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There was a flash of golden light across his entire body as Tang Wulin arrived before Qiangu Dongfeng in the blink of an eye. The Golden Dragon Spear in his hand burst forth with countless golden rays that swarmed toward his opponent.

Qiangu Dongfeng scoffed. He raised the Coiling Dragon Staff and shouted as he unleashed Support Heaven and Earth!

The profoundness of the Coiling Staff Dragon was its unyieldingness. It would never yield to anyone whether it was used to fight against a man or heaven and earth.

The dominating behavior of the Coiling Dragon Staff’s soul allowed the Limit Douluo-ranked Qiangu Dongfeng to utilize the Combat Heaven and Earth technique perfectly.

Even Qiangu Dieting could not help nodding in approval upon witnessing the scene in the distance. If he was in Qiangu Dongfeng’s place, he may not necessarily have done better than his son other than having a slightly higher cultivation base.

As the enemy from Shrek Academy was bearing down on him, the persistence in Qiangu Dongfeng’s heart had manifested even more.

“Clang!” There was a piercing hum as a violent tremor rocked the entire sky. Terrifying shockwaves rolled like solid entities. One could clearly see the warped ripples spreading out into the distance.

Dazzling radiance filled Tang Wulin’s eyes. Even though he was retreating, the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand was glowing even brighter.

Qiangu Dongfeng fought off Tang Wulin with one strike. His dominance increased exponentially as pieces of light golden battle armor surged out from his body like a layer of liquid and swiftly covered him completely.

Though he was much older than Tang Wulin, he would never show the slightest hesitation or pause during this battle of life and death. He would never put on a bold front by waiting for the opponent to unleash his battle armor either.

Yes, Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master took the lead to unleash his four-word battle armor after he succeeded in fighting off the opponent.

Qiangu Donfeng’s four-word battle armor was named Heaven Earth Domineering Possession. He was the Heaven Earth Domineering Possession Qiangu Dongfeng! Ever since he got it, his set of four-word battle armor had been with him through countless hours of training and battles. When he was clad in his battle armor, it looked as if Qiangu Dongfeng’s entire body had turned translucent. A burst of a powerful aspect seemed to want to pierce through the entire sky.

The Coiling Dragon Staff in his hand swelled up in the wind, glowing over a hundred meters in length instantly. This was not the result of Thought Concretization, but a real entity!

The giant staff soared into the air. “Combat Heaven and Earth!”

It was one of the Coiling Dragon Staff’s most formidable attacks.

First, a line of staff shadows linked together and rose high into the clouds. Large cracks appeared in the sky from being shaken by the Coiling Dragon Staff. The cracks then devoured a large amount of origin energy in the surroundings instantly. In fact, the cracks had even taken in the energy produced during the collision between Qiang Dongfeng and Tang Wulin. All of this energy was infused into the Coiling Dragon Staff.

The Coiling Dragon Staff swung down brazenly as if it was about to separate Heaven and Earth.

The Combat Heaven and Earth aspect was matched with the wildness of cleaving Heaven and Earth apart. This was the ultimate skill of the Coiling Dragon Staff.

The four-word battle armor had infused itself with all the radiance in the surroundings. The giant dragon patterns on the Coiling Dragon Staff seemed to have come alive with the enhancement of the four-word battle armor. The dragons were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws. The nine twisting dragons charged at Tang Wulin in unison following the downward movement of the Coiling Dragon Staff.

One strike from this could possibly turn a mountain into flat ground.

Qiangu Dongfeng did not bother to use any exploratory attacks. He was using his most lethal attack as soon as the battle began.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin had retreated to the distance and his body began to undergo a transformation. A golden glow emerged from underneath his scales. The glow was like an enlarged version of the Golden Dragon King’s scales. It covered Tang Wulin’s entire body, emitting an iridescent shine.

The entire process was swift, and other than missing a pair of wings, everything was just right.

