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The Demon Empress Appeared On The Sacrificial Altar

“Great, we’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. No one can stop us this time.”

As he was speaking, he leaped into the deep cavern behind him.

He dropped down for a few thousand meters akin to a free falling object. A dark green radiance ignited around his body to slow down his falling momentum. He landed on the ground firmly.

At present, a dark purple radiance was glowing on the ground underneath his feet. The radiance flickered and pulsated weakly but exuded a strange, magical feeling.

Upon closer inspection, one could see the glow coming from the soul circuits which were inscribed on the ground. The terrifying part was a purple-black liquid filled the insides of these soul circuits. It carried a strong, bloody stench.

The liquid came from dried blood. How much fresh blood did it take to fill the entire circuit?

There was no wind blowing in here, but a cold, gloomy aura was pervading the space.

In the center of the deep gigantic cavern stood a towering five-tier sacrificial altar.

A person sat cross-legged on the top of the sacrificial altar.

This person’s body was enshrouded in a huge, black cape. The lighting in the underground world was already quite dim. As a result, one hardly noticed her presence.

Her head was lowered ever so slightly while a black airflow was seen flowing around her body. Although her presence was barely noticeable, it felt like she was the core of the world.

The Ghost Emperor walked forward quickly and bowed when he reached the front of the sacrificial altar. He said toward the person on the sacrificial altar, “Demon Empress, everything has been prepared accordingly. We need your guidance.”

“Hmm…” A melodious voice was heard. In the next moment, the voice reverberated in the entire space akin to the mountains howling. It triggered a series of airflows to form into a tornado that surged out of the deep cavern.

The Ghost Emperor’s expression remained unchanged. He stood over there without budging and waited patiently.

“Begin. This world has destroyed me in the past. Now, it’s time for me to destroy this world.”

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As she spoke, her body slowly floated above. She stretched out her legs and stood up. One could see her shapely silhouette under the black cape. She was tall and slim, but her facial features could not be seen. In fact, one could not even see her gaze.

No one would have thought that the most powerful person in the Holy Spirit Cult was actually a woman.

She raised her hands slowly from her sides. The exposed hands were covered with dark purple demon patterns which appeared ghastly.

A piercing, dark purple glow illuminated her hands soon after.

“By the power of heaven, seal the vault of heaven. By the power of earth, connect to its destruction.”

Her deep voice was heard slowly uttering the words one at a time. At the same time, large patches of dark purple light shadows spread out at full speed to the distance from the gigantic circuit under her feet. The entire underground world came alive. The agonizing screams of countless vengeful spirits echoed in the entire underground.

Other than the Demon Empress, only the Ghost Emperor was here.

Nine dark green skulls separated from the Ghost Emperor’s body. They surrounded the Ghost Emperor’s body and opened their mouths continuously to consume the vengeful spirits which were shooting toward Ghost Emperor.

The Ghost Emperor stood over there looking real pleased. This was the world he loved.

The ground began to rumble. The sacrificial altar underneath the Demon Empress’ feet became illuminated with rings of light shadows. Gradually, the light shadows overlapped one another and transformed into halo rings.

The halos appeared ghastly. There were a total of seven halos with different colors but the seven-colored halos were covered with a layer of gloominess.

The gigantic cavern soared straight up to the sky. The sky suddenly turned gloomy as if the place had become part of the world. An enormous dark purple light pillar had also surged skyward from the cavern at this exact moment.

The Ghost Emperor’s eyes were savage-looking. “With the fresh blood of a hundred thousand people as sacrifice and the Demon Empress who had close to God-ranked capabilities, today will be the day the concealed plane opens up to the future world. The omnipotent Demon Empress was a god now. You already have the power of God. Open up the path to destroy the entire world and lead us to our future.”

The Demon Empress’s icy cold voice echoed throughout the entire dark purple world.

“Yes! Open up the path that destroys the entire world. Tang San, what a waste that you’re not around. Otherwise, I’ll certainly destroy your corpse into a thousand pieces, so I can seek revenge for my deceased husband. The mankind that you protected is about to be annihilated. I’m going to bury the entire Douluo Continent with my deceased husband and turn this place into a dead zone. I have waited for so long. If you can come back, I wonder how you’ll feel upon seeing this. Haha, hahahaha!”

“Rumble rumble rumble!” The ground was shaking. It felt as if the entire world was shaking. The glacier in Thule began to collapse in large chunks. Cracks appeared in the depths of the deep caverns while gushes of a terrifying aura soon filled the air.

In Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin exhaled a breath of relief and stretched his body. He cracked into an excited smile.

He finally completed one more piece.

He clearly felt that his abilities were elevating at full speed following the piece-by-piece completion of the Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor.

The remaining battle armors were larger in size, so the forging of the battle armors were getting increasingly difficult. At times, he could not even complete a piece in two weeks.

It had been six months after the battle at the War God Hall and the acquisition of the Eternal Heaven. Everything had been calm in Shrek Academy. The teachers taught the students while the students were cultivating painstakingly to elevate their capabilities.

Apart from Tang Wulin, the Shrek Seven Monsters were all engaged in closed door cultivation.

Ye Xinglan stabilized her swordspirit cultivation base. Yuanen Yehui enhanced the fusion of her twin martial souls, while Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie attempted to break through to the Title Douluo realm. Xu Lizhi headed over to the Seven Holy Abyss so he could experience the profundity of the destructive power and the life force. Last but not least, Xu Xiaoyan cultivated painstakingly at the observatory.

Ever since she displayed her abilities of being the number one control-type soul master under the starry sky the other day, she set an even higher standard for herself. All their battle armors had been completed within the past six months following the elevation of Tang Wulin’s Heavenly Refinement level to the divine rank.

There was only a very small portion missing on Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor.

It was time!

A radiance flashed past Tang Wulin’s eyes. He changed into a simple robe before he walked into his forging room.

The robe belonged to the Sea God’s Pavilion Master. During the Sea God’s Pavilion meeting, the Pavilion Master would only be dressed in this robe.

The robe was dark green and embroidered with golden threads. A golden trident was sewn onto the chest portion of the robe to commemorate the first generation leader of the Shrek Seven Monsters who was also the founder of the Tang Sect, the Sea God Tang San. This was the origin of the name, the Sea God’s Pavilion.

The previous Sea God’s Pavilion had been destroyed. However, the current Sea God’s Pavilion could not be built in the Sea God Lake. As a temporary measure, it was built not far away from the main academic building next to the lake.

The building’s architecture remained as it was in the past. The only thing missing was the Ancient Life Tree.

The Ancient Life Tree in the Sea God Lake grew slowly while the lakewater was already brimming with vitality.

The death aura had already been s----d away by the Seven Holy Abyss. The ecology of the place was balanced. The seeds of the seven great immortal grasses were planted under the water, and the seeds had begun to take root around the Life Tree.

The seeds grew by absorbing the life aura drifting freely inside the Sea God Lake with the Life Tree. It was only that the seeds were growing at an extremely slow rate. The seeds needed a long time to become fully grown.

By the time Tang Wulin arrived at the Sea God’s Pavilion, the place was already filled to its brink with people.

The rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters had ended their closed door cultivation. They were here as well. Everyone was in high spirits. The crowd stood up in unison when Tang Wulin entered the place.

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