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The Culmination

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The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, the Titan Douluo Yuanen Zhentian, the Heavenly Wild Douluo, and the Qilin Douluo Tong Yu were there. All five great Limit Douluos were there, except for Old Chen the sweeper.

Chen Xinjie told Tang Wulin before that he had a duty to protect Shrek because Shrek gave him a place to live. However, he would never take part in Shrek’s external operations and that was his bottom-line.

Of course, the situation would be different if Long Yeyue had requested him.

Up to this point, Old Chen was still nothing but a sweeper. Long Yeyue met him on three separate occasions, but she scolded him ferociously every time. Nevertheless, she had not managed to drive him away.

Besides the five great Limit Douluos and the Shrek Seven Monsters, Lan Muzi, Tang Yingmeng and Wu Zhangkong were also attending.

Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng had completed their work toward rebuilding Shrek Academy’s inner court. Although there were no inner disciples yet, at the very least the framework was built.

Wu Zhangkong remained in charge of the outer court and had been managing it quite orderly. He had also been teaching the students personally and cultivating the teachers as well.

They had become the very heart of Shrek.

Other than the core members of Shrek Academy, there were three more guests in the Sea God’s Pavilion as well. This was an extremely rare sight in a Sea God’s Pavilion meeting.

These three guests were the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin, the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi, and also the director of Tang Sect’s Soul Technology Research Center, Ling Zichen.

The situation in the Sea God’s Pavilion could be described as a great assemblage of people gathering under the same roof. It was an unprecedented culmination.

Even at Shrek Academy’s peak, there had never been such a grand situation where seven Limit Douluos appeared in the Sea God’s Pavilion meeting at the same time.

Moreover, there was also Tang Wulin, whose cultivation base was on par with that of a Limit Douluo.

The Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi and the Strength God A Ruheng did not join the Sea God’s Pavilion meeting. They had always abided by Tang Wulin’s will.

A Ruheng had taken a trip back to the Body Sect and had just recently returned to Shrek. He brought good news with him. After discussing with Mu Ye, A Ruheng had not only taken over the position of the Body Sect’s Sect Master, he had also smoothly brought the Body Sect with him back to Shrek.

Yes, the Body Sect had officially become a part of Shrek City.

A Ruheng provided a very simple reason, which was that the Body Sect could only develop in Shrek City. He had also made a request of Shrek Academy. The Body Sect would bear the responsibility of protecting Shrek by settling down in Shrek City. In turn, the sect hoped that Shrek Academy could recommend some elite soul masters with Body martial souls in order to continue the legacy of the Body Sect.

After discussing with the numerous elders, Tang Wulin approved the request. This was why the whole Body Sect moved and settled down in Shrek City without any hesitation.

Although the Body Sect was no longer as glorious as it had been, it was still an elite sect with a profound history! No other sect on the continent could compare to it in the cultivation of Body martial souls.

Despite the decline of Body Sect, it was still capable of cultivating a Golden Body Arhat that possessed the Leakproof Golden Body. What else was impossible for the sect in the future?

The new Shrek City had gathered four great forces including Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the Body Sect, the Titan Giant Ape Clan. This had elevated their overall capability by one more step.

Tang Wulin wanted to make the Body Set one of the members of Sea God’s Pavilion, but A Ruheng turned him down.

The Body Douluo gave a very simple reason. As long as Tang Wulin held his position, his presence was enough to represent the Body Sect. There was no need for the sect to send out a disciple to join the Sea God’s Pavilion.

They would reconsider if Tang Wulin resigned from his duties in the future.

The new Shrek City had already become the most powerful city worthy of its reputation because of these forces that had joined them. There were close to ten Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouses. The number was terrifying!

That was the significance of this meeting and the people attending were well aware of it.

“Pavilion Master.” The group saluted Tang Wulin in succession, the numerous Limit Douluos being no exception.

Respect was mandatory in his presence given Tang Wulin’s identity.

