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Garrett was a tall, compactly built black negro with a rat face. He was squared shouldered, having rough black dreadlock hairs that spread across his face. His chin were squared and he possesses steady cold brown eyes and a mouth that was fixed in a horrific smile.

Craig gaped at him from the stairs; his mouth dry and his heart Hammering. ” G-Garrett?”

Garrett’s teeth showed. ” What’s up Buddy?”

In a voice Scarlett didn’t recognize as her own, she said, ” Y-You two know each other?”

Garrett moved towards the chaise lounge and flopped comfortably on it. He took off his hat and dropped it on the glassy table, then Crossed his legs with a smirk at the corner of his lips.

” You know, I was expecting that you’d be excited to see me again, baby. You’ve come up in the world, haven’t you Scarlett?” He paused, taking into view the luxury of the room and he nodded. ” Yup, even better than the ghetto where you grew up from.”

Scarlett turned back to Craig. ” Craig, what’s going on?”

Craig was descending down the stairs. His face was as white as snow and peeled off in shock.

His voice cracked as he spoke. ” What do you want, Garret?”

Garrett regraded him and showed his teeth. ” It’s time we had a little talk, buddy. Seat down.”

” Say what you have to say and get out!” Craig said, blood rising to his face.

” You know, that’s not how to treat a guest,” Garret said, bringing out a cigarette case. ” Especially me. You don’t talk to me that way. Don’t you realize that a word from me would get you in the electric Chair? You wouldn’t want me to squeak do you?”

Scarlett looked sharply at Craig, frightenly. ” Craig what is he talking about?”

Craig glared at him for a while. He had started getting his colour back but he was still fluttering inside.

Walking to the only armchair in the room, he sat down and folded his hands on his lap.

Garrett nodded, bringing out a cigarette. ” That’s a good boy, I smell something cooking. I’m starving. I haven’t eaten in a while. Scarlett, do be a darling and dish me that delicious breakfast in the kitchen.”

Scarlett was fumming now. ” I say you go to hell.”

Garrett lit his cigarette and turned to Craig. ” Can you imagine that? Even after all these years when she was just a growing kid, I took her in and fed her, she still had the guts to deny me a little meal. Women, once they’re on top of the world they treat men like shít. That’s alright, I ain’t here for food though.”

Craig’s hands were fidgeting against another. He was as nervous as a virgin on her honeymoon.

” What do you want?” He asked.

Garrett drew in smoke and flickered ashes to the ground. His eyes wandered over to Scarlett who was as shaky as a praying mantis.

” Alright, let’s get down to business,” he pointed his hand at Craig. ” I want more money.”

Craig relaxed, narrowing his eyes. ” How much?”

” Fifty million dollars,” Garrett said. ” And I want them before Friday.”

Scarlett’s expression showed her shock. ” Fifty million dollars? For what reason, Craig?”

Craig passed a wet tongue across his lips. He nodded at Garret. ” Done. You’ll get the money by Thursday.”

Garrett was surprised he accepted. He had thought Craig would be outraged at the price. ” You see, that’s what I like about you. You always mean business and that’s a good trait for you.”

” If that’s all, can you please leave?” Craig asked, his voice hard.

Garrett smoked more. ” Hold your horses, bud. I ain’t yet done talking yet. The money’s just a start. There’s still one more thing I really want.”

Craig bite his lips hard. ” Name it.”

Garrett eyed him closely. ” I wanna take back my daughter, Daisy.”

Scarlett stiffened when she heard that and her blood boiled with rage.

” Oh, no!” Scarlett cried loudly. ” You’re not taking shít. That settles it. You’re not gonna take Daisy anywhere. I’ll go to the cops and I’ll make sure you end up in jail.

Garrett dropped his cigarette on the floor and stepped on it with his shoe. ” I wasn’t talking to you, baby. I was talking to Craig.”

” I don’t care who you’re talking to,” Scarlett yelled. ” Get the hell out of my house.”

Garrett ignored her and returned to Craig. ” You’re awfully quiet now, aren’t you Craig? Don’t be hasty. I’ll let you talk it over with your girlfriend. You can tell her what you intend to do. I’d advise you to hand Daisy over to me to keep you out of of the cops.”

” He’s not going to do shít!” Scarlett said standing before Craig and Garrett. ” You’ve overplayed your hands, you sloppy dog. Daisy’s going nowhere. She belongs to me.”

Garrett scratched the back of his ears. ” You know, this attitude of yours won’t do at all, Scarlett. A word from me can send your sweetheart to the electric chair. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Scarlett turned to Craig who sat dejectedly on the armchair, quiet and shaking.

” A word about what?”

Garrett smiled inwardly. ” Ah, so you haven’t told her of our deal, haven’t you Craig? Well, that’s no surprise.”

Scarlett still had her eyes on Craig. ” Craig what is he talking about?”

Craig looked up sharply at Garrett. ” I’ll add another twenty million to the amount you’ll receive this Thursday. Can you just go home and forget about Daisy?”

Garrett’s face hardened and he became mean. ” Hey, I came here for two purpose and I must leave with both of them. I just told you I want Daisy. There’s no amount of money you’d offer that’s gonna cause me to leave my child. I’m her father. I ain’t letting another nígger take care of my child not while I’m alive.”

” Craig,” Scarlett was now getting scared. ” Can you please explain what the hell is going on here? What’s with you and Garrett?”

Garrett laughed. ” It’s a private affair, baby. Leave out of this.”

Scarlett turned angrily at him and cursed him. ” I’m not gonna listen to any more of this trash from your mouth. If you don’t get out, I’ll call the cops.”

Garrett eyed her. ” Don’t be absurd. Don’t you wanna know the truth about your rich boyfriend? There’s a name for a man like him. It ain’t a pretty one and it carries a death sentence.”

” Get out,” Scarlett yelled angrily. ” I won’t tell you again! Ger the hell out!”

” But surely you have every right to know,” he said sharply. ” Why don’t he tell you who’s responsible for Larry Cage’s murder.”

Scarlett suddenly freezed. She stopped talking. For a long time she stared at Garrett then turned slowly to Craig.

Craig wasn’t looking at her. His eyes stared down his feet and Scarlett could outline tears welling up in his eyes.

Outside the house a rush of dark clouds covered the entire sky and thunder rumbled violently under the clouds.

The living room was awfully quiet with Garrett, Craig and Scarlett gazing at each other.

” Craig?” Scarlett’s voice was shaking. ” W… who’s responsible for your father’s death?”

Craig was silent. Soo silent Scarlett became terrified of him.

Slowly raising his head up, Craig gazed longingly at her. Lightening flashes outside the building, casting a menancing shadow over his face.

” I did it,” he said gravely. ” I killed my father.”





To be Continued….

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