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Dominate The World?

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Gu Yuena’s charming face blushed, so she lowered her head in embarrassment. “Grandfather, I shall leave then.”

“Go ahead.”

Upon Gu Yuena’s departure, Qiangu Dongfeng’s expression turned solemn once again.

Was it enough to have a hundred rank-9 fixed soul ammunitions? The current Shrek City was equipped with a powerful interference system on the inside, so there was utterly no way he could see the inside clearly. He could vaguely see the presence of the Sea God Lake.

He knew Shrek too well. Perhaps, he understood it so well because Shrek was his opponent.

Shrek was neutral, yet how many times had Shrek decided on the prospects of the continent in its history? Each generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters was the pioneer of an era.

Shrek City was the symbol of Shrek. Would the people of Shrek let the matter be when their city had been destroyed?

Qiangu Dongfeng was actually not that concerned about Shrek Academy using the Eternal Heaven, because Shrek Academy would never vent its anger on the innocent. Sooner or later Shrek and the Tang Sect would seek revenge on the Qiangu Clan. it was only a matter of time.

‘No, the best defense is offence. When my hundred rank-9 fixed soul ammunitions are gathered, I must carry out a massive clean-up even if it defies the world’s opinion.

At the thought of this, Qiangu Dongfeng’s eyes were filled with a look of tyranny.

Meanwhile, the soul communicator in his hand suddenly rang.

He lowered his head to take a glance at the number. Qiangu Dongfeng’s pupils became constricted for a moment before it returned to normal. He pressed the ‘accept’ button.

“So, you’re finally willing to call me, huh?” said Qiangu Dongfeng coldly.

“Why? Do you miss me that much?” A sombre voice was heard.

“What do you think? I spared no effort in helping you in the past, then all of a sudden, you went missing. Just when I needed you, I couldn’t find you at all.” Qiangu Dongfeng was furious.

“Help us? It was nothing but a relationship of mutual benefit. We shared a common enemy. Qiangu Dongfeng, my old friend. Coincidentally, I wish to share some good news with you.” The voice sounded sombre and cold as before but it was enthusiastic. It suffused the listener with an awkward feeling.

“Good news? What kind of good news can come from you?” Qiangu Dongfeng’s chest tightened for a moment.

“It’s good news, of course. It’s a great opportunity for us to dominate the entire world. Don’t you think that’s good news?”

“Dominate the world?” Qiangu Dongfeng suddenly felt chills in his heart as an ominous presentiment crept into his heart.

“Ghost Emperor, what have you done?” When he asked the question, Qiangu Dongfeng suddenly felt chills running down his back.

It seemed like these people had been overlooked by both himself as well as Shrek.

It had been such a long time since the Holy Spirit Cult dropped out of sight. They were certainly not lying low. So what were doing for such a long time? These people had no principles. In fact, they found joy in destruction. They lived for the sake of causing chaos.

They wished they could kill every living being on the entire Douluo Continent to get the powerful death energy to elevate themselves!

When Qiangu Dongfeng worked with the Holy Spirit Cult in the past, he was aware that he would be in a doomed position against his own interest. Yet, he was blinded by the deep enmity for Shrek Academy at the time, and he was overly recalcitrant. He understood very well that the Spirit Pagoda would never become the number one organization on the continent if Shrek and the Tang Sect were not suppressed. Hence, he took the risk of opposing the world view to work with the Holy Spirit Cult.

“You’ll know soon enough. You need to consider now if you’re going to work with us on this. The opportunity is limited. Moreover, I’m only going to tell you once. This time, no other force can stop us. The Douluo Continent is destined to be ours. If you’re willing to come forward and lead your Spirit Pagoda to pledge allegiance to us, then, the results will be quick.”

“Pledge allegiance to you? Did I hear you correctly? Have you gone mad?” Qiangu Dongfeng was infuriated. The Spirit Pagoda was an official organization regardless. He could make use of the Holy Spirit Cult, but how could he join the Holy Spirit Cult for real?

