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Explode, Eternal Heaven!

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The Spirit Monarch was prepared much earlier. He waved his huge hand once. The four great monarch-ranked powerhouses charged out from the array instantly and headed straight toward the oncoming threat.

A dash of coldness appeared on Ling Zichen’s teary-eyed face at the moment in the faraway sky.

‘Try to stop it? Who do you think you are to stop the Eternal Heaven’s power?’ She had already calculated the launch time during the modification process.

As the absolute lethal Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition, the Eternal Heaven required some time to reach its destination when launched as a cannon. The Eternal Heaven could possibly be weakened if it was stopped in mid-flight.

However, it was no longer a cannon anymore.

“Come on, you d*mn fools. Eternal Heaven, launch!” Ling Zichen called out aloud.

Tang Wulin felt Ling Zichen turn scorching hot in his arms. He could still feel the scorching heat in spite of his four-word battle armor Golden Dragon Moon Song.

In the next moment, the entire sky turned bright. A stream of dazzling white light shot out from Ling Zichen’s chest. It was a flawless light ray.

Tang Wulin had focused his full attention on the process. At the moment the Eternal Heaven cannon was launched, his Golden Dragon Moon Song produced a ripple fluctuation that absorbed the tremendous explosive recoil.

Despite cushioning the impact, he and Ling Zichen were both sent to a high altitude of ten thousand meters instantly like a cannonball. The entire Golden Dragon Moon Song turned a golden-red due to the intense friction against the air and the powerful recoil of the launch.

The Black Monarch was flying at the frontmost after leaving the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array. All of a sudden, an ineffable, terrifying oppressive force appeared in her perception instantly. She immediately lost her ability to fly and began to drop akin to a free-falling object.

One would choose to self-detonate when confronted with a fatal danger. The Black Monarch did just that. So did the rest of the monarchs.

The terrifying attack came too swiftly.

On the other hand, all the federal commanders had their gaze fixed upon the fleeting light ray which illuminated the entire night sky at the moment.

Everyone had their fists clenched as they anxiously awaited the arrival of the moment.

Be it victory or defeat, survival or death, it all depended upon this single stroke.

Nothing seemed more terrifying. It could potentially destroy all men, and it was finally upon them.

The Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian hovered in the sky to brace himself against the onslaught of the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array. He was completely dumbstruck in the meantime.

He was a Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouse too, so he could sense the white light ray that sent chills down his spine.

‘It’s coming? Is that it?’

All intelligence was on complete lockdown. Except for Chen Xinjie and Yu Guanzhi, no one knew when the Eternal Heaven would be launched.

Yet, Dong Zian’s instincts told him that it was precisely the Eternal Heaven he had been anticipating all this while!

Moreover, the launch came precisely from Shrek Academy’s site.

‘It’s here. It’s really here at the most critical juncture.’

‘You must succeed! You’ve to succeed!’

Tears were now streaming down the strong-willed general’s face.

One third of the Western Army Corps’ soldiers were dead as a result of his miscalculation. He had not cried then. At present, he could no longer hold back his tears anymore when he finally saw hope for the first time.

His lower lip cracked from him biting down too hard. At this very moment, countless thoughts emerged in his mind.

Success or failure now would determine the survival of the hundreds of thousands federal soldiers behind him.

Success or failure also meant the great catastrophe could be stopped.

This strike carried not only their hope but the hope of the entire Federation.

In the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array.

The Spirit Monarch vanished almost instantly when he saw the shimmering spot of white light. There was a terrified look in his gaze.

As a Divine Origin realm powerhouse, he was super sensitive toward all kinds of energy. Also, he was able to tell the power of this strike with his acute sense.

Was the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array capable of withstanding this?

Ling Zichen’s body was completely numb by now. It felt as if her body was no longer under her control. Only her brain was still conscious.

Her lips moved, but she could not even utter a word. There was only one thought in her mind now.

‘Let the Eternal Heaven cleanse the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array that is formed from a million human lives!’


Finally, the white light illuminated over the purple-black gigantic light shield.

At this instant, it felt as if everything was frozen, time, space, and all else. Everything on the entire Douluo Continent plane had seemingly been suspended, and the planet could no longer rotate.

The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array stopped moving. Everyone’s gaze was fixed at the collision point.

It was precisely then when everyone seemed to have lost their ability to think.


Another hum was heard. The white light disappeared without a trace, while the purple-black great array remained.

Inside the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array, the corners of the Ghost Emperor’s lips twitched once. The ghastly green radiance in his eyes lit up excitedly.

“It has been stopped, it has been stopped! So what if it’s the Eternal Heaven? Before the god-ranked Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array…”

The thought had just appeared, when he suddenly noticed that the area on the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array which had been hit by the white light earlier became illuminated in the next moment.

Its color turned from an initial purple-black filled with a buoyant aura into an extremely bright purple at this very moment. There were seemingly countless illusory projections.

A scene emerged vaguely on the gigantic light shield. The scene was filled with fluffy white clouds which appeared like the misty immortal clouds in a fairyland.

Just then, everyone heard a voice. The voice was heard upon the emergence of the scene.

“Welcome to Eternal Heaven!”


A big explosion which was beyond comparison arose.

The ground was shaking, even the earth was shaking. The entire Thule suddenly turned into a sea of light in the next moment.

Everyone who witnessed the explosion was blinded temporarily. In fact, they even lost their ability to think soon after.

The incandescent colors of the mushroom cloud transformed into a gigantic halo which exploded in the sky.

In the ensuing moments, Tang Wulin and Ling Zichen were blasted away by the powerful shockwave despite being tens of kilometers away from the explosion.

A jade green light shield was unleashed the moment the explosion took place in the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy’s station. Subsequently, it enshrouded and protected the entire camp. Everything within the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy’s powerhouses’ visual fields had turned incandescent.

Everyone had pondered about the power of the Eternal Heaven in the past. Yet, the explosion surpassed everyone’s expectation.

It was truly terrifying. It was terrifying to a point beyond description!

The Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian was smiling. Although he was now rendered completely blind with his body spinning wildly, he was smiling still.

His heart hit bottom when he saw no change after the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array was clobbered. Yet in the next moment, a huge explosion took place. He and his mecha were instantly blown away by the shockwave.

The shockwave was horrifying. As a result, he lost consciousness. He was the closest to the great array being less than forty kilometers away. However, the shockwave still caused him to tumble at this distance.

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