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The Old Boundless Sea Douluo Is Already Dead

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Naturally, there were only very few people who were aware of this plan. In order to maintain the secrecy, Tang Wulin was the only person among the Shrek Seven Monsters who knew the real situation.

The truth had been laid to bare today. The Eternal Heaven was finally in the hands of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. However, this was only a small portion of Chen Xinjie’s efforts to make up for his sins.

Chen Xinjie made his way to Shrek Academy personally to explain the truth to Long Yeyue the other day. Long Yeyue refused to see him, so he met Tang Wulin instead. He then formulated the latter half of the entire plan and proposed it to Tang Wulin.

Regarding this matter, Long Yeyue paid no mind to her detest for him when she visited him. He could see the importance of the matter to Shrek, so he decided to take the initiative to handle the matter.

If he were to handle the matter properly, he would have to forgo everything he had now.

No one in this world could punish him. No matter how supportive the War Gods were, he understood very well that he could never make peace with himself.

He resigned from all his responsibilities just as he mentioned earlier. From now on, the old Chen Xinjie was considered dead. The current Chen Xinjie was now a man who would spare no effort to redeem himself for Long Yeyue’s sake.

Hence, whatever Qiangu Dieting and his son Qiangu Dongfeng said today, he would not change his mind.

Everything was already determined on the day after the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue met him.

Over a century ago, they could not possibly have known that their relationship would change the situation of the entire continent when they first began dating.

Qiangu Dieting heaved a sigh. It was meaningless for him to say anything now. He took a cold glance at Chen Xinjie before he waved his hand once. “Let’s go!”

The people from the Spirit Pagoda left.

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie had a rather disappointing expression. He turned toward Guan Yue and said, “When I’m gone, the War God Hall will count on you. However, I’ll be at ease knowing that you’re here. I know your capabilities aren’t inferior to mine, only that you’ve never had the intention to compete. You don’t like to be in the center of attention, and you don’t show off your capabilities. I’m afraid that the continent’s situation will undergo some changes after today’s incident. We can’t continue to prepare for the war anymore. I think the parliament will go through some major changes as well. Perhaps, the military will court-martial me for this incident, but it doesn’t matter anymore. The Eternal Heaven is with Shrek Academy now. There is utterly nothing they can do no matter how vocal they are. So, there’s no need to worry about that.”

A look of sadness and dreariness flickered past the Skycrosser Douluo’s eyes. “Old pal, are you really leaving just like that?” He had been the Boundless Sea Douluo’s partner for many years. How could he not feel anything? Even though Chen Xinjie was a very powerful person, the Skycrosser Douluo had always respected him. Both of them managed the War God Hall well such that the organization prospered with each passing day, having achieved its current success with great effort.

Chen Xinjie’s reputation in the military was at the highest level in the Sea God Army and the War God Hall. The Federation would not have the courage to punish him by law. Otherwise, it would trigger a mutiny in the army corps. This was a price that the Federation could not afford to pay.

As a result, no one could do anything to Chen Xinjie even if he refused to leave.

“Everyone must be responsible for their own actions. I’m no exception. I only want to accompany Yeyue now, and I don’t want to worry about anything else. At my age, it’s time to make way for others. You shall be the hall master with my resignation. Ao Rui will be the deputy hall master. Shrek has promised to make a set of four-word battle armor for us free of charge. Give it to Ao Rui then. He has been accumulating his experience for so many years. With this set of four-word battle armor, he’ll certainly make a breakthrough to be a Limit Douluo within a certain time frame.”

“Hall master.” The Vast Sun Douluo was pleasantly surprised by Chen Xinjie’s words. However, he exclaimed in sorrow and got down on one knee to worship Chen Xinjie.

“Hall Master.” The rest of the War Gods followed suit.

In their perception, the Boundless Sea Douluo was not only a leader, but he was like a father and a teacher to them. He had always been very strict with them. Otherwise, they would never be who they were today without Chen Xinjie.

