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Cannon God, The Human Form Weapon!

“Prepare for level one combat. I repeat, prepare for level one combat. Lock on target and await my orders!”

The sounds of soul devices spinning were echoing through the entire Thule. On the sea surface were numerous floes. The long-range artillery of the three great fleets were all aimed at the distance. They were waiting patiently for further orders.

Needless to say, everyone was waiting for this crucial moment. It could determine the survival of mankind!

At present, Dong Zian was at the frontmost of the Western Army Corps’ defense line. His blood-red Ferocious Wolf mecha appeared especially striking which made it visible to every Western Army Corps’ soldier.

At the moment, he could only boost the morale of the Western Army Corps by actively engaging in the war himself.

‘I shall cleanse the mistake I made with my own blood.’

Dong Zian raised his hand and dialed the military communicator on his wrist.

Yu Guanzhi’s voice was heard coming from the other end instantly. “Yu Guanzhi speaking.”

“Old Yu.” Dong Zian’s voice sounded gloomy.

Yu Guanzhi spoke in a deep voice, “Make it short and sweet. I’m commanding the battle.”

Dong Zi spoke in a deep voice, “We’ve been contending against each other for a lifetime. I’ve never yielded to you nor acknowledge that you’re more powerful than me. Your family background is better than mine. You’ve no idea how hard I worked just to get to where I am today. However, today will be the end of our fight. I still won’t yield to you, but I’ve a request.”

Yu Guanzhi said, “Go ahead.”

Yu Guanzhi’s eyes lit up. “When I die, I don’t want my name on the pillar of shame.”

Yu Guanzhi was silent for a moment. “Dong Zian, you better come back alive from this f--k*ng war!”

“Hahaha. Old Yu, the Ferocious Wolf shall be buried in the wild like a warrior!” Upon saying that, Dong Zian hung up the communicator. He did a somersault, and he was already in his Ferocious Wolf mecha.

The mecha closed. In the next moment, the Ferocious Wolf mecha’s eyes slowly opened and shot out a terrifying cold radiance.

“This is Dong Zian speaking! Listen, all my brothers in the Western Army Corps. Pledge to die and refuse to fall back! I’ll be the first!”

Upon saying that, his Ferocious Wolf mecha shot forward abruptly and flew into the sky. He arrived at the frontmost of the entire Western Army Corps’ defense line.

In the federal military command headquarters, Yu Guanzhi clenched his fists tightly. He muttered to himself, “Old Dong, do you know that you’ve always been the person I admire the most over the years? You’re right about how I’m not as powerful as you since I’ve the support of my family.”

Chen Xinjie patted his shoulder. “If both of you live through this war, I believe the both of you won’t be adversaries anymore but comrades instead.”

Yu Guanzhi smiled. “That’s true.”

“Thirty-five meters!” The staff officer reported the situation.

Yu Guanzhi was in front of the large screen which was displaying the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array. He stared at the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array which was still advancing with a burning gaze. He was in a tense mood.

The numerous powerhouses from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had risen into the sky above the Life Subtree. They were hovering in midair.

From their position, they could see the gigantic purple-black light shield in the distance.

Tang Wulin nodded toward Ling Zichen by his side.

Ling Zichen’s expression had turned exceedingly solemn. Speckles of pink glint glimmered on her body. Her super divine-ranked mecha was cladded on her body instantly. She removed herself from Tang Wulin’s support and hovered in the sky on her own.

“Everyone protect Ling Zichen and be prepared for combat,” commanded Tang Wulin.

Although most of them were not aware of what he was doing, they took his words to be commands now.

Ling Zichen’s mecha was different than before. A rhombus-shaped jewel was encrusted in the chest. The jewel was red which complemented the pink mecha well.

At present, the red jewel shimmered when it began spinning. One after another, pieces of metal parts were produced inside and assembled into a metal rack. A muzzle about half a foot in diameter with a protrusion of two meters was fabricated as well. “Wulin, please help me stabilize the carriage!”

Tang Wulin had a drastic change of expression upon seeing the muzzle on her chest.

“You’re truly a lunatic!” Upon seeing the change in Ling Zichen, he realized what she did. She had installed the Eternal Heaven onto her super divine mecha and turned it into the main artillery of the mecha!

However, the Eternal Heaven was a bomb! If it ever exploded, not even a single cell of Ling Zichen would be left behind.

Ling Zichen smiled and said, “We are pressed for time. We can’t complete the modification process in time without using my mecha as the carriage. Do you think that the modification is an easy task? Come, quick. Stand behind me and help me stabilize the carriage. The kickback is going to be extremely strong. Be prepared.”

It was not just Tang Wulin, all the others around him had a drastic change of expression.

Even those who did not partake in the discussion related to the Eternal Heaven were able to figure out some of the parts as well. Tang Wulin’s expression at the moment made it evident to all. The young maiden was going to use her body as the carriage to launch this abominable bomb!

The Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo looked at Ling Zichen with bizarre expressions on their faces. They never expected Ling Zichen to be this insane.

Using her body as a carriage was equivalent to transplanting the Eternal Heaven to the internal part of her mecha. At the same time, the mecha used her body as the core energy source. In a sense, the Eternal Heaven was fused with Ling Zichen’s body. She had completely turned herself into a human destructive weapon!

Just about every scientist had an irrational trait. Undoubtedly, Ling Zichen’s irrationality far exceeded most scientists’. Aside from the danger she would encounter during the fusion process, even now, would she be able to withstand the energy intensity of the Eternal Heaven with her body as the carriage?

Now that the sequence of events had turned out this way, it would be pointless for him to voice out his exasperation toward her now. He could only do as she instructed.

Tang Wulin glared at her and shouted aloud. “Everyone, fall back five thousand meters. Let’s go.”

As he was speaking, he wrapped his arms around Ling Zichen’s waist from the back. Both of them simultaneously leaped and surged into the sky to distance themselves from the Life Subtree.

Ling Zichen giggled. “Are you scared?”

Tang Wulin spoke in a furious and unpleasant tone, “This has nothing to do with whether I’m scared or not. How can you take yourself so lightly?”

Ling Zichen replied, “As a scientist, I care only about the success rate. I thought about using my body as the carriage since I’m the one most familiar with the Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit unit on the continent at present. On the other hand, there’s only one Eternal Heaven which is more lethal than the one I developed earlier. If I want to make it a long-term reusable superweapon, I’ll need to make slight modifications to the Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit unit continuously. I’ll also carry out some adjustments during the launch process. I’m not a soul master, but there are many Positive Circulation Source Soul Circuit units in my body composition. My spiritual consciousness is linked to the Eternal Heaven so that it is most effective when in use. In this way, the success rate will be increased by eighteen point five percent as compared to placing the carriage elsewhere. Do you know the significance of this number? It means the overall safety is improved by twenty percent. The difference is substantial. So, how can I not do it? Moreover, I’ve succeeded. I’m the superweapon now. I’ve to say that even you’re incapable of withstanding a frontal blast from me. Hahaha! I’m going to be our Tang Sect’s cannon god in the future.”

The rage in Tang Wulin’s heart was gone upon hearing her excited soliloquy. In its place was a special feeling instead.

The young maiden hidden in the mecha before him had sacrificed everything for the research and development of science. In fact, she could not even be considered human anymore. All that she did, she did for the Tang Sect and soul technology!

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