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Pledge To Live And Die Together With The Army

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Tang Wulin’s heart was moved instantly. At the same time, he had a bizarre feeling. It seemed like there was some distance between them when their eyes met. In fact, they were growing further apart.

“Let’s go.” The Holy Spirit Douluo tugged at Tang Wulin once. He then left with the powerhouses from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect.

Dong Zian had recovered from the surprise in the meantime, but he remained silent. Yu Guanzhi had given Dong Zian a call and informed him that the Central Army Corps and the Northwest Army Corps would assist him to rebuild his defenses as soon as possible.

At the moment, the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array was moving at a slow and steady pace. It was getting closer.

The sky darkened gradually with the curtain of night closing down on any remaining light. The purple black canopy of the heavens was advancing slowly in the distance.

The Western Army Corps’s elite soldiers were scared until they could seemingly run away from their own shadows. The morale of the elite troop was at a low after having suffered the loss of a third of their troop. In addition, the casualties happened in such a short time.

The opponent was so powerful that their confidence was shaken. The entire Western Army Corps sank into a depression at the moment.

Dong Zian was in the operations room of the headquarters now. The command post had been temporarily rebuilt. All his high-ranking military officers were in the command post as well. There was no one from the Qiangu Clan to represent the Spirit Pagoda anymore. Only the Silver Dragon Douluo Gu Yuena, the newly-appointed Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master was present.

“Firstly, on behalf of the army, I’d like to express our gratitude for your help and support.” Dong Zian nodded toward Gu Yuena.

Indeed, a quasi god ought to be respected regardless. Had it not been for her, the Spirit Monarch would still be attacking at will. It was highly probable that the entire Western Army Corps would have been annihilated.

Gu Yuena nodded, but she kept silent.

Dong Zian took a deep breath. “My heart is heavy with grief for the deceased soldiers. The rest needs no telling. After the war has ended, I shall submit myself to a court martial. It’s my decision that resulted in this defeat. However, I’m prepared to sacrifice myself. Unless the abyssal plane is completely defeated, I, Dong Zian will not back down. I’ve only one life, and I’m going to fight them till the end. However, I no longer have the authority to ask any of you to join me.”

At this point, he closed his eyes in agony.

“Colonel general, don’t say that. We’ll not be who we are today without you. At the same time, we don’t think you made the wrong decision. You did it out of consideration for the army. You made the decision not only for us, but for everyone as well. Your decision is the decision of every one of us. Hence, even if you’re wrong, we’ll share the responsibility. Our deceased brothers won’t blame you. Neither will we. If you’re determined to fight to the death, we’ll accompany you then. We won’t back down anymore. We want to seek revenge for our deceased brothers.”

A major general who was standing had made the remarks with a sonorous and forceful voice. He had a hideous appearance, yet he exuded an aura that was filled with valiance.

“Whoosh!” All the high-ranking military officers on the scene stood up.

“We pledge to live and die together with the army!”

Every soldier’s voice was filled with a righteous ardor. None of them had the slightest hesitation when they made their pledge.

Dong Zian’s eyes became moistened in response. He stood up as well. He could not help recalling the past in his mind.

For so many years, he had been with the Western Army Corps ever since the first day he joined the army. He began as a lowly private and gained military gallantry a step at a time until he was at last promoted as the Western Army Corps’ regimental commander. He brought the Western Army Corps which was initially at the bottom ranks to its current flourishing state.

Just about every corner of the entire army corps had his influence. Almost all the high-ranking military officers on the scene were promoted single-handedly by him. The entire Western Army Corps was as sturdy as a metal sheet.

There was a saying: ‘Adversity tests the sincerity of friends’. At this very moment, he felt that it had been worth it. For so many years, all the sacrifices he made for the Western Army Corps was worth it!

“Very well! We shall live together and die together. For the Federation!”

“For the Federation!” Everyone gave out a mighty roar that could topple the mountains.

The army assembled. The Central Army Corps, the Western Army Corps, and the others were gathering in this direction. To prevent the enemy from changing directions, the two great army corps mobilized one third each of their armed forces to gather at the Western Army Corps’ location.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and the people from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect waited patiently by the Life Subtree. They were waiting for the arrival of the final moment.

Ling Zichen was standing by his side in the meantime. The expression on her charming face revealed her excitement which she found difficult to contain till now.

The modification of the Eternal Heaven was a success. She had recovered from exhaustion with the help of the Life Subtree. Had it not been Tang Wulin’s repeated advice not to express her excitement and to keep the outcome a secret, she would have failed to refrain herself and would have let out her emotions.

Yes, Tang Wulin did not spread the information. It was a decision made after a discussion with Yu Guanzhi and his earlier consultation with Ling Zichen.

There must be a mole either in the Western Army Corps or the Spirit Pagoda. Otherwise, how could the abyssal legion had possibly seized the perfect opportunity to attack them?

Had it not been Gu Yuena’s unexpected power display at the time, the situation could have been even worse with the defense line broken. Hence, the completion of the Eternal Heaven’s modification was only known to Tang Wulin, Yu Guanzhi, the Heartless Douluo, the Amorous Douluo, and a few others.

The situation now was close to the worst scenario possible. Only the abyssal Sage King had yet to ascend from the abyssal plane. The Spirit Monarch who was stopped by Gu Yuena with great effort earlier was almost a god. There were also numerous monarch-ranked powerhouses and countless abyssal creatures in the abyssal legion.

The most difficult moment was about to dawn on them. Nonetheless, the most difficult moment was also their best opportunity to counterattack the abyssal legion.

In the command headquarters.

“Dispatch order to the Sea God Army, the Northsea Army Corps, and the Eastsea Army Corps. Prepare all the long-range artillery fire and fixed soul ammunition. Target the area thirty kilometers in front of the Western Army Corps’ defense line. Lock in the position, and await further orders.”

Yu Guanzhi dispatched order after order in the command headquarters. He had a solemn expression on his face at present.

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie stood next to him. They had not slept for a day. They waited patiently as the final battle was about to commence.

Success or failure depended upon this single stroke!

It was all silent in the command headquarters. The federal parliament had just sent over a message earlier, granting Yu Guanzhi full authority at the frontline. There was only one objective. It was to stop the enemy at the outside of the continent. The Federation would ensure this at all costs.

Meanwhile, the Southern Army Corps sped up so as to arrive in another day at most.

Upon receiving the federal parliament’s authorization, Yu Guanzhi dispatched the first order. If anyone retreated even a step, he would execute the person on the spot. There was no need for any court martial.

The army was made up of a million soldiers. A total of one million soldiers from the Federation was gathered here. Was it enough to stop the abyssal creatures?

No one knew, not even Yu Guanzhi himself.

“Forty kilometers, about to arrive at the attack point.” The operations staff officer’s report was heard. The entire command headquarters’ atmosphere tensed up instantly.

Yu Guanzhi raised his hand. When he dialed the communicator, his fingers were trembling slightly. It was an unprecedented situation even for a Limit Douluo like him.

“Tang Sect Master, are you done with the preparation on your side?”

“It’s done.”

“Alright, thank you for taking the trouble to do this. The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array is forty kilometers away from us currently. You may proceed with the final preparation now.”


“Cut the communication.” Yu Guanzhi took a deep breath. He dispatched the order hurriedly. “All the naval vessels, all the artillery fire, prepare for level one combat. Lock in target. Await further orders.”

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