re no worse than you’ve been, Craig. You gotta get a grip on yourself.”

” What’s the use?!” Craig raised his voice. ” I can’t fight this anymore. Why not end the pain and get a good long sleep in my d--n fúcking grave, huh?”

Lukeman Lowered his voice. ” Craig don’t say that. There’s still hope.”

” Not for me,” Craig said, snatching the cigarette from his grip. ” This is the only way out for me. Death’s a more comfortable partner. I’d live with it.”

” Stop saying nonesense, Craig,” Lukeman sat on the bed beside him. ” I’ve looked after you for years. You fought cancer all these years and you’ve gone through it just fine. The race ain’t over yet. Put in more effort and push through the hurdles. You can beat this.”

Craig lit a cigarette. ” I give up.”

Lukeman removed the cigarette from his lips. ” No, Craig. Don’t give up. You still have a life.”

Craig stared at him from the corner of his eyes. ” What life? Don’t get me laughing, Lukeman. My life’s fúcked up. I gotta get my toes down to whatever life throws at me. I hope I die real quick.”

” Craig…” Lukeman was about speaking when Craig raised his hands up, cutting him off.

” Get me Maria,” Craig said quietly. ” I want to see Maria.”

Lukeman sighed. ” Alright, Craig. As you wish.”

And he stood up and walked out, leaving Craig all alone in the room.

Craig took his time and lit a cigarette. He drew in smoke and let it out slowly in the air.

Moments later, a young nurse stepped into the room. She stood by the doorway, staring at Craig.

” You called for me?”

Craig raised his head to stare at Maria. Maria was his personal nurse assigned to take care of him. She was pretty tall and gorgeous with a kind face that reflected her character.

For the past four years ever since she finished her internship as the new nurse, she had taken good care of Craig whenever he checked into the hospital.

Craig regarded her for a while, puffing in smoke. ” What do you think, Maria? Lukeman says I’ll need another surgery. Think I’ll make it?”

” You’ve got to stop smoking, Craig,” Maria said brokenly. ” You’re only killing yourself.”

Craig nodded, q smirk at the corner of his lips. ” I wanna die.”

” Stop saying that.”

Craig spread his arms wide opened. ” Look at me. Do I look like the bum that would beat my condition? I’ve tried over the years. Now’s the Time to rest and end it.”

Maria felt tears rush to her eyes. She hated seeing him this way.

” Craig, what about Marcel?” She asked. ” You haven’t thought about him.”

Craig flickered ashes to the floor, a deflated expression on his face. ” Oh, him? I haven’t thought about him in a while. How’s he doing?”

Maria sighed. ” He wants you to visit.”

Craig’s eyes moved from one spot to another. His mind was restless as if he couldn’t focus on what to think.

” I’ll visit soon enough. Give me some time. In the meantime, I spoke to my lawyer the other day, about my will. I want when I die, you and Marcel gets….”

” Craig!” Marcia’s voice went up a trifle higher and hard. ” We don’t want your money. Especially not me. Marcel and I are doing fine. We just… We want you to stay alive. That’s what Marcel told me the other night. He believes you can fight through your surgery and make it. He believes in you and so do I.”

Craig watched her as two balls of tears escaped her eyes. ” S…so enough with your money. Marcel and I don’t need a dime from you. Just…. Just stay alive.”

Craig licked his lips. He let the burning cigarette drop to the ground.

” Tell Marcel to come see me tomorrow before the surgery,” Craig said. ” I want to see his face before I get into the theater.”





Scarlett took the long sharp knife and cut through the frozen chicken.

Daisy stood beside her. Cutting the vegetables. For a long time, Scarlett could only stare at her daughter, smiling to herself. She wouldn’t have thought six years ago, she would be cooking alongside her daughter.

She felt Soo delighted and thankful that she ended up dropping the knife on the board and hugging her daughter one more time.

” Mom, you’re hugging me for the eighty-nineth time already,” Daisy chucked.

” Oh shut up and give me a hug,” Scarlett teased her.

Daisy had asked a lot of questions but Scarlett gave her numerous lies to cover up the truth.

It was surprising how much Craig had hidden away from Daisy. She wasn’t even aware her mother had spent six years in jail.

Today she was making dinner for her new family. Craig was now part of her family. She had been excited since morning.

After a long while, Scarlett heard the automatic gates rolling back and a car drove in.

Craig was already here. She could tell cause she could see his new Lamborghini parked in the garage through the bay window in the living room.

For the first time ever, Daisy was happy to see him. She ran over to him and hugged him. She felt he deserves her respect having taken good care of her while her mother was away.

” You came just in time,” Scarlett said, stepping out of the kitchen. ” Dinner’s ready.”

Craig surveyed Scarlett from head to toes. She had gotten back her old beauty. Her figure came out in the lovely blouse and skirt she wore.

He felt lust drove through him as she smiled at him and returned back to the kitchen.

If she had taken her time, she would have noticed Craig was getting older and sunken in the eyes and cheeks.

But she was too excited to notice.

Notice that he was dying.





” That was a marvelous dinner,” Craig said, drinking from the brandy on his glass. ” I enjoyed every bit of it.”

Scarlett sat beside him, her eyes going to the blaring television. ” I’m glad you did, Craig.”

Craig stretch his arm over her shoulder and Crossed his legs. ” How do you like your new life, Scarlett?”

Scarlett sighed contently. ” You made my dreaym come true, Craig. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I don’t know how best to thank you.”

Craig hide a smile. His eyes went to her exposed thighs and he licked his lips.

” I also had dreams,” he said. ” You were part of my dream and now it’s fulfilled. I should be thanking you.”

