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You Are Tang Sect’s Pride

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“What’s going on? Why aren’t you saying anything?” asked Ling Zichen smilingly.

“Zichen, you’ve sacrificed too much.” Tang Wulin heaved a sigh.

The smile on Ling Zichen’s face suddenly vanished. Although Tang Wulin could not see her face behind the mecha, he could obviously sense the changes in her emotions.

“Do you think I’m a monster? That I’m a crazy woman?” asked Ling Zichen coldly.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He shook his head subconsciously. “No, I don’t. I’ve never thought of you as a monster before. In my heart, you are a respectable scientist. You gave your life to science. You are the pride of Tang Sect.”

“But, I’m a woman too. I yearn for the things a woman yearns for. Even if I only think about it occasionally, I’m still a woman after all.”

Her voice suddenly choked. Her emotional fluctuations happened so quickly that Tang Wulin was at a loss what to do.

Ling Zichen suddenly screamed aloud, “Prepare to launch the Eternal Heaven cannon! Tang Wulin, stabilize the carriage.”

Tang Wulin felt the chills down his chest. A divine radiance shot out from his eyes. Speckles of golden radiance on his body enlarged rapidly as the dazzling golden four-word battle armor Golden Dragon Moon Song cladded his body.

At the same time, the battle armor on his body began to liquefy and connect to Ling Zichen’s mecha. He was hugging Ling Zichen from behind. At present, he looked like he had fused with Ling Zichen completely.

Firm and steady!

The silver-white muzzle aimed at the gigantic purple-black protective shield in the distance. It felt as if the air froze at this very moment.

The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array slow advance looked striking. It symbolized the end of all mankind.

Ling Zichen’s lips were tightly pursed. She was refraining herself from crying. Speckles of radiance illuminated her body. The Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit units on her body lit up in succession before transforming into the origin force.

Halos illuminated on her chest. They were rings of densely-arranged sources which were linked together in a rhythmic yet bizarre manner. It unleashed a terrifying aura which had never been felt before.

Even though Tang Wulin was still cladded in the Golden Dragon Moon Song, he immediately felt his body went numb as soon as the source core was ignited. His entire body shivered and was filled with an ineffable feeling.

There was fear, excitement, and anticipation. Last but not least, there was tenacity.

Regardless of the price and method, they must destroy the enemy here and now in Thule forever. They must never allow the enemy to step into the continent regardless.

In the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array.

Silhouettes came charging out of the enormous abyssal passage to become a part of the great array. Each silhouette that came out was a top entity amongst the abyssal creatures.

Following the completion of the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array, the abyssal passage was protected by the array such that it was hidden away from the suppression of the Douluo Continent plane.

Countless powerhouses were storming out from the hundred and eight levels of the abyss.

They watched everything outside the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array with greed in their eyes and were just waiting for the time to pig out.

This world would become their passage to Godhood. In fact, they felt the mighty life force of the planet underneath their feet. It was the energy that they yearned for badly!

The Spirit Monarch hovered in the center of the sky within the array. He clasped his hands behind his back and sensed the aura emitted from the abyssal creatures in the surroundings. He basked in the sensation and closed his eyes.

In the distance, the battered Western Army Corps’ defense was in his view. The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array could wipe out anything. As soon as they broke the battlefront, the abyssal legion would be in full swing. All the abyssal creatures would be unleashed to all corners of the world to amass the purest forms of life force.

All of a sudden, the Spirit Monarch had an unexpected premonition and sensed an ineffable fear creeping into his heart.

His spiritual power had achieved godhood. It was the Divine Origin realm worthy of its reputation. As soon as a crisis appeared, he could sense it at once.

He raised his head abruptly and looked in a particular direction. In the pitch black night sky, he could see a tiny light spot vaguely far away in the distance.

But, the light spot was the source of the fear in the depths of his heart.

What was that? What kind of entity was that?

In the next moment, all the quasi god-ranked powerhouses in the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array raised their heads and looked toward that direction.

Everyone was appalled.

No one knew what it was, but they clearly sensed the terrifying aura which bore down on them with the weight of Mount Taishan.

The Ghost Emperor was almost caught speechless. “Oh no, that’s the Eternal Heaven. Stop it, quick. We can’t let it blast the great array.”

How could the Holy Spirit Cult not know about the Eternal Heaven? In the past, the Ghost Emperor was the mastermind behind the two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition that destroyed Shrek City. He would never forget the apocalyptic scene.

At any rate, the Eternal Heaven was the most powerful Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition which surpassed the other two weapons. It was the legendary ammunition of the entire Federation! It was also the most powerful, devastating weapon ever made.

The Ghost Emperor did not expect the Federation to hand over the Eternal Heaven to be utilized even before the war was in full swing.

His contact did not provide the information that the Eternal Heaven was already in the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy’s possession.

The Ghost Emperor shrieked aloud, “Has the Demon Empress open up the great array? Quick, let out our people.”

The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array had not only stopped the external entities from entering the array, but it had also stopped the entities inside from exiting. It was completely sealed.

The Ghost Emperor unleashed his spiritual power and joined the Spirit Monarch to send a signal to the person in the depths of the abyssal passage.

The person standing on the enormous worship altar with her whole body enshrouded in purple-gold radiance opened her eyes. Next to her was a young maiden with long hair hanging loosely over her shoulders. The maiden’s face was ghastly pale. She was standing there in a trance.

“Is that the Eternal Heaven? So what if it’s the Eternal Heaven, what can it do?” asked the Demon Empress coldly.

Standing at her side, the young maiden’s alluring silhouette shivered once. “Mother, stop it. I beg you, please stop it. Do you really want to see the entire continent being destroyed by the abyssal creatures? Please stop. We can’t keep doing this anymore! It’s the world that raised us. You can’t let the enmity of what happened to father blind you. You shouldn’t do that.”

“Shut up.” The Demon Empress swung her arm and slapped the young maiden on her cheek. She was flung to the ground. The Demon Empress said coldly, “Had it not been you who released that person, everything would have been smooth sailing. What is it about some continent and plane that you’re talking about? Can those things bring back your father? So what if all mankind must die and the entire continent destroyed simultaneously? We’ll go to another world. It’s only possible to find your father by becoming a god. I stand a chance to create life upon attaining godhood.”

The young maiden lay on the ground with fresh blood trickling down from the corner of her mouth. However, her gaze was filled with determination. “Many have died so you can become a god. Even though we are not yet humans, humans are living beings too. So many lives have perished in our pursuit of revenge. You’re going to be chastened by heaven!”

“Chastened by heaven? Hahahaha. When your father was killed, why wasn’t the enemy chastened by heaven? So what if I get punished by heaven? The lord of the Douluo Continent plane is utterly spineless. If I can become a god, I’ll be at the same rank he is. There’s no telling who will be punished by heaven anyway. The Eternal Heaven, huh? What can the Eternal Heaven do? Haha, haha!”

The hysterical laughter echoed in the abyssal passage. At the same time, the Demon Empress waved her right hand and casted a series of glistening runes. A door cracked open on each side of the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array.

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