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Metamorphosed Stargod


The companion he was referring to was Ye Xinglan who wanted to comprehend the profundity of the swordspirit.

It was much easier to leave the War God Hall’s eighteenth level than when they came in. Tang Wulin sensed that there were still many secrets in the War God Hall which they had yet to see. The War God Hall’s inner secrets were even more profound that they had imagined.

When they returned to Ye Xinglan and the rest, Ye Xinglan remained enshrouded in the light cocoon. The cocoon was shaking gently as compared to before. It seemed as if there was something inside which was struggling to be free.

Xu Lizhi was getting restless by her side, but there was nothing he could do to help.

Tang Wulin looked toward the Boundless Sea Douluo and spoke softly, “Elder Chen, is there anything we can do to help?”

Chen Xinjie shook his head and said, “Even though she forced herself to get into this state, I can feel that her foundation is quite stable. However, the act of comprehending the profundity of a divine rank is dependent upon oneself. Otherwise, wouldn’t it make the divine rank worthless? Trust her. In my close observation, the little girl’s willpower is exceedingly strong. In the act of comprehending the divine rank’s profundity, one’s natural endowment is second to one’s willpower which is more important. The stronger one’s willpower is, the higher the possibility of one’s comprehension.”

Tang Wulin nodded and suppressed the anxiety in his heart. He waited by the side quietly.

Time passed by in seconds. The light cocoon was shaking more intensely now. Everyone appeared solemn because they knew that the crucial moment had arrived. It was the deciding moment of her breakthrough. If she failed to achieve breakthrough, Ye Xinglan’s impairment could be permanent. In fact, it was highly possible that she could not improve further as a result.

She had always burned her bridges behind her whenever she made a choice. She would either make it or break it.

This was Ye Xinglan’s character. She had always been this way and no one could change her.

At last, a clear, melodious, humming sound was heard. A crevice suddenly cracked open at the top of the light cocoon. Soon after, a gush of copious sword energy surged skyward.

A mild tremor radiated through the entire War God Hall. Somehow, every single person clearly felt as if they had been pierced by a sword. They had no choice but to urge their soul power to protect themselves so as to not be injured by the powerful sword’s consciousness.

The light cocoon split open. A silhouette surged skyward as all the sword’s consciousness was retracted in a split moment and returned to her body to reveal her initial appearance.

Ye Xinglan’s long, scattered hair hung loosely around her shoulders such that her original coldness now had a dash of softness.

She was floating in midair without a sword in her hand. However, it felt as if her entire person was a sword, but without the sharpness. The original sharpness and radiance were gone and replaced with a moist energy.

Upon closer inspection, even the expression on the Stargod Douluo’s face appeared softened as compared to before.

Ye Xinglan descended from the sky. A dash of gentleness flashed past Ye Xinglan’s eyes. Her gaze landed only on Xu Lizhi alone.

Xu Lizhi was immediately overjoyed knowing that she was fine. He dashed toward her in just a few quick steps.

“Sister Xinglan, are you okay? How was it? Do you feel any discomfort anywhere?”

Ye Xinglan shook her head gently and said softly, “Silly you, I’m here and I’m well, right?”

Xu Lizhi felt relieved. “Alright then. It’s good that you’re fine.”

Ye Xinglan suddenly opened up her arms and wrapped them around his chubby waist. She leaned her head on his shoulders. “I’m sorry, Lizhi. I’ve been too stubborn. All this while, I’ve been too stubborn. I only thought about cultivating my sword and have never considered your feelings. I’m sorry, I won’t do it anymore.”

Xu Lizhi was stunned upon hearing her speak that much suddenly. Everyone from Shrek was shocked as well.

What? Was she possessed by someone else? Was she still Ye Xinglan? Were these words spoken by the Stargod Douluo Ye Xinglan? Since when was she such a gentle person?

The rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters had the biggest reaction. Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu were akin to a pair of twins at the moment. Their mouths widened in unison, and their faces were filled with incredulity. In fact, even Yuanen Yehui was dumbstruck, while Xu Xiaoyan covered her mouth in surprise.

She then rubbed her eyes to make sure that she was not dreaming. The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once.

There were so many people in the surroundings, yet Ye Xinglan made such a passionate confession to Xu Lizhi. Oh my god! Was that really her?

“Actually, I was about to lose earlier. I felt like losing more than once. Do you know that my heart was filled with unwillingness and disappointment at the time? However, I’d done my best and exerted all my abilities with determination. Yet, I really couldn’t do it anymore. I’d already touched the swordspirit realm obviously, but I couldn’t advance another step. I didn’t know why that was. However, I felt really sad. I thought that I was going to die.”

“However, I suddenly felt your presence at the exact moment. Perhaps, I was about to die, so my spiritual power was emanating everywhere. As a result, I felt your emotions clearly. You’ve always kept an eye on me. Not just now, but you’ve always taken care of me over the years. I’ve always known how you felt about me. I love you very much in my heart too, but I can’t seem to express it. I’d regretted it earlier. I regret that I’ve let you down over the years and never really got together with you. Why did I let so many years of good times go to waste?”

“I’m sorry, Lizhi. I should have told you this earlier. On the other hand, it’s precisely after sensing your anxiety and your fiery hot passion that my heart began to shake. I finally understood why I couldn’t breakthrough to the swordspirit realm. It was because my sword was overly lonely and frail, and lacking in inner secrets and rich emotions.”

“At the moment when I was on the edge of life and death, I understood that it doesn’t mean that I can pursue perfection just by sacrificing everything I have. Just the opposite, I should be owning even more. It was precisely my reluctance to release my emotions earlier that I kept everything suppressed in the depths of my heart. You’re obviously in my heart, yet I wouldn’t allow myself to express my emotions. That was the reason why swordsoul was stuck and couldn’t advance any further.”

“It was also during that very moment that I thoroughly understood how important you were to me. You’re already a part of me that I can’t part with anymore. Lizhi, I love you.”

When she uttered those last three words before everybody else, her entire body became brilliant. It was then that Ye Xinglan truly opened up her heart to Xu Lizhi completely. It was also during this precise moment that Xu Lizhi felt like she was his for the very first time.

Xu Lizhi recovered from the surprise. He hugged the delicate body in his arms tightly. Tears streamed down his face uncontrollably. His thick lips moved, but he did not manage to utter a single word.

At this precise moment, there was no one else in Ye Xinglan’s eyes but him. She had lost interest in the outside world completely.

No one disturbed them. Instead, they gave them their silent blessings.

Ling Zichen had a rather stunned expression. She was concealed in her mecha as she stood not far away from Tang Wulin. Her heart was filled with rage earlier at Tang Wulin.

Undoubtedly, Tang Wulin had hidden everything from her. He hid the fact that he had already achieved consensus with the War God Hall since earlier when she was under the assumption that they were there to look for the Eternal Heaven.

After the truth was revealed, she wished that she could kill Tang Wulin with a slap. The boy had actually tricked her! Could it be that she would not cooperate any further after he told her the truth? What a bstrd!

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