Perhaps, no one would find out if it was done in secret. Yet, if something was publicly announced, it would be impossible for Qiangu Dieting, let alone himself, to control the people in the organization.

“If that’s the case, it’d be a waste then. However, you’ll regret it for sure if you choose to become our enemy. By then, I’m afraid it’ll be impossible even if you wish to cooperate with us! Haha, hahahaha!” An obnoxious laugh came from the other end of the call. The laughter was filled with a domineering aura of a powerful being.

Qiangu Dongfeng almost crushed his soul communicator in rage. However, he was a reserved person after all. The deeper he got into the situation, the more he needed to find out.

He took a deep breath to pacify the rage in his heart. Qiangu Dongfeng said in a deep voice, “Ghost Emperor, what have you actually done? Are you going to tell me for old times sake, so we can be prepared? I don’t see why we can’t work together in the future anymore. However, you need to show me some sincerity at the very least.”

The Ghost Emperor sniggered. “No need for that. It doesn’t matter whether we have you with us or not, actually. We’re giving you such an opportunity precisely for the sake of our past relationship. Since you’re unwilling to pledge allegiance to us, then DIE!”

Upon saying that, the call was terminated abruptly.

Qiangu Dongfeng was apparently stunned for a moment. In the next moment, he could not restrain himself anymore. He raised his hand and crushed the soul communicator on his wrist.

“Bstrd! What does he want? What’s the bstrd trying to do actually?”

A man is frightened by the unknown. Qiangu Dongfeng had worked with the Ghost Emperor on multiple occasions, so he understood the Ghost Emperor more than anyone else.

The Ghost Emperor was a total lunatic.

Even though the Holy Spirit Cult had one empress, two emperors, and four great heavenly kings, the Ghost Emperor was actually the person who managed the cult’s affairs. The Holy Spirit Cult’s Demon Empress had never made an appearance before. At least, Qiangu Dongfeng had never seen the monarch’s silhouette. He only heard from legend that the monarch was an entity close to being a God.

On the other hand, there was also the Underworld King who was the Ghost Emperor’s equal. The Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa did not manage the internal affairs of the Holy Spirit Cult much. He was in the pursuit for perfection. He wanted to attain the divine rank in the future. He did not care how he was going to achieve it. Hence, he pursued it blindly.

The four great heavenly kings followed the orders of the Ghost Emperor. Below them, there were the countless Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses.

The numerous evil soul masters had been lying low for a few years. What have they been up to? Even Qiangu Dongfeng could not figure that out despite being quite close to them. In any case, it was definitely not a good thing.

‘No, I must be on guard.’ Although Qiangu Dongfeng felt that the Holy Spirit Cult would not attack the Spirit Pagoda directly, the most terrifying part of these people from the Holy Spirit Cult was their penchant for large-scale massacres. By doing that, they would have the best results in elevating their capabilities.

Qiangu Dongfeng could not figure out the Holy Spirit Cult’s exact location.

In Thule.

The Ghost Emperor hung up the soul communicator. He could not help laughing aloud hysterically. “Qiangu Dongfeng, who are you? Who do you think you are to deserve working with me? How can one become a demon if one doesn’t pursue the ultimate perfection? Tremble in fear, mortals. Soon, everything will be ours. The power of death! Come to me, quick. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time.”

Behind him, a dark purple radiance was seen flickering indistinctly in the gigantic deep cavern.

A silhouette appeared behind him silently. The person’s entire body was hidden in the dark. One could barely see his appearance.

“Ghost Emperor.” He greeted the Ghost Emperor respectfully.

“Hmm. Blood Demon, how’s the Demon Empress?” The Ghost Emperor’s voice sounded gloomy and cold.

“The Demon Empress has already awakened. She’s asking for you. It’s almost time to begin.” The Darkness Blood Demon’s voice was filled with excitement.

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