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Qiangu Confessed

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It was Tang Wulin’s first time using the Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor. He only discovered that the set of divine-ranked battle armor was so powerful after utilizing it in real life. Its power was pure. His fighting capacity was enhanced which seemed like a Tang Wulin clone was protecting and supporting him.

It had no special ability albeit just a pure amplifier with a defensive entity. The remnant tremors produced by Qiangu Dongfeng’s Combat Heaven and Earth and Separate Heaven and Earth were still powerful, yet it was all absorbed by his battle armor. In fact, it even converted a portion of the energy which was then channeled to his body. Moreover, it was done with ease without consuming any additional energy.

Tang Wulin did not expect to reach his peak form when he delivered the strike earlier.

A look of astonishment flickered in Qiangu Dongfeng’s eyes. Soon after, his eyes were filled with enmity.

He clearly knew his arm was fully crippled. It was not an ordinary injury as his life function was stripped away.

When his battle armor was pierced, he felt the wild engulfing power. The only thing he could do at the time was to suppress the engulfing power in his right arm. He then removed himself from the threat rapidly.

It was the best he could do. What was the significance of a crippled right arm for a Limit Douluo? He could never achieve quasi god rank in his lifetime, let alone attempt a breakthrough to his dream God realm.

Tang Wulin’s spear had severed his hope for the future! One could only imagine how much he loathed Tang Wulin at the moment.

The Golden Dragon Spear was raised to his chest level. A radiance was shooting out from Tang Wulin’s eyes. It was not the end yet. It was not just a spar today but a battle of revenge. It was a battle of revenge which would not end until one of them was dead!

A powerful fighting spirit continued to manifest in his heart. He took a step forward in the air. In the next moment, he charged toward Qiangu Dongfeng leaving a trail of golden seven-colored rainbows behind him.

Qiangu Dongfeng had passed the Coiling Dragon Staff to his left hand. For the first time ever, there was fear in his eyes as he confronted the imposing Tang Wulin.

At the same time, the other powerhouses from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect leaped into the sky simultaneously. They charged toward the powerhouses from the Spirit Pagoda.

The great battle between the two sides was set off with barely a clarion call.

If the Spirit Pagoda thought that it had a winning chance earlier, then its confidence was gone at the moment.

Tang Wulin’s success in defeating Qiangu Dongfeng signified that there was an additional Limit-ranked fighting capacity on Shrek’s side. Simultaneously, the Spirit Pagoda’s side was weakened by an equivalent amount.

Under such circumstances, the result was predictable.

“Stop!” Qiangu Dieting suddenly shouted aloud. He relied on his capability as a quasi god to summon every ounce of strength in him and let out a raging roar. It made everyone slow down for a moment.

Qiangu Qingfeng made his way to Qiangu Dongfeng. He was a step ahead of Qiangu Dieting since he was closer to Qiangu Dongfeng. He helped Qiangu Dongfeng fend off Tang Wulin’s imposing attack. He then quickly brought Qiangu Dongfeng to safety.

The people from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect also seized the opportunity to come to Tang Wulin’s side. Both opposing parties stood gazing at one another in the air.

Qiangu Dieting spoke in a deep voice, “Tang Wulin, are you planning to destroy all of us? There are more than sixty rank-9 fixed soul ammunitions which are aimed at Shrek City now. I don’t believe you’ve the capability to defend it.”

From the tone of his voice and facial expression,

Tang Wulin knew that he was afraid, yet he tried to hide his cowardice.

Tang Wulin spoke calmly, “Are you going to use the same trick on us again? You can give it a try if you like. Let’s see if you can still hurt Shrek this time.”

Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s preparation had not just involved four-word battle armors, but the defense system installed in Shrek Academy too!

The construction of the Super-concentrated Soul Circuit Defense System was supervised by Ling Zichen personally. The installed system could intercept and defend against any threats but was completely invisible on the outside. It was built especially to defend against the Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition.

Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect took revenge against the Spirit Pagoda only after everything was fully prepared.

Qiangu Dieting’s expression alternated between rage and fear. It was his first time to feel that the Spirit Pagoda was about to fail in it’s defense.

They had already suffered two major defeats; one, during the Joust For A Spouse Festival and the other at the War God Hall. As a result, the setbacks allowed Shrek Academy to develop rapidly until their fighting abilities far exceeded the Spirit Pagoda’s.

More importantly, Shrek’s acquisition of the Eternal Heaven had resulted in the Spirit Pagoda’s loss of support from the Federal’s military.

The continuous failures of the Spirit Pagoda had resulted in the present situation.

Shrek Academy had seven great Limit Douluos in addition to Tang Wulin’s and A Ruheng’s great Limit-ranked fighting abilities. Such powerful fighting abilities had never appeared in the history of the entire Douluo Continent.

The Spirit Pagoda was powerful, but there were only five Limit Douluos on their side. The rest of the people had even weaker cultivation bases. On the other hand, the second liners of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had rather powerful fighting abilities! The Shrek Seven Monsters had repeatedly proven their capabilities.

Unless the War God Hall sided with the Spirit Pagoda currently, the Spirit Pagoda did not stand a chance of winning.

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear was raised once again. A large area on the side of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect became illuminated. The numerous Title Doulous were cladded with different sets of magnificent-looking battle armors.

More than half of the soul masters had incomparably powerful four-word battle armors.

Qiangu Dieting’s last thread of hope vanished alongside with the appearance of the dozen of four-word battle armors.

Why did they have so many battle armors? How could they acquire so many sets of four-word battle armors? Has Tang Wulin’s Heavenly Refinement skills actually surpassed Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua’s?

No matter how incredulous he was in his heart at the exact moment, it was utterly meaningless now.

It was because they were about to face an apocalyptic catastrophe.

Qiangu Dieting grabbed Qiangu Qingfeng who was about to charge forward. He heaved a sigh and said, “Forget it. It’s too late now. The Qiangu Clan acknowledges the situation. Hold on, Tang Wulin.”

At this point, the quasi god flew out slowly.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. At this point, he had no fear of the opponent’s tricks.

Qiangu Dieting had a cold, gloomy expression. Meanwhile, Qiangu Dongfeng and Qiangu Qingfeng were at his side.

Qiangu Dieting turned toward the people from the Spirit Pagoda and said in a deep voice, “Our Qiangu Clan is confessing our sins today. We’ve committed many crimes, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t acknowledge it at this point. However, the act of colluding with the Holy Spirit Cult only involves my clan. The rest of the committees in the Spirit Pagoda are not involved.

He turned toward Tang Wulin’s direction once again. “I thought your Shrek Academy has always been fair and righteous? Very well then. Our Qiangu clan is confessing now. We’ll accept any due punishment from you. However, I have a request. Don’t implicate the others in the Spirit Pagoda. My great grandson Qiangu Zhangting didn’t partake in the past incident. I only hope that you’ll allow the Qiangu Clan to have a descendant. If you can agree to that, all three of us won’t resist our capture. I believe it wouldn’t be difficult for me to take down a few people if I were to go all out.”

There was a saying that ‘one becomes more firm as one grows old’. Qiangu Dieting’s request had put Tang Wulin in a rather difficult place.

They had occupied the absolute upper hand, but Tang Wulin did not expect Qiangu Dieting would make a sacrificial decision. Anyhow, Qiangu Dieting was right. If a quasi god like him were to go all out, a powerhouse of the same rank dared not fight against him. A quasi god was capable of achieving god-rank for a short time when he ignited his life flame.

Yet, should he let Qiangu Zhangting off just like that? Tang Wulin refused to do it, whether it was for public interest or personal reasons. There was a saying of ‘a centipede does not topple over in death’. The influence of a powerful man lingered after his downfall.

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