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Dragon Emperor Fifth Forbidden Law Against The Lightning Calamity

The soul power inside his body suddenly seethed. Tang Wulin felt as if his entire body was hit by scorching hot wind.

It was a breakthrough. He had just made another breakthrough in his soul power.

He had had a breakthrough after he understood the spearspirit realm before. On this day, he had become a genuine Divine Craftsman and made another breakthrough.

Yes, Tang Wulin’s soul power cultivation had already reached rank-98. He had come so close to the peak at an astonishing speed.

On the other hand, would he still be afraid if he was confronted by a Limit Douluo now that he understood the spearspirit realm?

He was utterly incapable of paying attention to the change in him at the moment. All his attentions were focused on the rare metal in the sky. He had only one wish, that was to help it cross the calamity successfully. If he could succeed in that, then this piece of Heavenly-refined metal would be completed! It would also be his first time completing the fusion of seven metals.

Before this, he had never managed to take a metal fused from seven types of metals to this realm before.

He took a step forward and stood before the metal. He unleashed the Thunderclap Nether Vine, preparing to absorb the calamity lightning into his body.

However, the metal floating in midair suddenly turned around and shook its head vigorously at Tang Wulin.

Yes, it shook its head at Tang Wulin. It was obviously trying to tell Tang Wulin that he did not need to help it to resist the calamity lightning.


During his previous forging experiences, the metals used in Heavenly Refinement would clearly display their fear when the elemental calamity appeared. At that time, they had yet to take form and were incapable of transforming. Otherwise, Tang Wulin would definitely have assumed that those metals would hide behind him at once.

Yet, the rare metal before him was completely different. It had actually taken upon itself to request that Tang Wulin let it resist the elemental calamity on its own. This was simply unprecedentedly odd!

Tang Wulin did not hesitate and walked back a few steps. Since it wanted to try, he would allow it. Everything happening at that moment was strange to him. It was a new experiment for him as well.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble.”

The elemental calamity was indifferent. A lightning bolt struck it in a flash.

The forging hammers the tiny metal human held suddenly vanished. Tang Wulin felt that his entire body was shaking for a moment. Then, something otherworldly occurred.

The tiny metal human figure lifted its right hand, and a double-headed spear appeared in his grasp. It was actually a scaled-down version of the Golden Dragon Spear.

At that point, Tang Wulin looked for the Golden Dragon Spear inside his body and discovered that it was missing.


He could not help being dumbstruck and bewildered. What was happening? Had the metal cultivated into a spirit? How was it actually capable of yielding his Golden Dragon Spear?

Something that shocked Tang Wulin even more was taking place. The Golden Dragon Spear in the tiny metal human figure’s hand shook and unleashed thousands of lights into the sky. It had transformed into the Thousand Accusing Fingers!


The electric seven-colored radiance circulated in the sky and flowed into the Golden Dragon Spear to surge onto the tiny metal human. The electricity sent its entire body into violent convulsions. However, it only took a moment before the seven-colored electric radiance was absorbed into its body before disappearing in a ghostly manner.

Then, the tiny figure lifted its head in a seemingly defiant manner. It had even beckoned the seven-colored calamity cloud in the sky to come at it.

Tang Wulin had a strange feeling as well. When the lightning was absorbed into the seven-colored metal figure’s body, he felt a faint numbness radiating through his own body. It felt as if every cell in his body was being stimulated. Some intriguing changes were happening to him.

“Boom!” Another lightning bolt struck it, even deadlier than the previous one.

Perhaps the calamity cloud was infuriated by the little figure’s provocation. This time, instead of one bolt, there were three consecutive strikes.

The tiny metal figure did not retreat or dodge. The Golden Dragon Spear in its hand bloomed with golden light and transformed into streams of dazzling radiance in the sky. With great effort, it was actually resisting the lightning. At the same time, it was actually clad in a set of three-word battle armor that looked quite similar to Tang Wulin’s. The wings on its back spread open.

