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Long Live Federation The Legend of the Dragon King

Even so, he was smiling because he understood that the more powerful the Eternal Heaven was, the higher the possibility of annihilating those wretches completely!

No matter what, the shockwave could never match the power at the core of the blast. The defensive line’s protective shield still managed to block most of the explosion anyway.

What of the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array? It was struck by the ammunition itself!

The blast had driven the Black Monarch and a few other monarch-ranked powerhouses into the ground like nails.

Every single one of them was filled with fear.

‘So, this is mankind’s superweapon? Humans are capable of making a device like this? It’s terrifying. It is pure terror!’

The Black Monarch was incredulous. Whatever the case, she had no choice but to believe when the reality of it was right before her eyes!

Yu Guanzhi had already prepared the order to launch all the artillery, but he was incapable of dispatching it when he saw that incandescent color arrive. At that point, the order would have been meaningless anyway.

He had never felt the feeling of being so afraid that chills ran down his spine. As a Limit Douluo, he was one of the world’s most elite warriors.

That being said, he only realized the significance of the great explosion after it had happened. It signified terror!

The Eternal Heaven was the deadliest weapon in human history. It had been so ever since been created long ago, but it was concealed from outsiders.

He was terrified because the weapon did not belong to the Federation. It was in the hands of the Tang Sect and Shrek.

The father and son, Qiangu Dieting and Dongfeng, were even more terrified than he was.

They were at the Western Army Corps’ camp when they felt the ground shaking violently. They sensed the entire Western Army Corps’ defensive line wavering unstably.

They watched the incandescence produced from the big explosion and listened to the piercing siren. Only then had they truly grasped the power of the Eternal Heaven.

Whether it was a hundred rank-9 fixed soul ammunition or three levels of defenses, all of it was but a joke before the terrifying Eternal Heaven.

If the Eternal Heaven had been dropped on the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters, everything as far as one thousand meters underground would vanish just like that.

Was this really something that could be achieved with mankind’s knowledge? Was this really something that belonged to the mortal realm?

Gu Yuena’s charming face was ghastly pale as she watched the scene.

For the very first time, she felt what the word ‘destruction’ meant. It was the destruction brought by mankind. The weak humans were incapable of becoming Gods because there were still some fundamental differences between them. Nevertheless, were the Gods capable of withstanding the attack that took place before her eyes?

She had no idea. She really had no idea.

No one had the ability to determine that.

The void of emptiness seeme to last for a long, long time, yet it also felt like it had only lasted for a moment. Every person witnessing the massive explosion felt like they had lived through a thousand years in a split second.

When the ears could finally hear again and their eyes regained some sight after watering profusely from the bright light, they saw a dazzling white-gold mushroom cloud rising toward the sky. There was also the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array that was already stopped completely over there like a rotten watermelon.

The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array seemed to have turned into a solid entity after the explosion. More than two-thirds of its top had been erased, leaving only a large area of tattered purple-black hue.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of the densely arranged and overlapping abyssal creatures inside the purple-black array had also disappeared without a trace. Only the incomparably thick purple-black color remained surging and churning toward the depths of the abyss.

Some of the abyssal creatures nearing the edge of the array still survived, but they were still blasted into a scattered mess. Their torn limbs and broken body parts were strewn all around.

On the ground over the entire Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array, other than the abyssal passage’s exit with surging mist that could not be seen, the rest of the area had already turned into molten form. The dark red liquid was akin to lava. The ground caved in more than one thousand meters. It was simply akin to hell in the mortal world.

Every person in the vicinity was left with a parched throat.

Someone roared in rage with a hoarse voice, “Long live the Federation.”

In the next moment, the cheering voices began to spread through the legion of humankind.

“Long live the Federation! Long live the Federation! Long live the Federation!”

Ninety-nine percent of those present did not understand the situation and did not know what sort of weapon produced the terrifying scene. Even so, they knew that the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array that held them back was doomed. It had been completely destroyed.

This was the Eternal Heaven. It held the most powerful destructive force known to mankind!

The sound of cheers and excitement came from all of the human forces in a split second.

The Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian maneuvered his divine mecha to struggle out of the mountain that he had slammed into earlier. He watched the scene from a distance and screamed out hysterically in excitement.

It was a success. It was a success!

“Long live the Eternal Heaven! Long live the Federation!” he shouted with all his might. He could not be bothered by the warm tears that ran down his face.

It was a success. The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array could not be saved nor could the numerous abyssal creatures. The frighful beasts had been blasted into ash. It had all been burned to the ground! What a success.

Even though the vast majority of the abyssal creatures killed in the blast had already turned into abyssal energy and returned to the abyssal plane, it would certainly not be easy for so many abyssal creatures to come back to Douluo Continent plane ever again! It would definitely take a long period of time to do so.

Whatever the case, mankind could not possibly give these abyssal creatures the chance to try again!

“Zichen, Zichen. How are you?” Tang Wulin called out anxiously.

Naturally, he had seen everything that took place in the distance. The mastermind Ling Zichen had stopped breathing. In fact, her vital signs had vanished completely.

Her body was like a machine that had used up all its power. It had shut down when all its energy had been exhausted.

Tang Wulin held Ling Zichen in his arms. The pink mecha on her body had already turned darker.

With this being the case, Tang Wulin could not join in the crowd’s jubilation. Like a meteor, he flew back to Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s camp where the powerhouses had gathered. He returned to the Life Subtree.

Thick life source did its best to fuse into the mecha under Tang Wulin’s guidance. The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali had already arrived by his side and unleashed the Holy Spirit Dance right away. It was the miraculous resurrection skill that could save Ling Zichen as long as there was an ounce of life source in her.

Meanwhile in the federal military’s command headquarters, Yu Guanzhi roared furiously, almost in exasperation, “Fire! Fire everything!”

In the sea of cheering voices, the general officers pushed the launch buttons in succession. The entire great northern land exploded with an unprecedented series of violent blasts and booming noises once again.

Countless soul ammunition and soul beams rained down akin to a heavy downpour. There was only one target.

Without the protection of the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array, the remaining abyssal creatures were about to confront an all-out attack from the entire Douluo Federation.

The ground was shaking, as was everything else.

The violent booming noises echoed through all of Thule.

Their operational strategy worked. Everything seemed to be glowing brightly.

In the waves of artillery fire, the day had already begun to break in the distance. Dawn had arrived! Was the sunlight still far away?

Humanity’s forces cheered in excitement. The whole world seemed to be celebrating joyfully.

Yu Guanzhi slumped into his chair in exhaustion after dispatching his last order.

The act of pulling an all-nighter did not tire the Limit Douluo, but the spiritual stress did the job.

Even the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie’s breathing weakened in the meantime.

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