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The Crisis On The Continent

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Tang Wulin was caught in a dilemma upon listening to Qiangu Dieting’s proposal.

Tang Wulin promised Mo Lan that he would never involve the innocent people. He would not kill wantonly if the rest of the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses did not stop them from seeking revenge.

Nonetheless, the situation had evolved to this extent. Many of the powerhouses began to have a different view of the Qiangu Clan with the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu as their leader.

“Great grandfather, I want to live and die with you.” Qiangu Zhangting charged forward.

In response, Qiangu Dongfeng had already raised his leg and sent Qiangu Zhangting flying away with a kick before Qiangu Zhangting could make his way to Qiangu Dongfeng’s side. “Scram.”

Gu Yuena caught Qiangu Zhangting in the distance.

Tang Wulin felt as if his heart was cut into a million pieces when he witnessed the scene.

None of the powerhouses from the Tang Sect and Shrek spoke. There could only be one voice now. Regardless of the decision Tang Wulin made, it would be the sole decision of the two great organizations.

There was no doubt that they had to capture the three great Limit Douluos from the Qiangu Clan. The Qiangu Clan’s status in the Spirit Pagoda would suffer a disastrous fallout. It would be difficult for them to recover from this. In fact, even the Spirit Pagoda’s reputation would be affected such that they would not be much of a threat to Shrek and the Tang Sect in the next millennium at the very least.

As one of the important organizations in the soul masters’ world, the Spirit Pagoda’s existence was crucial. It was the most important path for soul masters to acquire spirit souls.

Tang Wulin’s heart was torn between the two choices.

Meanwhile, Qiangu Dieting continued to speak, “We’re also willing to give further compensation. We’ll be giving you the aforementioned sixty rank-9 fixed soul ammunition. At the same time, we’ll repay you the money needed to rebuild Shrek City. We’re only asking for you to show mercy on Zhangting.”

Qiangu Dieting was well aware that Shrek Academy could not possibly destroy the entire Spirit Pagoda. Otherwise, they would not be coming over in such an honorable manner. They could have mobilized the Eternal Heaven. After all, no one on the outside knew that the Eternal Heaven was already in the Tang Sect’s grasp.

They came openly and honorably, so they must act accordingly. Killing was never the Tang Sect’s way as well.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. Just as he was about to speak, a voice was suddenly heard from the distance. “Hold on.”

The people were stunned for a moment. Two gushes of powerful auras arrived swiftly from the distance.

The auras could only be from Limit Douluos in order to be considered as powerful by Tang Wulin.

Two more Limit Douluos came over in a rush. Whose side were they from anyway?

Tang Wulin fixed his gaze and looked over quickly. The two silhouettes were flying over swiftly. Tang Wulin immediately recognized both of them. He felt relieved because he knew that the two people were definitely not with the other side.

Out of the two newcomers, the person flying in front was precisely the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, aka Old Chen the sweeper in Shrek Academy now.

As long as Long Yeyue was at Shrek, Old Chen the sweeper would never oppose Shrek Academy regardless of how the situation had changed.

The person following Chen Xinjie startled Tang Wulin. He was acquainted with this person too. In fact, he had even served under the command of this person who was none other than the current regimental commander of the Blood God Army, the Bright Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun!

Why did he come? Should he not guard the abyssal passage? As the soul of the Blood God Army, he would never leave the place unless there was some special situation that needed his attention!

“Chen Xinjie, what are you doing here?” the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue arrived before Old Chen the sweeper in a flash. She looked at him with cold eyes.

Chen Xinjie’s expression was unusually gloomy. However, he looked a little awkward upon seeing Long Yeyue.

“Yeyue, this is important. I have an important matter to announce. This matter is related to the thousands of lives in the continent. The soul masters in this world shouldn’t fight against each other anymore at this moment. There’s a more imminent danger that we must face together.”

Long Yeyue was stunned for a moment, but she knew that Chen Xinjie was not a man with a loose tongue. If he said that it was a serious matter, then it must be extremely important. She was not acquainted with Zhang Huanyun, but she figured that he was probably a trusted person since he was a Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouse too.

Furthermore, the Bright Mirror Douluo was wearing his colonel general military uniform at present. It was enough to prove his identity.

Chen Xinjie went past Long Yeyue and arrived in the region between Tang Wulin and Qiangu Dieting. He spoke in a deep voice, “Something has happened. Stop fighting. Now is not the time no matter how deep your grudges are.”

Tang Wulin spoke in puzzlement, “Elder Chen, what happened?”

