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The Real Divine Craftsman

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Tang Wulin continued to focus all his efforts into forging the metal. He was fully capable of doing it at a faster speed, but this was not the time for haste. He was planning to feel the changes and reactions of the fused metal with every strike of his hammer.

Another two hours passed. At last, the seven different metals went from their originally grayish tone into a peculiar light gold color. The seven pieces of metals that were elongating by one foot with every knock earlier had actually turned into only elongating by one foot in total now. In other words, the metal was only one-seventh of its original size.

Tang Wulin’s clothes were drenched in sweat. Despite his superhuman physique and the Golden Dragon King’s healing capabilities, he felt like he was about to collapse from exhaustion.

He used the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer for a long period of time. Even though each round only consisted of eighty-one strikes, it was a strain on his physical abilities.


A peculiar humming sound suddenly came out from the fused metal. Soon, the metal that was still faint golden in color a moment ago bloomed with incomparably striking splendour.

Ling Zichen retreated by one step instinctively and raised her arms to shield herself.

At that moment, the piece of metal was akin to a small sun. The intense radiance illuminated Tang Wulin’s body. It felt scorching hot.

The flare spread to every corner of the platform. Everything within the protective shield was illuminated, so every tiny detail could be seen clearly.

Tang Wulin was overjoyed. The emotions he felt at that point were beyond words.

During his previous trials, he had to use his soul power to guide the metal into undergoing qualitative change because the seven types of metals were incapable of undergoing Thousand Refinement after the preliminary fusion. Then, he would complete the next step of refinement.

In this case, he had made up his mind before he began. No matter how difficult it was, he would make sure that the metal would undergo changes on its own and not cause it himself.

He wished to see how many rounds of forging were needed for the seven types of metals to become Thousand-refined on their own. He wanted to know what sort of changes would occur to the metal under such a special Thousand Refinement realm as well.

At this exact moment, he felt that all his sacrifices were worth it.

In Tang Wulin’s earlier attempt to elevate his seven types of fused metals to Thousand Refinement, he managed to conjure a pillar of light almost reaching three meters tall at its peak.

Nevertheless, it was completely different this time. It felt as if the radiance produced could illuminate the entire continent. It was no longer the straight light pillar produced by ordinary metal but was more like the sun. Its light bloomed all around.

It was unique. It was definitely different this time.

Even though he had no idea what made it different, Tang Wulin’s heart was overflowing with joy at that exact. Perhaps such an enormous transformation could bring him success!

It lasted for a few minutes before the light gradually faded. Then, Tang Wulin was astonished to discover that the Thousand-refined metal seemed to have turned translucent. After undergoing the qualitative change, it felt as if it could breathe. The radiance on its surface pulsated ever so slightly with a regular rhythm.

A peculiar sense of life emerged from its surface.

Had the qualitative change gone so far as to giving it a life of its own? That was only achievable with spirit forging and soul forging!

Thousand Refinement creates a spirit; Spirit Forging gives life, and Soul Forging endows intelligence.

As it was, this piece of metal had more than just a spirit. Even if it was produced through Spirit Forging, Tang Wulin had never seen anything like it. It contained such a thick and vigorous life source.

Moreover, he could clearly sense that the metal had a kind of affinity with his bloodline as it was connected to him. It felt as if the metal was calling out to him.

Tang Wulin walked forward slowly and arrived in front of the forging table. He placed the forging hammers on the table then put his right hand directly on the piece of metal.

He first felt the scorching heat. The burning sensation radiated to the depth of his heart. Then, he felt the presence of a peculiar entity. It was a confused consciousness akin to a newly awakened infant. Sensing Tang Wulin’s presence, the radiance on the metal’s surface glowed brightly when it came into contact with his hand.

Heavenly-refined metals could transform into a genuine living creature of its own accord. This metal was not capable of that yet, but its current performance was already as impressive as the average soul-forged metal!

In reality, the amount of energy Tang Wulin has needed to produce it had far exceeded what he used when he performed the ordinary Soul Forging process.

This was a different scenario. Compared to soul-forged metal, it undoubtedly had more potential. It was possible that this would lead to an even higher rank!

“Please allow me to help you, alright?” said Tang Wulin softly.

The fused metal gave out a soft hum as if it was responding to his request.

Ling Zichen could not help clenching her fists upon witnessing the scene. She was well aware that Tang Wulin could very possibly make an unprecedented breakthrough this time.

A faint smile emerged on his face. Tang Wulin’s eyes were filled with confidence. He picked up the forging hammers and his eyes were glowing brightly. It felt as if the fatigue he felt earlier had disappeared entirely. He lifted his hands and lowered the hammers as he began to knock on the metal once again.

In the beginning, he was knocking softly because he wanted to feel the metal’s change through the continuous strikes of his hammers.

He began to knock harder when he became familiar with the metal’s qualities. In turn, every time he knocked on the metal, it would respond with a flicker of light.

In Tang Wulin’s perception, it felt as if the metal was absorbing his energy so it could metamorphosize and grow with great effort during his forging process.

It felt wonderful. Tang Wulin slowly became immersed in the experience. It was no longer just simple forging but a communicative process.

The golden radiance grew brighter and brighter. Gradually, it turned into a layer of light that enshrouded both Tang Wulin and the metal. He pounded the hammer gently sometimes and heavily at other times, but he did not stop for even the slightest moment.

The metal continued to shrink. Its sparkle became brighter and brighter as it decreased in size. The energy fluctuation was fully contained inside the metal.


When Tang Wulin’s final strike finally landed, all of a sudden, the metal shook violently. It transformed into a stream of golden radiance that surged skyward and then remained suspended in midair.

What was even more peculiar was when the metal gave out a seemingly delightful humming sound and began to twist on its own. It had actually transformed into a new entity. It turned into a gold figure that looked exactly like Tang Wulin. It was a living statue.

The golden statue was also holding a pair of forging hammers. It gestured twice with the hammers in the direction of Tang Wulin as if it was imitating him.

It was Tang Wulin’s first time witnessing such a thing. He could not help feeling rather stunned.

The entire platform was suddenly struck with surging wind. Incomparably thick elements froze at an incredible speed. A seven-colored calamity cloud had fully formed almost instantly.

What was that? It was the seven-colored elemental calamity.

As far as he knew, Tang Wulin had not attempted Heavenly Refinement, so why had it come?! He had only gone through the forging process by maintaining communication with the metal. During the process, he had forgotten about everything else including Spirit Forging, Soul Forging, and Heavenly Refinement. He did not expect that the metal would try to cross the calamity under such a forging process.

The metal’s transformation was more than just some simple changes. This was miraculous beyond comparison!

It turned out that this could actually be achieved with forging. Was this the result of Tang Wulin being focused? Tang Wulin felt that he had only really become a Divine Craftsman at that exact moment.

He succeeded in Heavenly Refinement earlier largely due to his special abilities that allowed him to withstand the elemental calamity and recover quickly.

On the other hand, this time, he had adopted the purest method to complete the forging process and summoned the most powerful elemental calamity. He could finally feel it. It felt just like when he first gained the spear spirit in the past.

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