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The Difference Between A God And A Commoner

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Tang Wulin positioned himself in front of Ling Zichen instantly to neutralize the terrifying destructive force.

Tang Wulin obviously felt the energy and power of his soul core and Dragon Core in his body being stripped and s----d out at the moment. However, his body felt a weird, yet pleasant sensation from the nourishment of the seven-colored elemental calamity.

Had it used my final move?

Tang Wulin created a total of five moves of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law. Every move had its own attribute and each subsequent move was undoubtedly more powerful.

In particular, the fifth move which he created had fused with all his abilities which was close to a sacrifice technique!

He did not expect that the tiny, metal human figure was actually capable of mobilizing it.

The move was named the Forbid Universe, Dragon Emperor Perish!

It was the fifth move of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law!

The darkness lasted for more than ten seconds before it gradually faded. At the same time, the seven-colored lightning calamity had faded from the sky.

The tiny, metal human figure had completely vanished while the Golden Dragon Spear returned to Tang Wulin’s body without him noticing. The only thing remaining in the air was a suspended piece of metal.

The piece of metal took the form of his right vambrace. The right vambrace which connected the rest of his right hand was identical to the one in his imagination

It was simple, clean-looking and fluid in its movement. It had a strange iridescent golden color as its base and the splendor of seven colors.

It was a success! He had succeeded!

Tang Wulin was swarmed with emotions instantly when he looked at the right vambrace. He could feel his eyes tearing up.

He had put in a lot of effort and exerted countless abilities for this. Had he finally succeeded?

He raised his right hand subconsciously. The right vambrace arrived at full speed without him doing anything and landed on his right forearm.

A gush of intense heat was felt instantly. Sensing an external invader, Tang Wulin’s three-word battle armor emerged at once.

However, his original three-word battle armor’s right vambrace was immediately suppressed when it contacted the four-word battle armor descending from the sky. The three-word battle armor vambrace then melted. It was engulfed by the four-word battle armor.

The right vambrace was firmly cladded onto Tang Wulin’s right forearm. At once, he felt a gush of energy radiate through his arm which he had never felt before. His right forearm felt different from the rest of his body.

It was not a feeling of power, it felt more like a metamorphosis. It was the change from being a commoner to becoming a saint!

The rest of his three-word battle armor gave out a sorrowful wail instantly. Soon after, a loud clang was heard. His three-word battle armor disintegrated and peeled away from his body. The pieces of armor scattered across the ground in a series of clanking noises.


The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. The four-word battle armor’s exclusivity was a little overpowering. It even rejected the three-word battle armor inside his body.

‘They are not eligible.’ A thought came into Tang Wulin’s sea of spirit. It was full of pride and even a little arrogant. However, the comment exuded a feeling which convinced everyone.

Tang Wulin channeled his thoughts into his right vambrace. “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes! You are me, and I’m you. We are one. Thank you for creating me. Oh right, my name is what you have in mind. Is my name Golden Dragon Moon Song?”

His three-word battle armor was named Dragon Moon Song.

Nonetheless, Tang Wulin had already picked a name for his four-word battle armor early on. It was the ‘Golden Dragon Moon Song’.

He was the Golden Dragon Moon Song Tang Wulin.

Just like how Gu Yuena’s four-word battle armor was already named earlier.

She was the Silver Dragon Dance Qilin Gu Yuena.

This was the battle armor that truly belonged to Tang Wulin. It was a four-word battle armor. It was the most powerful four-word battle armor in history!

Tang Wulin said subconsciously, “But, I haven’t engraved a soul circuit for you yet.”

“What’s that? I don’t need anything from the realm of mankind. Is the divine rank similar to the mortal rank? I’m a divine weapon. Any amplification from the mortal realm is ineffective on me.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “Divine rank?”

“That’s right. The same divine rank as your Golden Dragon Spear, only that my material is not as good as the spear. However, I’m more compatible with you than the spear. The spear has yet to become a part of you while I’m a part of you. Or, you can think of me as your clone.”

The armor was quite spirited, no?

Tang Wulin suddenly realized something. He turned his head to look toward Ling Zichen who had walked over. She was looking at his four-word battle armor vambrace. He said with a bitter smile, “I’m afraid that I can’t help the others to forge this divine-ranked fuse-forged metal anymore.”

He had completely invested himself into the divine weapon created with divine-ranked forging that it could only become a part of him.

Perhaps, this was the limitation imposed on divine weapons by the unseen heaven world.

Furthermore, Tang Wulin was at a loss whether to laugh or cry after discovering the divine weapon’s disdain in the soul circuit. Needless to say, it was supposed to be the best battle armor out there. In fact, it had opened up a whole new world for him.

In the future, this would be his foundation so he could cultivate to divine-rank for real!

In the Spirit Pagoda.

Gu Yuena stood quietly in front of the window and gazed into the distance.

She had just finished her closed door cultivation and found out about the incident with the Eternal Heaven recently.

The window of her room was ideal for her to see into the distance. She could see the new Shrek City with its thriving construction underway.

The enormous Sea God Lake was constructed into the ground akin to a blue crystal. He should be in Shrek now.

He had made progress again. She could sense that he had just achieved a new breakthrough. It was in their interlinked bloodline.

Perhaps, it was not a bad thing for him.

The doorbell rang.

A radiance flickered in Gu Yuena’s eyes. She pressed into thin air. A door to her room opened automatically in the distance. A man with an ordinary appearance and dressed in a medium-rank personnel outfit walked into the room.

The door closed. He raised his hand casually. At once, a layer of duskgold gloss covered the inside of the entire room. Even the most powerful soul device could not possibly detect anything from this area.

The man bowed and said, “Your Highness.”

“Hmm. How’s the preparation?” asked Gu Yuena coldly.

The man replied, “Your Highness, forty percent of the soul masters with seven-ring cultivation bases and above have entered the Ten Thousand Beast Platform based on the current statistical data. The number is increasing exponentially. Over seventy percent of soul masters of Title Douluo-rank and above have entered the Ten Thousand Beast Platform. The elevation of the quality of their soul rings is even more effective.”

“The sales of the Ten Thousand Year Soul Ring are doing very well. Not only the high-ranked soul masters but some powerful clans and wealthy businessmen have purchased the ten-thousand year soul rings for their descendants so as to enhance their inheritance. Everything is going as planned. I predict it’ll take one more year at most before we can begin our operation.”

“Hmm. One year. Noted.”

The man hesitated for a moment before he said, “Your Highness, regarding the Golden Dragon King…”

“Leave now. I’ve my own plans. Everything is going according to my plan.” Gu Yuena interrupted him.

The man stood up slowly. The duskgold radiance flickered in his eyes as he looked at Gu Yuena.

In Thule!

“Rumble, rumble, rumble!”

A deep, muffled sound reverberated in the space continuously. It was soul-stirring.

The core area of Thule was the coldest place in the entire Douluo Continent.

The area was at a freezing temperature of minus fifty-degrees Celsius all year long. When the wind blew, the temperature would drop to minus a hundred degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, in the depths of a gigantic cavern over a thousand meters in diameter, a loud, rumbling noise was reverberating.

Next to the cavern stood the Ghost Emperor whose body emitted a dark green aura which contrasted the pure white world around it. A radiance flickered in its eyes while he cracked into a ghastly smile. “It’s going to succeed soon! Haha, hahaha!”

The hysterical laughter echoed in a world of snow and ice.

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