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Daisy sat in her room, waiting. Craig had told her he had a surprise for her.

The surprise didn’t comfort her. He had always been the mystery man even after six years.

Already, she had come to accept the fact that her mother was dead. What sort of a mother would leave her daughter stranded for six years without a call or a text.

It was too much on her mind. She couldn’t accept any more lies from her new guardian.

Standing up from her bed, she walked over to the balcony and leaned over the rails. Her eyes searched the big wide ocean.

Ever since Craig brought her to live with him, the luxury had failed to make any impression on her. She was given the best home teacher, whatever she wanted was handed over to her and if she ever feel bored, she was allowed to cruise around town in whatever car she chooses.

Yes, the luxury was good but she still preferred the ghetto where she was born and raised up.

Now she was in mid school. Her home teacher had stopped coming. Craig told her earlier today that from now on, she would start school.

That made her Happy but not for long. She wanted to ask about her mom but decided against it.

She didn’t need to tell Craig what she thought about his lies. She still believes her mother was long dead.

Suddenly, she saw Craig’s Bugatti Veyron stopped by the gates.

Daisy stared at the car for a long time. She had been brought all the way from the mansion to this ocean side estate that had its own perfect view of the ocean from the backyard. It was the Pinnacle of luxury but Daisy hated it.

She hated moving from a new location to another. She felt if Craig brought her here for a surprise, then he needed it to be done far away from the mansion.

The gates of the house was automatic. The moment it sensed Craig’s car, it rolled over and made way for Craig.

The Bugatti drove in and pulled up into the garage.

Two people stepped down the car. Daisy remained where she stood up in the balcony, gazing at Craig as he rushed to the other side of the car and held a woman close.

A black woman?

Daisy raised an eyebrow. Her guardian was one strange man. Ever since she got to know him, he hadn’t the slightest interest in any woman.

It was uncanny to see him with a woman and a black woman for that matter.

Was this the surprise he wanted to show her? She thought, rolling her eyes.

Craig led the woman into the house. Daisy could hear him calling out her name.

” Daisy?”

” Oh brother,” she blew a lock of hair off her cheeks and proceeded to walk down the stairs to meet Craig’s guest.

Craig was standing before the woman who sat in the comfortable arm chair in the room.

” You called for me?” She said, reaching the bottom of the stairs.

Craig turned to her. ” Yes, I did. Umm… Daisy, I want you to meet someone.”

Daisy’s eyes wandered over to the woman.

She was wearing dark glasses and was in an expensively dressed outfit that brought out her beauty. Daisy could tell this woman had just been to a beauty saloon.

” Who’s she?” Daisy asked politely.

Craig looked down at the woman then at Daisy. ” Well, she’s… She’s your mother.”

Daisy raised an eyebrow. ” Okay, sir. I gotta say, I’ve been really quiet about this for years but let’s drop it, okay. I know mh mom’s dead. There ain’t no need to—”

” Daisy,” Scarlett’s voice cut her off. ” It’s me.”

Daisy’s eyes widened when Scarlett pulled out her glasses. Tears were streaming down Scarlett’s face.

Daisy’s hand crept up to her mouth and she shuddered. ” M-mother?”

She didn’t recognize Scarlett. She looked older and lean as if she had just been rescued from a refugee camp.

Scarlett stood up, opening her arms. ” Come to me, baby,” Scarlett sobbed. ” Come give your mama a hug.”

Daisy didn’t know what came over her. She was Soo filled with emotions she ran to her mother and fell into her hug.

” Mama,” Daisy cried. ” Where the hell have you been?!”

Scarlett tightened her embrace on Daisy. ” Doesn’t matter, baby. I’m here. That’s all that matters.”

Daisy couldn’t stop crying. She cried like her life depended on it.

Craig stood afar off, watching the two with a smile at the corner of his lips.

It was a family reunion. He felt proud of himself.





” I can’t thank you enough for taking good care of her for me,” Scarlett said, stroking Daisy’s head which laid on her laps.

They were in the backyard, facing the ocean.

Craig relaxed on the comfortable cushion chair as he gazed at her. ” She was a nice kid. Always obedient. I took care of her like she was my own daughter.”

Scarlett watched him for a while then looked away. ” You’ve done Soo much, Craig. I thought you’d leave me high and dry. All of these…. I just don’t know how to repay you for your kindness.”

Craig drew out a gold cigarette case. He took out a cigarette and handed her one. ” Care for a smoke?”