Chen Xinjie turned his head to the side to look toward Zhang Huanyun. “Huanyun, go ahead.”

Tang Wulin only noticed now that the Bright Mirror Douluo’s expression was unusually unpleasant. He had never before seen Zhang Huanyun in such a situation. Zhang Huanyun was calm and composed even when he commanded his troops to fight against the abyssal plane’s abyssal tide in the past.

Tang Wulin immediately realized that something serious had happened after seeing his facial expression.

The Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi flew over as well. He had been partners with Zhang Huanyun for many years. Cao Dezhi knew that his old friend had always been an optimist. He would always respond to any difficulty in life with a positive attitude and managed the Blood God Army judiciously. He was also a supporter of Shrek. The Blood God Army did not commit itself to Shrek’s cause since it could not be mobilized easily due to its heavy responsibilities.

“Old Zhang, what’s going on?” asked the Heartless Douluo in puzzlement.

The Bright Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun exhaled a long breath. “We’re in deep trouble.”

“Is it the abyssal tide? It can’t be! It’s impossible for you to leave when there’s an abyssal tide. What happened actually?” Cao Dezhi inquired eagerly. An ominous presentiment emerged in his heart soon after.

“Everything is normal at the abyssal passage that we’re guarding. It’s fine. However, I’ve just received news that the abyssal creatures are appearing in the north side of the continent. Moreover, there are large numbers of them which far exceed the number that we normally fight during an abyssal tide.”

“What?” Tang Wulin and Cao Dezhi responded in unison out of shock.

The north side? The abyssal creatures had actually appeared in the north?

All at once, they felt chills running all the way down from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet.

What were the abyssal creatures? They were the undead creatures. They were the terrifying creatures which existed to slaughter, destroy, and devour every living creature’s life force.

Any abyssal creature which was killed would turn into abyssal energy that was returned to the abyss for resurrection.

What a terrifying clan it was! Their sole purpose was to devour the entire Douluo Continent.

According to Long Yeyue’s explanation to Tang Wulin in the past, the abyssal plane’s rank was even more superior to the Douluo Continent’s. Without the protection of the Divine Realm, the entire continent would cease to exist when it was invaded by the abyssal plane..

Such a dangerous situation appeared six thousand years ago. The people had lost count of the number of powerhouses it took to seal the abyssal passage completely.

Today, six years later, the abyssal creatures had actually appeared in another location. What was the significance of this event?

“Are you sure those are really abyssal creatures?” asked Cao Dezhi suspiciously.

Zhang Huanyun said, “It’s confirmed and we already have images of the situation being sent over to me. There’s even a succubus. I can confirm those are abyssal creatures without a doubt. A few villages nearby Thule have already vanished completely. These villages disappeared into nothingness. These terrifying creatures not only kill mankind but any living thing which has life force is their prey including soul beasts and plants. We must immediately assemble a task force to head over there quickly. We can’t allow them to continue wreaking havoc. Otherwise, the continent’s in danger.”

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie said with a bitter smile, “This is the reason why I urge all of you to stop for the time being. How can we exhaust ourselves at this time? The military headquarters has already begun to organize the strategic materials and mobilize all the available armed forces to head toward the north quickly. The Northern Army Corps has already departed while the Northsea Fleet is awaiting orders to depart. The Central Army Corps will be departing latest by this time tomorrow. The mobilization of the Southern Army Corps will be slightly delayed. The Sea God Army should depart by tomorrow. However, regardless of how strong an army is, it needs a commander. It needs the command of a powerhouse and people like you. I’ll be returning to the Sea God Army. Please prepare for departure if your situation allows. The continent is on the brink of annihilation. I represent the military to seek your help.”

Tang Wulin replied without the slightest hesitation, “We’re duty bound to protect the continent. Don’t worry, Elder Chen. Shrek and the Tang Sect will assist you to the best of our abilities.” He gave a very determined response.

Chen Xinjie looked toward Qiangu Dieting on the other side. He paused for a moment before he spoke hesitantly, “So the matter between you…”

Tang Wulin looked toward the Qiangu Clan similarly. He then looked back at the numerous powerhouses on his side. He took a deep breath. “We shall leave our personal grudges for the time being. We must save the continent first since the formidable enemy is right before us.”

He almost exhausted all his strength to give the short speech.

He was so close to taking down the enemy, yet he made the choice to retreat at the moment. It was truly a tough decision.

Yet, if he were to insist on killing the Qiangu Clan now, the entire Spirit Pagoda’s internal personnel would be in total chaos. They would be missing a crucial portion of the force when they fought the abyssal clan. Now was not the time to seek revenge.

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