Scarlett stared at him and that was when she noticed his odd features. ” Craig, you look… Are you alright?”

Craig studied those eyes as they feasted on him. He felt a pang of desire hit him.

” Yes,” he brushed a strand of her hair back and leaned towards her face. ” I’ll be fine.”

Scarlett felt his lips crushing on hers. An electric impulse rush through her as his kiss deepened.

” Craig,” Scarlett said shutting her eyes and moving her tongue against his. ” My daughter’s upstairs.”

” Doesn’t matter,” he dropped the Brandy on the glass stool and caressed her exposed thighs. ” I want you now. It’s been six years. Take me to your bedroom, my personal pórnstar.”

The way he said ” MY PERSONAL PÓRNSTAR” made her skin tingle. She reached out and wrapped her hands around his face.

” Let go, Craig,” she said. ” Take me in your arms.”





“I’ve been waiting all years for this” Craig said, kissing her deeply.

They were now locked up in her bedroom. Craig had put on some loud music on the stereo system to dampen any funny noises against Daisy.

It was just him and Scarlett in the room.

His hands feverishly pulled up her blouse off her body, exposing her bra covered títs.

Their tongues lashed together as she pulled him further into her bedroom.

Craig also pulled up her skirt and took the opportunity of diving his hand between her thighs. She was already wet and ready for him as his fingers slipped through her panties into her slit.

“I love how wet you get” Craig told her.

Scarlett caught her breath when she felt his finger rubbing her c--t. ” Gosh, I missed this Craig. I was just thinking of that big cóck inside of me.”

Craig smirked and kissed her again. He sank two fingers inside of her.

“Uh yes” she groaned, falling on the bed.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, forcing his head down into her deepening kiss.

Craig’s finger moved inside her cúnt gently and slowly with vigor. The pleasure hit her hard. It was going to be her first séx in six fúcking years. She felt like a high school virgin on her first night at prom.

After fingering her for a while, he pulled out his hands and immediately drew her skirt and panties off her legs.

Scarlett hurriedly took off her bra and even helped him out of his own clothes until they were both naked on the bed.

As she made to get down on her knees, Craig stopped her. ” Don’t do that, Scarlett. Allow me.”

Surprised, Scarlett watched as he laid her back on the bed and stood over her.

His cóck was out and curved upwards like a banana. He was just the same old Craig unless older.

Craig dropped between her legs and spread them wide opened.

Scarlett gasped. ” Craig, don’t….”

But Craig didn’t listen. He opened the lips of her c--t and placed his mouth on her clíts.

Scarlett threw her head back on the pillow and groaned. The pleasure was sweet and refreshing even after six years.

Craig took his time, slurping on her clíts until she thought she would go nuts. Her hands spread out and she clenched unto the sheets.

When Craig’s finger got into the situation, she was Soo high to even mutter a word. Her hand fell on his head between her legs and she stroked it gently.

” Craig, please be gentle.”

Craig flattened his tongue on her c--t and rubbed it up and down, up and down in a slow rythm that matched her soft moans. His fingers stroked her right in the spot that had her Rolling her eyes back into her skull.

Then Craig pulled out his face from between her legs and stood to his full height.

Scarlett was breathing hard now. She stared at his naked figure, lusting after his youthful body. He had arousen her. She wants him Soo desperately. She wants him soo bad.

Standing up she grabbed Craig and pulled him down on the bed beside him.

” Let me take the lead now, Craig,” she pleaded.

Craig stroked her dark hair, smiling into her eyes. ” Go on, baby. I’m yours.”

Scarlett saddled him, pushing him flat on the bed until she was on top of him.

Grabbing his throbbing hard cóck, She then lowered herself down, holding his cóck for guidance before sinking it home into her wet juicy cúnt.

They both groaned loudly as Scarlett sank herself down into his c--k. Craig held onto her hips to support her before she began to move herself up and down on him.

It was quite a beautiful sight watching his member appear then disappear as Scarlett rode his cóck. The sound of her àss slapping his thighs and her growing moans filled the bedroom.

She took hold of his hand and supported herself as she bounced harder on top of him.

“ Fúck yes” she moaned as her pússy milked his cóck.

Craig couldn’t take it anymore. He moved his hands round to her àss and held firmly as she slammed down harder on him, her títs bouncing meer inches away from his face.

Her cúnt tightened around his cóck as her o----m grew ever closer. She grabbed his face and quickly stuck her tongue deep into his mouth, grinding herself down onto him.

Several minutes later it was enough to send them both over the edge as they came together. She broke the kiss and cried out in pleasure as her juices flooded out and his seed flooded into her.

Scarlett kissed him deeply again before pulling herself off.

They remained like that on the bed beside each other, breathing heavily. The séx was brief but it was satisfying for both of them.

” That was glorious,” Craig drew her close to him. ” You’re the best, Scarlett. Your magic never fails.”

Scarlett happily allowed herself to get cuddled in his arms. ” I like it when you say that, my love.”

Craig’s smile suddenly slipped away. He seemed sad and worried.

” Scarlett?” he said softly.

” Yes?” Scarlett muttered, kissing his chest and neck. ” What is it?”

Craig licked his lips. He didn’t know how best to say it but he said it.

” I think it’s about time you know,” he paused suddenly.

Scarlett looked up at him. She was surprised to see his changed expression. ” What is it you wanna tell me, Craig?”

Craig tightened his lips. ” Scarlett, I’m dying.”

Scarlett caught her breath. Her eyes were shaking and her mouth opened slightly.

” D-dying?”





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