Scarlett was shocked. ” How did you get my case?”

Craig chuckled. ” Relax, just take it.”

Scarlett took the cigarette then accepted a lighter from him. She hadn’t smoked in a long time.

To her surprise, Craig placed a cigarette to his lips and lit it.

This was too shocking. Craig smokes?

Craig caught her staring and he grinned. ” Surprised aren’t you?”

” Oh my God, what Happened to you?” Scarlett said, litting her cigarette. ” You’re not the Craig I know.”

Craig smirked. ” I’ll bet you were going to say that,” he paused, leaning more on the cushion as he expertly let smoke drift out of his nostrils. ” You know, Scarlett, ever since my father died, I felt free. It sounds odd saying stuffs like this. Of course I felt hurt I lost my dad to some random killer. But it gave me a new insight to life. I began to make my own rules and do what I really loved doing the most. Being America’s youngest billionaire was a great achievement but my freedom was more. And now that I have you here with me, it just got better.”

Scarlett drew in smoke. ” Craig, you’re the overall achiever. I lost everything I’ve ever had. And now I’ve got to start over. I don’t know what to say to you. I’m sorry about your dad. Believe me, I didn’t do it.”

” Don’t say that,” Craig smiled. ” I know all along it wasn’t you. That’s why I hired you that lawyer.”

Scarlett stiffened. ” Hold the phone, you hired me a lawyer?”

Craig nodded. ” Well, I just didn’t want you to spend all your savings on a lawyer so I got you the best and the most ruthless lawyer out there to defend your case. He was an expensive one though.”

Scarlett’s mouth opened and closed. ” How come no one told me that?”

” I also bought XHUB,” Craig said sharply, not looking at her. ” I’m sorry, Scarlett but I just couldn’t stand another person watching you having séx on the internet. And Daisy, I was also protecting her from the truth.”

Daisy was deep in sleep. Craig had spent six years to know her habit. Whenever she was deep in sleep, she doesn’t snore.

That was why he talked the way he talked.

” Craig this is…” Scarlett was short of words. ” This is way too much. What did I—”

Craig stood up from his chair and wandered over to her. He held her cheeks and kissed her deeply.

Scarlett felt his lips tasting her and she closed her eyes, allowing his savoring kiss to linger and deepen.

When he broke their kiss, he looked steadily into her eyes. ” Scarlett, I love you Soo much. I’d do anything, anything for you so long as I know you’re happy and safe. I promise you, no one’s ever gonna hurt you again. And because of that, I bought you this house.”

Scarlett went hot and cold. ” T-This house?”

Craig nodded. ” That’s right. The house belongs to you and so is the Bugatti. It’s all yours. I also stacked your account with twenty million dollars. Start up a business with it and give your daughter a better life. You deserve it.”

” Craig…” Scarlett caught her breath. ” This… This is too much…”

Craig shook his head. ” It’s not too much, Scarlett. I told you I’d make a better life for you. This is what I meant. You made me happy now’s my turn to make you happy, my personal pórnstar.”

Scarlett didn’t know when she gently dropped Daisy’s head on the sofa. She rushed to Craig and hugged him.

Craig held her tight. His hands went to her waist and stayed there.

Scarlett was crying. ” Oh, Craig. You’re right. You’re different from every other men I met. I’ve never met any man like you. Thank you… Thank you Soo much.”

Craig smiled and kissed her hair. ” You don’t need to thank me, my love. You don’t need to thank me.”





When Craig returned back to them mansion, it was late.

Henri had been sacked years ago and so were the maids. The only people who lives at the mansion were the Japanese gardeners and the security guards.

The mansion was empty except for Craig.

Entering the elevator, Craig shot himself up to his room.

His hands were shaking and he suddenly felt faint. The moment the door swished opened, he staggered unsteadily towards the bathroom and drew out his drugs.

He was breathing heavily and there were sweat beads all over his forehead.

Pouring pills of various colours and sizes, he hurried to a water dispenser, fill up a cup of water and swallowed his pills down his throat.

Collapsing on the ground, Craig shut his eyes and waited for the drugs to kick in.

His breath was fading off and it seemed he wasn’t going to make it.

Twisting his wrist watch, he pressed a red button to alert his security guards about his failing health.

As he waited, he shut his eyes and thought about many things. He focused his thought on Scarlett even as the door to his room burst opened with his guards rushing in.

Craig passed out into darkness.





To be Continued….

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