It was Chen Xinjie who sought a large amount of resources from the Federation to cultivate them repeatedly. He helped to elevate them. Moreover, they admired the Boundless Sea Douluo the most because he had always treated them fairly at all times.

Hence, the War God Hall was a truly united organization. Chen Xinjie’s decision represented the decision of the entire War God Hall. If he were to order the War God Hall to stage a mass mutiny now and head to Shrek Academy, no one would hesitate at all.

“Alright. What are you all doing?” Chen Xinjie waved his hands once to send out a gush of gentle soul power to lift everyone up into a standing position. He was already old, but he was still the experienced quasi god who could support heaven and earth when his aura was unleashed.

Tang Wulin and the others had already made their way over to the War Gods by now.

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “No need to be sad, Your Excellencies. Shrek Academy welcomes everyone to visit us anytime. Actually, it’s a good thing that Elder Chen is joining Shrek. Frankly, Shrek has found a way to elevate the life force now. I dare not speak for anyone else, but we can be sure that Elder Chen’s lifespan will be extended effortlessly by twenty years in Shrek. Hence, all of you will still have time to spend with him. Shrek is willing to form an alliance with the War God Hall, so we can advance together.”

How could he give up on such a good opportunity to establish connections with them? Furthermore, their success in acquiring the Eternal Heaven was genuinely due to the wholehearted help of the two Limit Douluos before him. Guan Yue had even helped him to comprehend his cultivation better and to understand the meaning of the spear spirit realm. Tang Wulin wanted to repay their favor naturally.

The Eternal Heaven was already in their hands now, and the structure of the entire continent would change as a result. The sole, major influence of the Spirit Pagoda would certainly be contained as well.

It would be a crushing blow to the Hawk Faction. Without Chen Xinjie, the entire military would definitely be weaker than before. Not every army corps supported the Hawk Faction. The Dove Faction must have cultivated their military support in secret too.

The War God Hall was one of the mainstays of the Federation, especially with its close relationship with the Central Army Corps. It even had direct control over the Sea God Army. If Shrek could form an alliance with them, their status would be enhanced for sure.

Tang Wulin hated the Spirit Pagoda deep down in his bones. However, now was not the time to seek revenge against the Spirit Pagoda. When the internal situation of the continent had stabilized, he would first look for the Holy Spirit Cult which was hidden in some unknown place.

The Holy Spirit Cult was the entity that shook the foundation of the entire Douluo Continent. The Federation would never achieve peace and serenity until the Holy Spirit Cult was completely destroyed.

When he was done with the Holy Spirit Cult, he would then deal with the Spirit Pagoda.

The numerous War Gods were shocked upon hearing Tang Wulin’s remarks.

Extend Chen Xinjie’s lifespan by twenty years. The lifespan of a Limit Douluo was already considered long. Chen Xinjie had already lived for over a hundred years. Under ordinary circumstances, it would not be an issue for him to live up to two hundred years. It was only that he had been engaged in enlistments frequently during his earlier years which resulted in a number of hidden illnesses in his body. Hence, his body had begun to deteriorate over the past few years. He seemed to have about a decade or two left of his life.

If his lifespan was extended by twenty years, it meant that the Hall Master could live for another three to four decades. It would be awesome.

“You make it sound so attractive that I’m interested too,” said the Skycrosser Douluo with a bitter smile.

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “Shrek welcomes your return anytime!” In the past, the Skycrosser Douluo had spared no effort to help them, since the time the Joust For A Spouse Festival was held. This man had real feelings for Shrek. He was different from the Boundless Sea Douluo who changed for the sake of Long Yeyue. Tang Wulin felt at ease with such a man as the War God Hall’s Hall Master.

Guan Yue shook his head with a bitter smile. “Old Chen is already going over. If I were to do the same, I’m afraid that the Federation will trouble you. You can leave now. Take a look at your little companion first. I think it would be opportunistic for her.”

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