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Accomplished Retirement

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At the time, she almost died from rage. Yet, she was embarrassed to throw a tantrum before so many people. The rage concealed in the mecha continued to elevate. It felt as if it could turn into a blowout at any moment.

Yet, the scene before her proved to be a crushing blow to Ling Zichen’s mental state, especially Ye Xinglan’s words.

Ling Zichen felt that they were quite similar in some ways. She had devoted her whole self to soul technology research. She had ignored her emotions for soul technology research and suppressed her inner self as well.

Could it be only by releasing her emotions that she would be able achieve a higher level?

Her rage against Tang Wulin disappeared gradually without her notice. She watched his tall and strong, yet slightly emaciated silhouette from behind. She could not help considering his point of view subconsciously.

He was the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and the Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy’s Sea God’s Pavilion. No one was under more stress than him. Also, no one had more responsibilities to shoulder than him.

He led his team here to head the operation. He was the only one who knew the truth during the entire process. However, he was not pretending during the earlier scenes. Perhaps, the War Gods in the War God Hall were similarly unaware of the truth. In any case, the spar was undoubtedly beneficial to the powerhouses from both sides.

The actual sparring session would facilitate the powerhouses to elevate their skills easily.

Was the boy really that intelligent?

Moreover, the operation also made Ling Zichen realize that it was impossible for mechas to replace soul masters in this era. No matter how powerful a mecha was, it could not possibly be as agile nor its transformative abilities match that of a soul master’s. Moreover, a soul master’s pinnacle achievement could never be attained by a mecha anyhow!

It was one thing to fight against the Demon Guqin Douluo. She had witnessed the battle between Tang Wulin and the Skycrosser Douluo. Although she was clear-headed at the time, it was a feeling that she could not forget.

Perhaps, the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition was on par with the most powerful soul master. Nonetheless, it was far less agile than a soul master.

From that moment on, she finally understood that she had been going the wrong way in the research process. She had always hoped that she could develop a mecha which would make an ordinary person be as powerful as a soul master.

On the other hand, reality had revealed that the most powerful mecha had to be operated by the most powerful soul master.

The mainstream mecha development was based on this idea.

The mecha she developed was more powerful than the other mechas. What if her research was based upon the most powerful soul master instead? Perhaps, she would have been able to make more breakthroughs earlier.

Just as she had expected, she had gotten herself into a dead end. Would she be enlightened suddenly if she could break free from her initial idea?

At the thought of this, Ling Zichen was itching to give it a go. She had never been as relaxed as she was now. It turned out that she could be so open to consider other people’s point of view.

Perhaps, it was time for her to get a man. She would feel less stressful if she could have a man to depend on. She might even be inspired.

At the thought of this, her gaze shifted to Tang Wulin involuntarily.

‘Hmm. If this boy is the one, perhaps I’ll make do with him. After all, he’s pretty good.’

Naturally, Tang Wulin was unaware that Ling Zichen who was standing behind him had become melancholic. At the moment, his heart was filled with joy for Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan.

Although his comrades had dated each other for some time, none of them were married. Perhaps, Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan would be the first pair to get married.

Chen Xinjie’s gaze showed that she was lost in deep reverie. There was a time when he and Long Yeyue poured their hearts out to one another. Circumstances changed with the passage of time. He would not regret his actions at his current age because he could not turn back time. His only wish now was that he could be with Long Yeyue in the next moment. He would be by her side no matter what she wanted to do.

“Cough, cough.” Chen Xinjie let out two coughs.

Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan finally awoke from their passionate embrace.

“Whoosh.” Ye Xinglan’s charming face instantly blushed scarlet akin to a ripe apple. She had just discovered that there were so many people in the surroundings.

When she first made the breakthrough, she only wanted to vent her pent-up emotions. Obviously, she did not detect the presence of other people except for Xu Lizhi. She only realized there were so many people around her in addition to Xu Lizhi now. It was embarrassing indeed.

She buried her head in Xu Lizhi’s arms and pounded on his shoulder softly. She refused to look up though.

Tang Wulin resolved the awkwardness for them. “Alright, let’s go back. We should return soon.”

Upon saying that, he made an inviting gesture to Chen Xinjie. He joined the Boundless Sea Douluo and walked outside.

Guan Yue and the numerous War Gods escorted them all the way to the exit of the War God Hall. In order to avoid the pain of a farewell, Chen Xinjie did not say anything nor bid farewell but continued to walk ahead in long strides.

With the Boundless Sea Douluo leading the way, even if the entire Central Army Corps were to send out an entire battalion to fight them, they would still get through easily.

Who, in the world, could not recognize this almighty?

All at once, the soldiers from the Central Army Corps saluted when Chen Xinjie passed. All the cannons pointing at the exit of the War God Hall were raised toward the sky instead.

More people joined in along the path and left the War God Hall.

A few days later, alarming news broke out in the Douluo Continent.

The War God Hall’s Hall Master and commander of the Sea God Army, the Boundless Sea Douluo had resigned from all his posts for health reasons. At the same time, the military operation aimed at the Star Luo Empire was called off temporarily due to the lack of preparation. There were no updates as to when the operation would be continued.

There was immense upheaval in the military because of the Boundless Sea Douluo’s resignation, especially the jurisdiction under the Sea God Army’s commander.

The entire parliament seemed to be in a commotion as well. All of a sudden, the public opinions were divergent.

After a month, the parliament held a provisional election. In the re-election, the Dove Faction gained more seats than before.

Soon after, another piece of news which shocked the continent broke out.

The parliament decided to revoke the Tang Sect’s charge of being a treasonous organization after a long discussion and to rectify its name. The Tang Sect remained the most important civil organization in the Federation. At the same time, the Tang Sect was invited to assign two leaders to the parliament.

Around the same time, the reconstructed Shrek Academy received the parliament’s recognition. The Federation had extended its invitation to Shrek Academy but Shrek Academy rejected the offer. Shrek’s position of staying neutral remained unchanged.

In just a few short months, the situation underwent a tremendous change. However, those with discerning minds noticed that a powerful organization seemed to have completely ceased all operations within a short period of time.

It was precisely the Spirit Pagoda.

The Spirit Pagoda’s opinion was not heard in any of the changes earlier. It seemed as if the organization had completely vanished.

The situation of the continent began to stabilize after a few months of shocking changes. The Dove Faction was accepted as an equal of the Hawk Faction in the parliament.

“Why? Sister, why? You knew it was him all along, right?” Shen Xing stood before her sister in exasperation.

Shen Yue remained beautiful despite her age. However, the three stars pinned to her shoulders were even more shocking. Even Shen Xing who was standing in front of her had already been promoted to the rank of a colonel.

“What’s going on? Isn’t that insubordination? How are you supposed to speak to a senior officer?” Shen Yue’s expression dimmed.

Under normal circumstances, Shen Yue would be afraid to meet her sister in such a state. Yet, she could not refrain herself today.

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