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Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law Broke Dongfeng

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The staff’s shadows that combined Combat Heaven and Earth and Separate Heaven and Earth turned into a chaotic mess almost in an instant.

Meanwhile, he braced for Tang Wulin’s fearsome attack. The attack was feral and filled with arrogance, and Tang Wulin had suddenly turned unruly beyond comparison.

The wildness in the Golden Dragon King’s eyes behind Tang Wulin seemed to be in perfect sync with him. The attack was like a meteo, and the wildness was akin to the descent of the Mad God.

He unleashed Forbid Heaven-earth, Dragon Emperor Fight and Forbid Commonplace, Dragon Emperor Charge!

He was using these two great Dragon Emperor Forbidden Laws in front of witnesses for the first time!


The sky and land dimmed as the world shook.

In that very instant, it felt as if the entire world had collapsed, like everything else had withered and fallen in that momentary collision.

Large rifts as dark as ink appeared in the sky, engulfing everything within its surroundings rapidly. In the meantime, even the Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouses had unleashed their protective shields in succession. They retreated at full speed in order to avoid the shockwave produced when Tang Wulin and Qiangu Dongfeng collided.

Though they wanted to help, even Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dieting became frozen in that instant. Their momentum was seized by Tang Wulin, and then the huge collision happened.

Everything happened in just a brief moment. No one had expected that the leaders from the two great organizations would come out with such a violent collision as soon as the battle began. They did not even bother to explore each other’s abilities.

This was the real battle of life and death! One should know that powerhouses at Limit Douluo rank would not make such a decision recklessly. It was clear how deep the enmity between them was.

The people watching the battle in the distance could not help feeling anxious and fearful. They wondered who would gain the upper hand in this collision.

If the crowd had been certain about the outcome before, many were reconsidering at this point.

Qiangu Dongfeng was the long-established Limit Douluo and four-word battle armor master that everybody knew.

Nevertheless, this Limit Douluo had not managed to gain the upper hand even after multiple collisions with Tang Wulin. More importantly, Tang Wulin was a Divine Craftsman! The Divine Craftsman’s fighting capacity may not necessarily be impressive in an actual battle, but he would certainly have a set of four-word battle armor.

While there were two other four-word battle armor masters, the Divine Craftman’s armor would undoubtedly be superior. In this case, it was really hard to predict the winner and loser.

Let alone the outsiders, even the seven great Limit Douluos from Shrek Academy could not help feeling astonished upon seeing the otherworldly aura that had burst forth from Tang Wulin.

The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue who was at quasigod rank had the most profound feeling of all. She had the highest cultivation base and spiritual rank among the seven Limit Douluos. She was not far behind Han Tianyi with his most incredible brain. Moreover, she was a Limit Douluo, so her evaluation of spiritual power at a higher rank was more accurate than Han Tianyi’s.

As a result, she could tell that Tang Wulin’s spiritual power was definitely at Divine Origin as soon as he unleashed the Dragon Emperor Fight.

He had only achieved Divine Origin for a moment during the outburst, but it was genuine and vivid!

Tang Wulin was capable of reaching such a level with his spiritual cultivation base during an outburst. The elevation was truly astonishing.

Even Yun Ming was incapable of doing this. In truth, no one knew if having Divine Origin’s spiritual cultivation base was the key to Godhood. Other than the Gods, no humans had reached that realm!

The sky remained dim for more than ten seconds before it returned to normal slowly. The two figures in the sky had separated and returned to their positions from before the start of the battle.

Tang Wulin floated in the air. The battle armor covering his entire body rippled with seven-colored halos and emitted a peculiar glossy shine. One could even faintly see electric radiance swirling around the armor. The Golden Dragon Spear shook in Tang Wulin’s hand not because he was shivering but because it was emitting a highly excited aura.

Faint red radiance circulated in Tang Wulin’s eyes. The wildness had yet to dissipate completely even at this point.

The other six Monsters that had seen Tang Wulin transform into the Bloodthirst Golden Dragon in the past were rather worried about him. However, they could tell that he had not lost control yet judging from his aura.

Meanwhile, the onlookers could not help being startled when they shifted their gaze to Qiangu Dongdeng as the Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master was looking rather wretched.

The Qiangu Dongfeng’s armor was covered in pits and holes. The metal was constantly wriggling about trying to repair itself.

That was not the worst of it. The most shocking part of the situation was the transparent cavity added to his right shoulder. His right arm was at least two times shorter than it had been. The four-word battle armor was completely fused with the soul master. His arm had shrunk, so his battle armor had changed size as well.

The shortened arm appeared out of proportion with the rest of his body. Fresh blood was pouring out from the cavity while gray-white muscles and flesh squirmed in an attempt to heal him.

Qiangu Dongfeng’s face was ghastly pale at the moment, and his expression was one of shock and fear.

Tang Wulin achieved victory with a single blow strike!

Who would have thought that the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy would injure the Pagoda Master so severely with only one strike? He not only pierced through the opponent’s four-word battle armor, but also crippled Qiangu Dongfeng’s right arm.

All at once, Tang Wulin’s silhouette seemed to be growing larger and larger in everyone’s eyes. All at once, the people on the scene were dumbstruck with amazement.

Since when did the Sea God’s Pavilion Master and the Tang Sect’s Sect Master become so strong?

He had only delivered one attack! It had only taken one collision to defeat Qiangu Dongfeng, who had also held nothing back. He was defeated pitifully.

Qiangu Dieting widened his mouth in shock. He understood exactly what had happened.

Judging by his aura, Tang Wulin was not a Limit Douluo because his cultivation base was still a little short. That being the case, Tang Wulin’s cultivation base surpassed Qiangu Dongfeng slightly after he put on his four-word battle armor. Moreover, he had already surpassed the ordinary demigod realm. Even though he had yet to become a quasigod, the amplification of his four-word battle armor was too terrifying, was it not?

Most importantly, it felt as if the aura that had come from him earlier was designed to suppress Qiangu Clan’s Coiling Dragon Staff. The Unyielding Staff Technique relied on a spiritual aura as its foundation. When the spiritual aura was seized, how could the staff still utilize its most formidable capabilities?

Tang Wulin’s strike that followed right after that was also incredible. It had only taken a moment for him to severely injure Qiangu Dongfeng.

Qiangu Dieting examined himself and found that even at quasigod rank, he was capable of hurting Tang Wulin. He could not ensure that he would not be injured under the same circumstances.

They had always expected much of Tang Wulin, given the speed of his growth. Even so, they never thought that he would reach this level within such a short period of time.

This was simply unimaginable.

Qiangu Dongfeng said more than once that he would never allow Tang Wulin to become the next Yun Ming, but given the current situation, he was already nearing such a level. When he became a Limit Douluo and wore four-word battle armor, he would become a quasigod-ranked powerhouse. Moreover, the potential for his growth was even more terrifying. He could possibly surpass Yun Ming in the future!

All at once, the entire scene was deathly silent. Almost everyone’s gaze was fixed upon Tang Wulin alone.

Tang Wulin was overjoyed, even though using Dragon Emperor Fight and Dragon Emperor Charge continuously was rather exhausting.

Whatever the case, he had managed to stab Qiangu Dongfeng with his spear. Had it not been for Qiangu Dongfeng’s endurance and reaction speed, he would have lost more than just an arm.

On the other hand, the life force of a Limit Douluos’s arm was extremely abundant. As a result, Tang Wulin’s physique was elevated instead of reduced after the collision.

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