“Boom, boom, boom!” This time, the three elemental calamity lightning strikes were much more severe. Even though the tiny metal human figure managed to withstand the lightning, it was blasted back to the ground savagely.

Tang Wulin felt dizzy and numb all over his body as well.

‘I thought this entity wanted to resist it by itself? Why am I feeling the effects?’

A violent clang was heard at that moment. The metal figure suddenly leaped up. After withstanding the three strikes earlier, the seven-colored glow on its body was extremely bright, and it appeared to be infuriated.

It passed the Golden Dragon Spear to its left hand and raised its right hand abruptly. A blackhole-like opening appeared in its tiny palm.

The five elemental calamity strikes that descended from the sky were disintegrated one by one before turning into speckles of seven-colored radiance that were forcibly engulfed by it.

It was the Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break.

It was even skilled in the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law?

If Tang Wulin was not standing there and watching, the tiny metal human figure might have been mistaken for the original! It was just smaller!

Ling Zichen was dumbstruck as well. In fact, she even felt that this tiny metal human was like Tang Wulin’s son.


Thunderous rumble came from the sky. The elemental calamity cloud was turning even thicker. More terrifying than that, a seven-colored light orb began to condense into spherical lightning in the sky!

The tiny metal figure seemed to sense fear for the first time. It grasped the Golden Dragon Spear once again, and its aura changed. The air around them seemed to have begun to warp.

The seven-colored ball lightning dropped down from the sky like a meteor. The tiny metal human figure held the Golden Dragon Spear tightly in his hands. Everything in their surroundings suddenly froze, so even the ball lightning paused for a moment.

Instantly, the little man swung the Golden Dragon Spear to split the lightning ball into two. Incomparably thick seven-colored radiance poured into the little figure.

Beside it, Tang Wulin’s entire body was shaking violently. However, he felt a familiar pleasant sensation.

It was Forbid Time-space, Dragon Emperor Cut!

It knew this too?

He then watched in astonishment as the tiny metal human’s seven-colored glow reached its peak. It raised the Golden Dragon Spear in its hand and pointed to the sky. An abundant gush of energy bloomed out wildly. In the next moment, it transformed itself into a ray of seven-colored light that surged skyward to crash into the lightning cloud.

It was the Forbid Commonplace, Dragon Emperor Charge!

“Rumble, rumble, rumble!” The clap of thunder exploded loudly through the sky. It seemed like the elemental calamity was infuriated by this provocation.

An aura that could combat Heaven and Earth spread through the sky as the tiny metal human figure refused to yield. It shot toward the calamity cloud boldly, tinted with the Combat Heaven and Earth aura.

When the metal figure was in the calamity cloud, a brazen and dazzling aura suddenly burst out, so bright that it made the cloud seem dim.

It was Forbid Heaven-earth, Dragon Emperor Fight!

This was the newest Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law created by Tang Wulin. It was not an ability that could be used directly in a fight but an auxiliary ability that was mighty beyond comparison. Tang Wulin could tell that his Dragon Emperor Fight could simulate ten percent of the aura exuded by the figure with a staff that he saw in his vision.

It may have only been ten percent, but it allowed him to experience the feeling of going beyond the Spirit Domain spiritual realm.

The rank above the Spirit Domain realm was the Divine Origin that was only possessed by Gods in legends!

As soon as Dragon Emperor Fight was unleashed, the seven-colored calamity cloud dimmed. Tang Wulin had never even used this particular Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law in an actual battle yet the tiny metal human figure experimented with it on his behalf.

All of a sudden, darkness was all around as if the heavens had been overturned. A terrifying aura filled the air.

It felt as if the calamity cloud in the sky was about to fall apart. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin felt that the Thunderclap Nether Vine inside his body was rapidly absorbing the calamity lightning’s energy.

Everything abruptly went black, as if it had all instantly vanished. The sudden change of light to darkness made Ling Zichen scream out in fright. She felt that the defenses of her super divine mecha would not hold.

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