The pieces of battle armor were bright gold. When they appeared, it was as though Heaven and Earth stood still. Even Qiangu Dongfeng’s Coiling Dragon Staff was slowed for a moment.

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up. The word ‘magnificent’ was an apt term to describe his suit of four-word battle armor. There were no dragon-shaped striations on the battle armor, but every single piece was covered with a peculiar glaze. It felt as if the glaze was reflecting the roars of a thousand giant dragons.

The pauldrons were long, slim and tapered toward the two sides into overlapping layers of metal. They extended all the way downward. Every part of the armor was covered in diamond-shaped tessellations that fit together perfectly. It felt as if every part of the armor was branded with the edges of dragon scales but not in the shape of dragon scales.

When it had completely covered his body, Tang Wulin was fully transformed as if he was reborn. Even the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand seemed to have soared to a new level following the infusion of the battle armor’s radiance. It turned even longer and slimmer than before.

A dragon pattern emerged on the Golden Dragon Spear. The one-foot-long spear’s radiance was pulsating on the both ends of the spear and appeared to be a solid entity.

As he put on his armor, Tang Wulin took a step forward slowly in the air. He moved toward the Coiling Dragon Staff that could separate Heaven and Earth.

A lofty feeling burst forth from his body instantly!

The loftiness originated from both Tang Wulin and his battle armor. It felt as if he was standing on the peak of the mountain. A powerful aspect beyond comparison also burst out from his body.

It was the arrogance of standing at the pinnacle of all mortal beings. It was a belief of supremacy over Heaven and Earth. It was also the terrifying dominance that demanded Heaven and Earth to yield to it.

Though he was part of the Spirit Pagoda’s camp, Han Tianyi had originated from the Body Sect. He had earned a reputation for being the most powerful brain in the world. He suddenly gave out a muffled grunt, and his face turned pale in fear.

His spiritual power may have been the greatest of all those present including the Limit Douluos. As a result, his spiritual power was constantly released, reaching over the whole area. He could send the auras emanating from the people from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. When Tang Wulin unleashed his battle armor and his aura suddenly changed, Han Tianyi could only feel a gush of the most terrifying aspect slamming into his spiritual realm.

His sea of spirit had almost fallen apart as the result of the momentary crash. He hastily retracted his spiritual power after recovering from the surprise. Even so, his sea of spirit was still suffering from the impact.

His spiritual power was actually very close to achieving Divine Origin. To have had such a severe impact on his spiritual power, the opponent’s spiritual rank must have genuinely reached Divine Origin at that moment!

How was that possible? Had Tang Wulin’s spiritual power already achieved Divine Origin?

If that was really the case, then it was definitely considered terrible news for the Spirit Pagoda.

While Han Tianyi was still in a shock, Tang Wulin and Qiangu Dongfeng collided ferociously on the other side.

Han Tianyi had a profound feeling, but it was still the Qiangu Clan that was most deeply affected.

It was all of them including Qiangu Dieting, Qiangu Qingfeng, Qiangu Zhanting, and the one in the heat of it, Qiangu Dongfeng. All of them from the Qiangu Clan had a drastic change of expression when Tang Wulin stood so heroically and let his aspect burst from his body.

At that very moment, they felt as if the unyielding thought that they believed in firmly had suddenly reached its peak. It just did not come from them but Tang Wulin.

When the aspect came from Tang Wulin’s body, the opponent’s valor was suddenly overridden.

Qiangu Dongfeng’s willpower collapsed.

It was a collision purely on the spiritual level. That being said, such an impact was often even more terrifying than the direct collision of soul power for Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouses like them.

Qiangu Dongfeng had gained a certain ability for divine-ranked staff techniques in order to become a Limit Douluo. All of his abilities were built on his aspect. He was focused entirely on Combat Heaven and Earth.

Even so, the opponent’s aspect was more powerful than his in the same area, and the boldness in his heart collapsed before anything else! This signified that the essence of his staff had collapsed as well.

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