Tang Wulin hastily returned the salutation to the crowd and walked to the main seat as obliged.

“Please take a seat, everyone.”

His heart could not help rejoicing as he watched the numerous powerhouses all gathered under the same roof before him. There was a time that only the seven Monsters and the Holy Spirit Douluo remained after Shrek City was nothing but an enormous pit.

Back then, they left feeling devastated.

At this point, they had not only returned, but their dream of rebuilding Shrek had been fulfilled at last. The thriving and prosperous Shrek City would never tolerate any more mockery and insult. This place had become the focus of the entire continent once again. Even the government no longer had the courage to take actions rashly against Shrek.

This was their strength. Although it would still take a very long time before Shrek Academy could regain its prior glory as the number one academy on the continent and it needed more people to inherit its legacy, it would appear that time was the only issue at the moment.

“Thank you for attending the Sea God’s Pavilion meeting today, everyone. This meeting is crucial for Shrek and the Tang Sect,” said Tang Wulin in a straightforward manner.

The group’s expressions turned solemn at once, especially the people from Shrek who experienced the great catastrophe in the past.

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath.

“In the past, two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions flew into Shrek City and blasted Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect separately. It destroyed our people’s lives and properties wantonly. All of Shrek City was annihilated in a day. Through our numerous investigations, we have found that the Holy Spirit Cult was the mastermind without a doubt. However, there was also another culprit besides them. It was the Spirit Pagoda.”

At once, he elaborated in detail on how he discovered that the Spirit Pagoda colluded with the Holy Spirit Cult in the Star Luo Empire in the past.

“As a result, we can completely confirm that the Spirit Pagoda certainly had a hand in the great catastrophe that struck Shrek City. This is the blood feud of Shrek and the Tang Sect. Thousands of people from Shrek City were killed in the great catastrophe. Now, Shrek City has finally been rebuilt, and the time for our revenge has arrived. As the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy, I would like to announce that Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect are waging war against the Spirit Pagoda from this day onward. We will never involve the innocent. Our targets are all the soul masters in the Qiangu Clan.”

As soon as those words were spoken, it showed his firm determination.

The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali’s eyes instantly turned red. The enmity that was engraved in her bones and inscribed in her memories surged into her heart.

She had been such a kind person! She spent her entire life healing others, yet her husband, whom she loved so deeply, had fallen in the great catastrophe.

Without exception, everyone from Shrek and the Tang Sect looked solemn. There was a cold glare in their eyes.

They had been waiting patiently for such a long time, so it was about time for their vengeance!

“How do you plan to do it then?” the Qilin Douluo Tong Yu asked Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin said, “Shrek and the Tang Sect’s vengeance will be honorable and conscientious. We will be aiming right at the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters and we will never rest until we are done with the Qiangu Clan. If anyone attempts to stop us from seeking revenge, this person will be the enemy of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. This is a matter for Shrek and the Tang Sect. The two Yuanen seniors and Your Excellency Qilin, please don’t get involved in this.”

Tong Yu said passively, “My life is yours. Your matter is mine, naturally. There’s no need to persuade me further.”

Calmly, Yuanen Tiandang stated, “Tang Sect Master, did we ever make a distinction between what’s mine and what’s yours when we were fighting against the demonic plane? Moreover, your revenge is not only a personal grudge, but the misery of thousands of people! Whether it is for personal reasons or the public interest, there’s no reason for us not to partake. Moreover, we are also a member of Shrek, so how can we not seek justice for such a deep grudge? Who can guarantee that our clan is not the next in line to be tormented?”

Since they were already sitting in this room, they had come to commit themselves. Ever since they settled down in this place, Shrek Academy had been taking such good care of the Yuanen Clan and this had touched them very much. Since Shrek City was thriving as time passed, and the father and the son were both clad in four-word battle armor, how could they not do the best they could for Shrek?

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